Comparing and Contrasting Adversities


At the start of the year I read two books Called Milkweed and Baseball saved us. They were both dealing with some type of Adversity. So for Our final project we have to comparing and contrast two types of adversity. So I will be comparing and contrasting Milkweed and Baseball Saved us.

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Milkweed¬†is about a boy stuck in a Warsaw ghetto. He was gypsy and he wasn’t very smart. He was a friend with someone named Uri and there were taken into the Warsaw ghetto. He has to overcome being there and having to survive.

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Baseball Saved us is about a kid stuck in an internment camp. He played baseball back in america so he changed part of the desert into a baseball diamond. Both of these stories are about overcoming adversities.


One of the differences is that Milkweed was in a different place than in baseball saved us. Baseball Saved us was based in west america. They were surrounded by desert and they were trapped and it was very hot. While Milkweed was based in Warsaw, Poland. It was very cold at that time. But they could do almost anything back there in the ghetto. They didn’t have much to do or play with so they could do a lot of things.

Another difference is that in the main character in milkweed is a Gypsy and in Baseball Saved us he was Japanese. In Baseball he was Japanese. Because he had to be taken because they might of thought that Japanese people could be spies or dangerous in america. In Milkweed Misha the main character was a gypsy. In that time the Nazis took both Jews and gypsies into the ghetto to be trapped.

Another Difference is that in milkweed He didn’t have a family and in Baseball Saved us He did have a family. At the start of Milkweed he didn’t have a family, he was forced to make friends with other people he was with. But in the ghetto in the middle he finds a good friend and she has a family so they adopted him kind of. But in Baseball saved us he always had a family throughout the whole story and he wasn’t split up from his family.

Another difference is that they were both in different war times. Milkweed took place in 1939. At that time the war had just started. This was the first thing that the nazis did to start the war. While Baseball saved us in it took place in 1941 or 1942. America just got bombed by the Japanese at pearl Harbor. the americans then took the Japanese in america because they didn’t want them to spy.


One thing that they have in common is that they were both in war time. Both of them were during world war 2. Even though they were at different times they were still in the 6 year period of the war. So they were both in the war. But they did both join at different times in the war.

Another thing is that is the same is that they were both taken from their home. In Milkweed All of the Jews and Gypsies were taken from their Houses (all of them) and had to walk with the nazis to the ghetto. They were then thrown in the ghetto with no food or water and were forced to survive in brutal conditions. In Baseball Saved us something similar happened. They were also taken from there house. They were then transported from trains to deserts in west America.

Another Same is that they were both in a place were they don’t want to be in. Connecting to my 2nd same. In Milkweed they were taken from there house and put in conditions they obviously don’t want to be in: cold, uncomfortable and no food or water. In Baseball Saved us they also barely had any water or any food. They were also living in terrible conditions it was very hot and not a lot of water.


As you can see these two books both dealt with tough adversity. They had many things similar in their camps and in the two books. But they also had many differences through the camps and the books. This is just an example of adversity in real life there are thousands more examples of adversity.


Rainbow House

What is rainbow house. Rainbow house is an orphanage for disabled kids. The one that we went to had 40-50 kids. We went for a while to play with the kids for a field trip and for an adversity project. There are many kinds of things wrong with them like being autistic, having down syndrome or being physically disabled.

What I saw. What I expected to see wasn’t what I saw. I expected to see more functioning kids. Some were younger and older but they really didn’t act like there age. The older kids had to just sit down the whole time. They couldn’t stand up or anything. But as bad as it was they were still very energetic. they were always running playing swinging pushing. There smile really meant a lot to me. They are in a hard time and to see them smile right now is very special.

What I learned. I learned to work with disabled kids and to work work with younger kids. I have played with younger kids but nothing like this. With this kids you have to be super patient. You really just have to move along with them and play with them. You really can’t urge them a whole lot. This was super different then what i am used to (Kindergarteners or younger kids). they need to have special care and they have to be played with a lot.




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What I will do when I cause adversity

Well first it depends on what I do. If I hurt there feelings or did something online then I will apologize the next time I see them or at school. But if I do something to my sibling at home it will be easy then just wait and apologize for what you did. But if it is something big at school it could be tougher. I think you need to apologize quick and do something to make them feel better or do something for them. We all are going to screw up sometimes but what I think that matters is how you deal with it.

What I am doing in P.E

In P.E we just finished all of our classes and we are having our party on Wednesday. My group for swimming is Jordan, Hamad, Aadit, Daniel, Suhani and me. We have done most of the strokes but my favorite is the elementary back stroke or freestyle. We have done lots of new strokes and work including the flip turn. I am really happy that the last class was the last one that we had to be with our teachers. I am really looking forward to the party at the end.

Am I ready for middle school?

I think I am half and half ready. I come to school early I think I have decent grades and I am organized. But Writing is very tough for me and spelling and i have 1 or 2 things i need to work on in each subject. I know the school really well because i have been here since kindergarten, I know the teachers and since I have a sister in middle school I kind of know what it is like. I still am not sure on switching teachers every period but I think I will get used to it soon. Overall I think I am kind of ready but I still think on what to work on.

what I learned from my sustainability project

I learned that I really don’t need to be taking 7-8 minute showers. I can save so much water by simply having my shower. I changed my shower from 6 and a half minutes to 4 minutes 30 seconds just like that I have saved water. It is pretty easy to save 100 gallons. all you need to do is cut down your showers and limit water use from brushing teeth. I have been doing that none stop since the beginning of the unit and I have saved so much water. Now I normally take 4 minute showers cutting down my water use for my whole life.

What “C” am I using the most.

I think that I am mostly using changes. If you change a lot that is important in life. I think that changing is pretty easy because we all have changed this year. Changes In your life is probably the most Important skill. If we don’t change then we will stay the same not learning person. I have changed a lot this year so it is easy for me. Mostly I am changing in reading, I have changed 3 levels, my posts have been better too.

What I learned In sustainability

My big idea in sustainability is Hydro power. I am doing Hydro power as my research and saving water as my action. I figured out that my faucet runs 3 gallons per minute and if you brush your teeth for two minutes every day and keep the faucet on you would be using 12 gallons per day. In a year that would be 4380 gallons per year or 16580 liters per year! I also Found out more sustainable energy. We have 39 years till oil is gone, 165 years till the end of gas and 400 years. Hydro power already powers 6% of the worlds energy if we can do that with every renewable energy source we could use more sustainable energy.


I don’t want to protect the environment I want an environment that doesn’t need protecting.

I think that his means that we have messed up environment. If we started to be more sustainable we won’t be in this position were we have to work super hard to keep our environment. But since we are already in this position we need to be sustainable. We always use fossil fuels a lot it is like we don’t even think about using them. But if we start using Wind power, hydro power, GeoThermal power and solar power. If we start to use these like fossil fuels we will be a lot more sustainable and those power sources will never run out.

My Favorite gift

My favorite was probably my iPad mini. I really love this gift and I always use it, And I think it was really nice. Also I think that my second favorite was my first home run ball. When I got the present I was really happy, I REALLY loved the present because when i hit it I was really happy then i don’t know where the ball went but when I got it back I was super happy.