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Jake’s Entry

How Jake came into the RPI. (Rebel Pirates Intelligence)

Bombs echoed in the distance. Screams of agony flying in all directions. You may think this is wild, scary, crazy, or dangerous, but it is normal. After the first Celestial invasions begun, over half of the planets were wiped out.The other half is being protected by the RPI, or the “saviors”.
The RPI works for secrecy. Their top two goals are to prevent the Celestials from destroying all the planets, and to prevent them from finding planet earth. No earth person knows who, or what the RPI is. Not even the President knows.
The powerful Celestial army includes BILLIONS of human clone soldiers, and many monstrous drones, varying in size and shape. The most powerful drone is the 1 1/2 story tall killing machine. Every day, the two armies fight, losing millions of soldiers in the process.

Bombs, bombs, bombs. They were as normal as birds chirping-well, there ARE no birds in this planet.Town 5 got the worst of the bombs, being at the northern part of the town, closest to the battle. A kid, a red head, walked out onto the northern-most road of Town 5, where one red-brick house stood. As he reached out for the news, an Atomic Grenade blew off a chunk of the stale grey wall they separated the citizens of the planet from the battle field.
“OMIGOD!” he yelled as alarms started blaring. He dashed inside the brick house, which was his house, leaving dust where he was standing.

“Artack za sisezens!” a bald man , a Celestial, shouted to his army, “Yarrrrrr!”
The celestials flooded onto the street, wildly firing their weapons.
“MOM!” Jake, the red head yelled, “PACK UP! WE ARE BEING ATTACKED!!”
They both dashed up the stairs, and started packing up.

10 minutes before:

In the bloody battlefield of Duraiam, home of RPI, Celestials were clashing with the RPI. Screams of agony and gun shots filled the air.  Machine guns firing, robots clashing, all was chaos.
“Jackson!” a fighter spluttered, “We can’t hold them. We MUST retreat!”
“Keep on fighting!” Jackson, the general of the RPI, roared, as he dodged a K-11 missile.
“Rodger,” the fighter replied.
The K-11 missile he dodged earlier, exploded behind him, blowing off a chunk of the back wall of the bunker he was in. He started dialing Scott, the leader of the RPI, on his walkie-talkie.
“Scott! Send in NEX into battle,” He shouted, “We are losing!”`
“Consider it done,” Scott replied calmly, “I will alert all citizens of town 5 to evacuate under ground.” Then he hung up as the fighter called again.
“What in the name of god is that?” He exclaimed as if he won a prize.
“What does it look like?”
“It’s big and very fat.”
“Celestial Sumo?”
“No eye, and 2 Mache Guns on each hand!”
“Blow it up.”
A fssssssss was followed by a boom!
“Done,” the fighter said enthusiastically.
“Good job-” Jackson was cut off by the soldier’s nervous voice.
“Uhhh, Jackson? The monster did not die. Do we retreat?”
“Yes. Go to the perimeter and start sniping the enemy’s face to distract them. Rotor and Nex will finish them off,” he commanded.
“Ok.” and the line went off.
Lets smash them before we have to retreat, he thought as he snatched up is two guns and sprinted out of the bloody bunker, spraying and Celestial in the way.

10 min after:

“Attention, attention all residents,” The speaker boomed, “please move under ground because of the Celestial invasions immediately. Thank you.”

