Urgent Phuket Vacation

After traveling to two different countries,One more week of summer was left.Then came the magical word”phuket”,which sent us flying to that destination. The photos above were some of the highlights of my vacation.

The lush green view of the first photo is at the Phromthep Cape, At the south of Phuket. There was a nice breeze and a DOG. The last photo includes a sleeping dog-That’s at the Phromthep Cape!

That scary Buddha is the Big Buddha at the top of a mountain. That was BIG. As you can see, the next photo is a big bell. That was one of the objects around the Buddha.

The magnificent birds-eye view of some part of Phuket from an airplane.

The best part of Phuket to me was surfing. The fun part of surfing was the Fast part- It was like go-karting, but more harder and more eco. I found the correct position quite hard, because you are also trying to balance on the board. I made more wipeouts than my successes,  but wiping out is also fun!

Traveling to Phuket was my second time in my life, and that was a good experience!


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