The Power Of Growing Up in:The Looking Glass Wars

The Power Of Growing Up in:The Looking Glass Wars

Daiki Shinomiya

I chose the card image because there are suit families in the book, and they are IMPORTANT. There are also card soldiers that are on Redds side. Lastly, Alyss can lift a card with her imagination, and so can I!


Nov 25

The Looking Glass Wars deals with the theme of growing up. Alyss started off as young and not knowing her destiny, the purpose of it. After facing loss, she realizes the importance of growing up, and how to face her destiny. Before she can face it, she has to overcome challenges, such as loss, betrayal, and getting lost in an alien world. In the end, growing up is to get ready to face what you need to face while believing that you are ready(destiny).

Alyss must first grow up and train in order to get ready for her destiny, as Hatter says:
“He would find her, train her in the ways as he had her mother; then they could both come home to face plenty of trouble, the Glass Eyes being only a part of it.(page 153)” To fulfill  Alyss’s destiny, Hatter must find her on Earth to get ready to claim the throne. To get ready, she must learn the ways of battle, queens, and to be mentally ready. To do this, she must overcome her fears, become faithful in herself, and become grown up to get ready to fight for the throne.

Hatter has fulfilled his part of finding Alyss, but he needs to tell the Alyssians, the remaining survivors of the Heart army, that Alyss is alive,  that she is grown-up, and ready to fight.
“ I’m telling you that Alyss Heart is alive and she is old enough to return and claim her rightful place as queen’ (page 188)”  They do not know how mature she is, but they must help her fulfil her destiny, and become 100% mentally and physically ready, so that she can face Redd head on to claim the throne.

Jack of Diamonds is one that think she has not grown up yet and not ready to fight.
“‘All I see is a young woman unprepared to conjure even a jollyjelly with her imagination, let alone battle Redd for control of the queendom,’ (page 222)” Actually, there is no way to tell if someone is grown-up and ready to face destiny until that person feels like it. Alyss must trust herself so that she KNOWS that she is ready, and will face her destiny. If she believes that she is ready and shows that she is ready, others will start to believe and trust her as well. She must reveal the true hope and chose the right thing to do.

The author, Frank Beddor, dives deep into the theme growing up and believing that you are grown up. Throughout the novel, The Looking Glass Wars, without believing herself that she is ready to face her destiny, Alyss would not have the wits to face Redd head on and claim the throne. Along the way, she convinces the people who doubt her that she is ready. Growing up and believing that she is ready will be important to the future of the whole world, in the rest of the series.

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