The rattle of machine guns echoed in the street.
“JAKE!”, Maria, Jake’s mom, shouted as she finished packing up, “Come now! Run!”
“Coming!” he replied, “out the back door?”
“YES! NOW GO!” Maria replied as a scream sounded from the street.
As Jake went closer to the back door, he smelled a very pungent smell of rotting flesh. As he dashed out of the house, he was greeted by a HUGE pile of rotting corpses.
“Help,” someone moaned under the pile.
A moving hand was sticking out of the pile, waving desperately. Jake scampered up the pile of dead people, ignoring the pungent smell. He heaved some dead people out of the way to free the man. Exhausted, he looked at his surroundings. Apart from the blood stains on the trees, the stale grey smoke, and the smelly corpses, the world looked like the photos of Earth-Sunny, green trees, and a blue sky. A moan brought him out of his day-dream, focusing him on his task. After a few more dead bodies were heaved away, the man was freed. He was old, and close to death. Even a kid could see that he was about to die.
“Help me, please,” his voice, and life, slowly fading away.
“What do I do?” Jake asked frantically, “I’m only a KID!”
“Take this,” the man whispered as he handed over a metallic cylinder,”take this to the leader of the RPI, Scott. Tell him that Armatrian Kelper Davie gave it to you. Do not let this fall into the hands of the Celestial. Good-” His outstretched hand fell limp.
A dark shadow loomed over Jake as he slowly turned around to face an over-sized  sumo with no eyes. It was holding 2 surf-board like guns, that were pointing at him.
“Do not let this fall into the hands of the Celestial,” a voice echoed in his mind.
“Ummmm,” he started, “I am so NOT going to give this thing to you,” He grabbed a near by helmet and chucked it at the sumo’s forehead. The monster toppled over, not prepared for such an attack.
“Wah!?” the sumo spluttered as he started to roll away, crushing trees that were in his way. “Arrgh!”
“Go on a diet!” Jake yelled as he sprinted away south, zigzagging between the trees in the dense forest. I need to get to Kenneth’s hut, he thought.
Kenneth, a middle aged man, that was known to have answers to every history question. He was the ideal person to go to, especially with the cylindrical object. After a lot of tiring minutes of sprinting, Kenneth’s hut loomed into view.  It wasn’t a “hut-hut” that is made out of wood-it was made out of titanium. Jake dashed inside, forgetting the doorbell.
“Whoa!” Kenneth yelled, “I thought you were a Celestial that was going to arrest me! Don’t come barging in like that, Jake.”
“Sorry,” Jake replied,”I was running away from a mutant sumo.”
“Omigod,” Kenneth breathed, “Why was it chasing you?”
“Two reasons,” he started,”One, I clonked the sumo in the head with a helmet, and two, I had this thing that he wanted.”
“Lemme see,” Kenneth replied as Jake cautiously handed over the metallic object.
“Here,” Jake whispered, afraid that there was a sumo right outside the hut.
A shocked expression came from Kenneth.
“I-I-I,” he staggered forward, as if someone shot him, “impossible-we were all searching for it-”
“WHAT IS IT?” Jake interrupted,
“This-this is one of the long lost swords of Duriean,” he started, recovering from the shock, “we battled against the Celestials for ages to gain control of both swords. We have one. This is the other one. NOW you get it’s importance and what it is?”
“Ahhh, NO., Jake replied sternly, “Who is Durian anyways?”
“NO, Duriean.”
“Any ways, who is he?”
“Duriean is the god of fire. He created this sword and the other sword to fight off all the demons-that was LONG ago. This has great power, for it can slice, dice, stab, jab, and shoot fire balls. It can also allow the holder to fly, if they have both. Only the next fire master can activate the sword, but one can use this to blow up entire galaxies.”
“Wow,” Jake replied, amazed, “I used to be holding a BOMB?”
“Yes, indeed. Do you want to try to activate the sword? We did this to many people with the other one.”
“YES!” He exclaimed greedily, “How do I do it?”
“Hold it in your hand, that symbol pointing up, and then imagine a sword of fire bursting out,” Kenneth exclaimed, pointing to a odd looking shape that was in a different color.
Jake took the sword as if it was a delicate thing that could break when dropped, then exhaled carefully.
“OK,” he said as he concentrated on the cylinder.
A minute later, a scream-ish yelp came from Kenneth, as a warm, but strong flame erupted from the cylinder, rapidly forming a sword of burning fire.
“OMYGOD.” they both breathed.
“You-” Kenneth was interrupted by a deep bellow from outside.
“SUMO!!!” Jake yelped, almost dropping the sword.
“Go! To the tunnel!” Kenneth yelled. “Go first!”
Jake sprinted to the dusty tunnel without looking back.


