How has agriculture has been a part of population growth?

Ever since we started farming, the population grew because the farmers needed more hands, but they had tons of food, with the fact that one person harvesting for 3 weeks can produce enough food for a family of four for a whole year. The farmers also settled down, unlike the ever moving Hunter Gatherers, which means they could have more kids. After every one started farming, every band grew into communities, which in other words, population growth. Hunter Gatherers couldn’t have a lot of kids because they had to constantly move in order to get food, and they couldn’t carry all of the kids AND supplies if they had a lot of people. They always limit the number of people.

What is a specific problem related to population?

One problem is land. When we have more people, me need more space so that we can live comfortably. Since our world population is now 7 billion, we needed to cut many trees and destroy homes of animals in order to have room for the homes. This problem falls under the problem DEMAND, and the more people, the more demand. In the land example, there are more people, thus more demand for land.


The Web Page:


What is interesting about the video is that the world does NOT need space, but they need BALANCE. At first, I thought 7 billion people will fill America, but actually, the 7 billion  people only fill Los Angeles!

Here is another video:




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