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Why, Why,Why??

This is my Blog Challenge to do. “Why?” People ask. “Why should we visit blogs?” That, is the question I  hear, all the time. On my blog, I will answer for My blog. It may not be the same for the … Continue reading

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Super Math Challenge!!

This is a puzzle, related to the things that I learned in school, in math. These are the clues to the problem I made: It is a factor of 4. It is more than one-eighth of 17776. It is not … Continue reading

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Seaweed On A Board

Not every 10-year-old boy body surfs and finds a cheat, but I am one of those people who can, and that really helps. (I call the cheat “The Trick”) So, here I was. The blazing sun shielded by the trees, … Continue reading

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Take A Tiny Shark Break!

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Science Life Boats

We are now doing an experiment on life boats, and their cappacity, and the ammount of passengers it will hold.(Coins.) This is on a unit of variables, and it is a controled experiment, when you change 1 variabl at a … Continue reading

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Wow! What a blast it was at these thai temples!! I first saw the huge doors of the Wat Po temple. It was about 2 times bigger than a human!!! See that huge tower? I climed up there! Also, thats … Continue reading

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A video

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MySelf As A Reader

My reading goal for the trimester is to read at least 5 non-fiction books and some magazines with realistic sticky notes. My goal reflection is that I read 2 non-fiction books so far,and I am reading ! non-fiction book at … Continue reading

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