When he saw that Jake ran away with the sword, he opened an ancient cabinet, which was full of guns and missile launchers. He lifted the biggest one, a K-11 and fired the missile at the Sumo just as it blew off the roof of the hut.
“I WILL-” Kaboom! The missile hit it’s mark, blowing off a chunk of the sumo’s head, and sent them both flying off in different directions. The last thing he saw was flame, and then he passed out cold.


Thump, thump, thump, thump, Jake’s footsteps echoed in the tunnel as he sprinted at full speed, in a tunnel only illuminated by his sword. His hand was swollen from gripping the sword too long. Sweat was dripping down from is forehead into his eyes, but he barely noticed. Thump, thump. He then saw a welcoming light ahead. As he sprinted out, covered in dust and cobwebs, he was blinded by the sudden change of light. When his eyes adjusted to the new surroundings, he was greeted by guns pointing at him.
“Who are you?” one RPI soldier grumbled, “And why are you holding The Flame Sword?”
“Uhhh-”  he started nervously, but was interrupted.
“Take him to Scott,” a bald man commanded, “He will speak with him. Take the sword away.”
“Wait!” Jake splutered, “Armatrian Kelper Davie gave it to me, and told me to give it to you.”
“H-h-he survived..” the bald man spectaculated, “And finished the mission. You-You may train with us to become the Fire Master, with Scott’s and your permission. Let’s go meet Scott.”
“Wait!” Jake shouted, “My friend, Kenneth is being attacked by the Mutant Sumo on the other side of the tunnel. Can you please help him?”
“Sure,” the bald man replied, “Men? Go rescue Kenneth!”
“Charge!” The soldiers roared as they sprinted into the tunnel, bringing guns of all sizes, a medic bag, and many other unrecognizable things.”
An image of his mother suddenly popped into his mind.
“Damm!” he exclaimed, “My mother is still at Town 5! She must be very worried.”
“ Are you Jake?”
“How do you know my name?”
“Your mom contacted us and filled out a missing person form, and we were keeping an eye out for you. She is at the RPI base, the Grand Emporium. I will escort you there, instead. We could go to Scott after, don’t yo think?”
“Yeah,” Jack replied, “I got to show my mom this cool new sword.”
“Come on,” the bald man said, “I will  lead you to the Grand Emporium.”
The bald man led Jake to a snow-white building that was 10 stories high.
“Is this the Grand Emporium?” asked Jake, “no offence-it doesn’t look grand to me.”

“No, no, obviously it is NOT the Grand Emporium. This is where the portal to the Grand Emporium is housed,” the bald man replied, “by the way, I’m General Kisbon, General KB, or Mister KB. Don’t call me General K, or Mister K, though. He died in a battle- So sad. Oh, this way.” General Kisbon led Jake 2 floors down a flight of stairs, with Jake following eagerly behind. As they descended down, Jake was already asking questions that over-whelmed the General.
“Lets wait until your training tomorrow, shall we?”
As General Kisbon opened a door, a faint “Whoosh” came from inside. As Jake stepped on the stale grey marble, he was baffled by the sight of the portal. The portal was a purple void and was approximately a 2m by 2m square, that was surrounded by millions of buttons and wires, waiting to be pressed.
“Wow,” Jake breathed, “this is amazing.”
“Yes, isn’t it,” General Kisbon replied, “follow me.”
He stepped through the void, as Jake cautiously followed. He was immediately greeted by a familiar face.
“JAKE!” his mom cried, “you’re safe!”
“Hey, mom, I got a sword!”
“Congratulations! Where is it?”
“Here,” he said as he held up the cylinder, “stand back.”
He started to concentrate on the cylinder as his mom stepped back. A familiar warmth blanketed him as the sword erupted out.
“Oh, my!” his mom gasped, “Are you sure that is safe?”
“It is, miss,” General Kisbon answered, “ Jake may train with us to train safely.”
“Sure,” Jake’s mom replied sadly, “If he will be safe.”
“Thanks. I’m sure he will be helpful to us,” General Kisbon announced, “Crobber over there will lead you to your quarters,” he pointed to a man in his late thirties.
“Bye, mom.”
“Let’s go,” Crobber said.
After winding through many hallways, which made Jake forget the way out, General Kisbon opened a blue door in the middle of other blue doors.
“This is  where you are going to stay,” General Kisbon announced as he opened the door the door wider, revealing a room with grey walls, one window, and a black rectangle that is about 5x2m.
“This,” he continued, as he pointed to the rectangle, “is many things. You can command it to become anything that is on the menu. It’s over there.”
Jake saw a poster hanging on the grey wall. It read:
“So,” continued General Kisbon, “say ‘function 1’ for a bed.”
“Function 1 approved,” chimed the rectangle as it transformed into a king-sized bed, “ready.”
“WOW!” Jake exclaimed, “That’s AMAZING! May I sleep now?”
“Sure,” General Kisbon replied as he walked out, “Training starts tomorrow.”
Jake plopped down onto the mattress and closed his eyes.


