Blog Action Day 2011: Food

Blog Action Day 2011:Food

Last year, the world wrote about one thing-water. This year, it is all about FOOD.
 Since we have a ever increasing population, many supplies are on demand. We also daily buy foods, which means killing animals for food. The main problem with this is that we kill the animals, then eat them. This is missing one important part. Control. We need to control the amount of animals that we kill so that they do not go into extinction.

Also, all over the world, we are having food issues, like food shortages, unhealthy foods, and many more. This can lead to violence, like riots or protests for food, lower food prices, or more food. I think what we can do to help the people with food shortages is to send in food packaging to areas in need every week or two so that they won’t die of hunger, and that it will stop the protesting. To help the whole world, we should stop wasting food.


I hope the world will save food for the sake of animals and humans.





Fact: In America, 662 KG  are thrown away every year. I bet most of that is food.
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