Current Events Jan 2012: Egyptian Preist


Period 5/6

Señor Denby

The article about and ancient Egyptian preist not only tells us a little about the preist, Rudj-ka, but also holds an idea of how this reflects to humans settling down and forming a new kind of society.

Rudj-ka was a preist that oversees rituals involving the a dead Pharaoh. He tended the dead Pharaoh Khafre, who made the second Great Pyramid as well as the Great Sphinx. All of this tells us an important message. Long before this, humans lived as Hunter-Gatherers, always moving and renovating, hunting to survive. This shows that we have settled down because, who would build a Great Pyramid when they are moving? Who would bother to make a king on the move? They settled down, and after they settled down and made leaders to control the city. This was the beginning of a new society, and a new culture.


I think this article is interesting because I learnt about Egypt’s history as well as a new fact. It is also interesting that this newfound preist was a preist of a Pharaoh that made the Sphinx. A question is that some say Egyptian pictures show half of the face and the whole body because that is what they will have in the after life, but it seems that Rudj-ka’s wife will have no arm! This is also why they put artifacts in tombs: So that the dead can have it in the afterlife.

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  1. Denby says:

    Daiki, this is informative and clear. You understood the article and how it relates to other important ideas in urbanization.

    I love what you are doing with your sketch up stuff.

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