Current Events November: Unrecognizable World By 2050

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Paragraph one:

The world by 2015 WILL be unrecognizable unless we reduce and/or stop the major causes of world shaping. Some major causes are opencast mining, and population, although population is the biggest problem. With the increasing population, we have more demand on resources, (Opencast mining is a main way we get resources) more demand on money, and even more demand of food. Researchers say that he more money one has, the more meat they consume, compared to the people that make less money. The researchers also say that the only way to reduce population is family planning, so we don’t over-populate the world.

“We want to minimize population growth, and the only viable way to do that is through more effective family planning”

John Casterline


Paragraph two:
I found the fact that government is not making changes to how food is produced interesting, even with the growing population and food demand. Another interesting thing I found has the only way to reduce population: Family planing. I agree to this because some families don’t plan and have a lot of children, which add to the population, but s some families do plan, which ends not adding to the population as much.




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  1. Denby says:

    Daiki, well done. I like your selection of a quote. This shows you synthesizing the information and representing it succinctly. You zeroed in on the main ideas very well.

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