The Most Important Adaptation/change

So far, the most important adaptation/change we have looked at in the human story is the discovery of fire and pine sap. The Netherlands and the Homo Erectus will have not survived in the  super cold European winters without fire to keep them warm.  Without fire, they wouldn’t have gone to the cold Europe in the first place. Fire lets the “homos” move to different locations that they never have been able to go without warmth.

Fire also protects the “homos” by scaring off predators. Most animals are afraid of fire, so the predators wouldn’t come near the “homos” when they lit a fire. Fire helps them hunt by driving their prey off to a specific location, like a cliff, so that their prey will have no choice but to jump off.

Fire also helps them see well in the dark. This allows them to hunt at night when their prey is asleep, making it easier to hunt, but they have to watch out for nocturnal predators. They could also use fire to guard at night.

Fire helps them cook food, making the food warmer, and healthier. This also helps them survive. Without cooked meat, they might have gotten easily ill because of the raw meat.

Fire could warm up water. This could be life saving when their buddies are ill, or have hypothermia because then the warm water could heat them up.  They could possibly put in the fruit juices or the berries that they collected to make a yummy drink or a medicine that is warm.

Fire can be used for light.  This is important because using light can make the days longer. This is better because then the “homos” can sleep when they get tired, not when the sun goes down because there is light that allows them to see. They wouldn’t stay awake in the night without light, especially fire because of the predators. With the fire a light, they don’t really have to worry about the predators because the predators are afraid of fire.

The fire wouldn’t stay lit for long, especially when they are running, so the “homos” have been searching for ways to keep fire alight, and control the fire. They found out that pinesap keeps fire alight, even in rain. Without pinesap, they would have rapidly perished in the long cold winters, because of the cold when their fire went off in the wind.  This discovery led to controlling fire.  All they have to do is to find a efficient way to make fire.

There are many ways fire could be used for positive uses.

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