As is he were a zombie, he slowly yawned, and weakly commanded “Awake” in effort to stop the alarm that someone set up for him. Possibly General Kisbon. The beeping immediately stopped.
“Function,” he yawned as he squinted, trying to read the menu through sleepy eyes, “2,”
“Approved,” announced the bed, “Obstacle on bed. Please remove.”
It took a moment for Jake to realize that HE himself was the obstacle.
“Approved,” the bed announced as he hopped off the bed, “starting transformation.”
A few seconds later, he was in (on) the bathtub, taking a shower. Just as he finished putting on his clothes, a touchscreen monitor appeared out of the wall and a bald face appeared on the screen.
“ Jake,get ready,” General Kisbon announced, “Training starts in 20 min. Eat, if you didn’t, and Agent 7 will come to your room. You are lucky to have the mission commander as your trainer. Hurry.” Then, the monitor retreated back into the wall.
Better eat breakfast, he thought.

2 minutes after he finished a luxurious breakfast, including crispy bacon and the best eggs that you can imagine, the doorbell rang, followed by a:
“ Jake, are you ready?”
In reply, Jake opened the door. In the middle of the doorway stood a man in a green outfit.
“Greetings, Jake, my name is Anderson Gazeet, or better known as Agent 7. I will be your trainer and tour guide for the rest of your stay. FYI, this is the Soldier Barracks. There are many Barracks on what people are, or what they are good at. New soldiers come to the Soldier Barracks. They must get a 950/1000 or higher to pass the barracks. Then they are sent to the Barracks that focus on what they are good at-” Agent 7 paused, the continued, “We will start your training in your room.”
“What first?” Jake asked greedily as Agent 7 stepped into the room, “What function?”
“Ah, you guessed
that we were going to train with the machine,” Agent 7 teased, “It is the ONLY thing in the room. Turn on the martial arts simulator, would ya?”
“Sure!” Jake exclaimed, “Function 8, martial arts.”
“Approved,” the machine chimed, as it transformed into a portal.
“Come on in.” Agent 7 said.
Agent 7 taught many basic stances and defensive movements and tested Jake on how well he is by attacking him, and making him use the stances that he learned, and sometimes to improvise.
“Why am I not getting hurt?” Jake asked after he got punched and failed to defend, “It’s creepy.”
“This is the virtual world, where when you get hurt, you don’t feel it, and when you “die” you get transported back to the real world. Opponents form the training are virtual.”
“Ohhh, I get it.”
“Back to the training.” Agent 7 announced as he kicked Jake in the gut, sending him flying, “One of battle’s rules: Be prepared.”

