World Of 7 Billion

I took the image of bamboo at the back of my house because the bamboo plant is one of the most fastest growing plants, and with the fact that they grow faster in a more sustainable environment. This represents the world population because our population grows a lot every day, and the bamboo can also grow very fast. (As much as 100cm, or 39 inches in 24 hours.)

Another reason why bamboo represents human population is because bamboo grows ONLY in perfect conditions. A bamboo growing in an apartment building will not grow as fast as a bamboo plant that is growing on the ground. This is much like the transition between hunter-gatherers and farmers. Hunter-gatherers could’t have had a increasing population similar to us because they had to frequently move in order to get food, which means carrying everything, plus all the kids, so they put making children to the minimum. After they settled down, and moved to agriculture, they needed more kids to help in farming. They moved to the perfect place to increase population, just like bamboo. (Except that bamboo cannot move by itself.)

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2 Responses to World Of 7 Billion

  1. Pavin says:

    Nice one Daiki … that was imaginative on how you relate bamboo to human. I like it!

  2. Denby says:

    Daiki, you used bamboo to express two big things REALLY well. Bravo.

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