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International Day

Its international day in my school and we are celebrating tonnes of nationalities. We dress up in our national costumes and parade through the school to the theater to see the assembly. This is similar to the costume I wore. … Continue reading

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Annoyance (ProbablyThe Most Annoying Post Of All!)

Put The Big Red Button on your site Annoyance. Annoying siblings. it sounds frustrating, but if you think about it, it is actualy very funny after some time, like this red button. Try it! the next time someone annoys you … Continue reading

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Free To Be Wordle

In school, we are having a international week, and this week’s theme in freedom. These are some of the words about freedom that I came up with. The small ones that it is hard to read are: Happiness,(blue)Fun,(green) Friends.(red) To … Continue reading

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Note, Because I Am Going To Write A Lot About This

Blog Challenge Note Any post that has these letters on it, it means that it it related to the blog challenge of the Win!Win!Win! Challenge: ‰ß Share This

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National Geograpic

‰ß Do you like National Geographic? I do. I think it is the best place to get facts, cool stuff, and the best info! NatGeo is my favorite. I want to join NatGeo, and learn how to take some amazing … Continue reading

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My Voicethread Science Project

This is my science project on the unit of variables, and what I learned. I used Voicethread to show the process Share This

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The Davinci Accident™

 Copyright 2010 By Daiki Enterprises®   Davinci. The greatest inventor of all time, and also one of the greatest scientists. Here is how I nearly got in HUGE trouble, but luckily, I didn’t.   It felt like I already walked … Continue reading

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