Then they moved to offensive moves, like punching and kicking, and Jake had his first mini-test, or a “Progress Test”, as Agent 7 called it. He had to fight an enemy and will get graded on how well he does, and then he can compare his score with another score from the same test in the future.
Jake stepped through the portal and entered the “arena.” The opponent was a shaggy man that was sprinting towards him. Jake side-stepped, but the man’s hand darted out and sent him flying towards a wall, and landed with a ‘thud’. He stood up in the defensive stance he learned earlier and braced himself for the man. The man came barging towards him, arms swinging in a wide ark, but this time, Jake easily sidestepped and kicked the man in the groin as hard as he could. The man, paralyzed, in pain, hobbled over to a wall, and fell down groaning. As Jake walked over to finish the battle, the man kicked out his leg, tripping a surprised Jake.
“Whoa!” he exclaimed, as he landed with a thud.
The man stood up, wiped the dust off of his t-shirt, and walked over to Jake and bent over to pick up Jake. Swiftly, Jake grabbed the man’s wrist and flung him down, luckily, knocking him out cold.  The arena shifted, and he found himself looking at a very pleased Agent 7.
“Good job,” Agent 7 started, “you got a 799/1000! That’s better than what I got on my first test- and sluggish 441. After practicing, now I am a 1000 in the Progress Test. Even we have to do the progress test until you get a 1000 4 times in a row. 2 more to go for me! Anyways, I’ll bet you’re a natural!”
“Thanks,” Jake replied.
Since then, they practiced and learnt new things about combat and the history of the RPI. A few weeks later, they moved on to guns in the training, and a year later, his sword. He totally forgot about his sword, and needed a few minutes of Q/A to refresh his memory. He learnt how to fire flame balls, how to fly with both swords, and how to open them at will. Other than that, he was swinging like a pro, an advantage of training with normal swords and maces. On the second week with the swords, he had a test. He faced a virtual Celestial camp, sprinkled with sword-men. The camp, was a circular camp surrounded by towering walls, archers dotting the perimeter of the wall. His goal? Eliminate the leader. He flew, firing dozens of flame balls at the camp walls. The camp walls, however, were fire resistant, and didn’t get affected at all.
Fine, he thought, I will go the old-fashioned way.  He dropped down, blasting 2 guards with flame balls. He sped  straight at another guard, piercing the guard with one sword, blasting oncoming soldiers with the other. He stabbed his sword into the ground, and grabbed a knife from a bloody belt of a dead guard and flung it at an archer. He easily dodged the blade, but was greeted by a flame ball. Jake flipped backwards and sliced a soldier that was behind him. He blasted another archer, and the archer fell off the wall. Two screams of agony came from behind the wall. Apparently, the archer fell on top of another person that was unlucky enough to be in the path of the archer.
He flew, circling the camp, dodging arrows and spears, until he found a wooden door, and blew it up, burning any guards or archers that were near the burning gate, which was reduced to a pile of pitch black ashes. He sent a wall of flame at the remaining archers guarding the gate, killing them instantly, or sending them plummeting to their doom. He flew, easily dodging the arrows, to the place where the leader is. He dropped down, slicing two guards on his way down. He casually flung open the door to the leader’s building, and blasted anyone in his way. He cleared the building, leaving one room, the leader’s room, to deal with. After he blew off the door to the leader’s room, he saw the leader about to escape from a window. Jake picked up a dagger from a fallen guard and threw it at the leader, piercing his chest. The view shifted as the test ended.
“You are a natural fighter, Jake,” Agent 7 praised, “You are being transferred to the Super Barracks.”
The Super Barracks is where all of the Supers were training. The Supers were all the experienced fighters that had powers or had mystical weapons. They always go into battles since they are the most-likely to survive and win the battle. Only the best can go there.
“Really?” baffled Jake, “Who’s my trainer? You cannot go there, right?”
“Yes,” Agent 7 replied sadly, “Skuller will be your trainer. Don’t be afraid of him, though. He is a skeleton, and in a battle, he wields a rocket launcher. He’s a strong guy. Oh, by the way, here is  your certificate.”
Agent 7 handed over a sand-colored certificate with blue borders. 

“Thanks, Agent 7. Good bye.”
“Wish you luck in a battle and your training. You will mostly do reviews, though. What they do is what I taught you to do.”
“What about the Progress Test?”
“You are too good for this Barrack. You don’t need to do one. You know your way out now, right?”
“Yup. Bye.”

Note: RPI stands for Rebel Pirates Intelligence.

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