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Part One: Summary

The article on crows having human-like intelligence tells us that we are not the only ones that can solve problems using tools.


 “Species don’t have to be related for there to have been some purpose, some reason, some evolutionary advantage for acquiring shared characteristics.”


Candace Savage

Candace Savage’s book Crows:Encounters with the Wise Guys of the Avian World, a book about crow research, suggests that crows share with humans some highlights of higher intelligence, like tool use and communicating with others.

To prove that crows use tools, scientists put up and experiment, using a tube with a bucket of food inside of it. The crow, amazingly, used bent wire to hook the bucket out. Crows are intense tool users, and have the ability to make their own tool when needed, such as the wire hook.

“There are three elements: what animals inherit, what animals learn from individual experience, and what animals acquire through social input.”


Alex Kacelnik

Another species of crows, the ravens, also have a similar sort of thinking. One raven tricked a more dominant raven into searching for food in an empty place while the trickster went to a place that had a lot of food. Some more proof that crows have high intelligence is that they learn and use sound. There were some discoveries of family groups having their own “language”

Part 2: Opinion

This topic was very interesting to me with the fact that crow intelligence is a pretty recent discovery.

“There’s a lot more going on in a bird brain than people 10 years ago would have imagined.”


Also, I found the experiment with the tube interesting because of the creativity of the tube and the tiny bucket. It is also interesting how smart a crow is, even with a small brain. I can easily visualize this experiment in my mind because I saw it on TV once.




See the article here, and here


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