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October Break…..

Please click on the images to view descriptions. On the October Break, I went to Singapore. I was lucky enough to be able to go to the CSI The Experience, where you can experience being a CSI agent! You could solve … Continue reading

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Science Video

In science, we are learning about flippers. ( It shoots mass that is placed on the platform) We are measuring the distance and height the mass( alminium foil balls) flies, and change one variable, to make a controled experiment. We … Continue reading

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 Ask again. Why should we care about the miners? Well, why do we feel happy? The reason we are celebrating is because we automaticaly feel emphathy, when we see families celebrating. Then we celebrate.[youtube][/youtube]  We should celebrate, even they are … Continue reading

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Help People-Water

Blog Action Day; Water Blog Action Day Blog Challenge [youtube][/youtube] [youtube][/youtube] Water. It’s all around us, but not every one has access to Clean water. Some don’t even have Water.That’s why people need to act and help. Don’t waste water. … Continue reading

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Reading Prodject

I was working on this project on Maniac Magee by Jerry Spinelli. Please enjoy this and read the book! Click on the photo to visit Jerry Spinelli’s website. Share This

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[youtube][/youtube] In  the bathtub in Japan, I found a not yet proven theory of why Neptune’s moon Triton is getting closer to the planet. It may be true, may not. Every year, Triton is getting closer to Neptune. It is … Continue reading

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When,When, When? A Relative of Why,Why,Why?

“When?!” You might hear your teacher ask. There are lots of times when people ask when. There are 20% of all when questions that are answered in Tell Me When, a non-fiction book series that you should read. There is … Continue reading

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Our School

This is our wonderful school! Share This

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