I have said my life sucks. But sometimes if you think about it other people would love to live my life. I get food, I have a nice home and I dont have to work a bad job. After seeing what the people in this movie have to suffer through i just thought to myself that my ife is not bad at all. The zabaleen would recycle 80% of their trash. That is really high. I appreciate what they do to help the world. Once they got to Wales they did not appreciate what the people were doing there because they were not recycling everything that they should be doing. I just thought about myself and that I should be recycling more then what I am doing now. The zabaleen has more experience and more skills to handel the job of recycling then the big companies do. The zabaleens recycle and when big companies come and try to take there jobs away I felt bad and I started to appreciate my life more because of what I have and what I dont have to suffer through like other people.







Types of Humor:



Key concept



“An imitation of a particular writer, artist, or genre with deliberate exaggeration for comic effect.”

From the Apple dictionary




the use of to mock or convey contempt. Involves taking the opposite position to the one you really hold or really want to express, and defend that position in a ridiculous or obviously wrong way.






The expression of one’s meaning by using language that normally signifies the opposite, typically for humorous or emphatic effect.




I love soccer balls. Once I see one I have to play with it. I makes me think of fresh pizza coming out of the oven. It makes me feel the taste of  hot pasta going into my mouth. Once the soccer ball is infront of me I think I have gone to heaven. And I am never going to come back until my brother steels it from me. It smells like old foots, but not to me. It smells like freshly cooked beef being served to me. Soccer balls makes me fell amazing.

This guy is making fun of himself and saying bad things. That is self deprecation.

What I want To change in my Narrative story

– Use more interesting words

-Have a better hook

-Use more varitys of words

-Have more transition words

-Make the story so that everyone not just me can understand it 100%

-Don’t go on and on on whats not suppose to be in the story

These are the mane things that I need to change in my narrative to make it better.


I think this is my personality type. I am sensing, extravert, feeling, and a bit judging. It says that I could be a sales marketing specialest. That could be something I want to do and as I thought of it that is now on of my top jobs i want to do when I grow up. It says that I am like donald duck, or rabbit from Winnie the Pooh. I kind of seem myself a bit like them.

Me being sensing is no problem. I think I am a traditional person, going to all the family things I have to attend to. I am realistic of what I could of can not do. I like to experiment with different things and try new things that I could do. I am also extravert because  I am always enthusiastic, expressive, i am also gregarious. I practically never feel down because I am always expressive and enthusiastic about almost everything. I would say I am a very “feeling” guy. I accept everyone, i am a tender heart, compassionate, affective when im sad for someone. If someone tells me a heart worming story then I will fell really sad and I might cry. I would say I am a bit judging also because I  like to be the boss of everything. If someone does something wrong I would tell them to leave. I don’t like this habit of me and I need to change it. I think this is very accurate of what kind of person I am and I don’t feel that bad about the outcome.

Once a year, every October, my extended family and I get together at my great grandparents house for divaly, the Indian festival of light. “When is divaly?” I ask my grandparents when I was younger. For the younger me the festival was exiting, colorful and magical; the food was great, the entertainment was out of this world, but playing with my cousins were the best. The annual firework display at my great grandparents house is fantastic. I love the fireworks. I would call it “A site to see.” The noise, the explostions and the colors never fail to delight me. It’s always good if you end with a BANG; getting money. Divaly is a fantastic experience for me because of the fireworks, my family and of course… the money!

Why did i chose this book? I chose this book out of 15 something books because I like Jack Gantos writing style. I like how he writes about his experiences and how he knows what happens so he does not make things up. I also liked how people who presented the book explained what the book was about. That made me wonder, what will happen next? And thats why I want to read this book today. I want to know what happens after he gets to jail and what will happen to his life next.



The setting of my NaNoWriMo starts at New York. Then it goes to Portugal then Back to New York then Spain. After Spain it goes to England. In Trash the setting is in The Philippines. But the setting is Trash is in a Dump site. My setting in my NaNoWriMo is very different then in Trash. My character is also very different then in Trash. But they are both very brave and courageous. The plot of the two novels are very different because everything is different then in Trash. There still is a climate and and beginning and a end. The outline is the same but the information is not; what happens in the story is very different. My story does not have a lot of things in common to Trash. My plot is all over the place like they are in Portugal and then to New York. Everything moves very fast to a different setting. In trash the setting normally stays in the dump site and then slowly move to outside the dump site so my setting and plot is very different then Trash. My characters have some of the same characteristics but overall they are not that different but at the same time there is a lot not the same as in Trash.My story has some connecting things to trash but at the same time have a lot different information from Trash.

In Trash the Author has wrote the story in different perspectives like one chapter Rafael is talking and the next chapter Gardo is talking. I did this also in my story but not as much as in Trash. I like this kind of writing because then you can see what is happening and the other characters thinking about different things. I think that you need to know what other characters are thinking to make the story clearer.I think that I can learn a lot from Trash with the style of writing they use and that way they put the story together. I think that I can use this one day if I write another story . I like to read books so I can get ideas so I can write in my own writing. Some connections between my writing and Trash is that there are different characters talking and when the different characters talk you know the thinking between the different characters. I think I can learn a lot from Trash and put it in my own writing.

I think that writing my NaNoWriMo will help in my years or life. I think that because when i go to 9th 10th grade I will need to write longer storys and Novels so I think this is a good time to get started. This also helps me with me writing stamina so I can write longer storys. I think that to write stories it helps in real life with solving solutions because in storys you have tot think about solutions and so do you in real life. I like then way The author in Trash makes the character solve the problem. I tried to add some un-expected things in my story to make it more interesting. I think that I can learn a lot from my Novel and other published novels.

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