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Why are other countries more rich or poor than others?

I think some countries are more richer than others because of their leader and their resources such as oil and the agriculture. It depends on the leader because they are the ones that are in control of the country and are the ones that make the big decisions for the country. It depends on the resources because with good resources the country doesn’t have to worry about running out of food or starving. For example in Russia, the country doesn’t have enough resources, because only half of their land can grow crops, the other half of their land is useless. An example of a bad leader is Kim Jong Il, who is the leader of North Korea. He wasn’t a good leader because he did not care about the people and only cared about the army. With him being the leader, the country isn’t a rich country and is a corrupted one. Therefore I feel that the leader of the country and the resources that a country has are the main contributors to if the country is rich or not.

Summer school-Mystery-

Hello everyone. today, I am going to write about mystery. And I will make myself.

1 One day, one class had a art class. One girl named Rachel, she went to the bathroom. Then she came back from bathroom, there was her math notebook on her desk. “… I didn’t put my notebook on my desk… Before I went to the bathroom.” she whispered. She opened her notebook. In the first page, someone scribbled in her math notebook. The scrawl word was orange. And it was paint. She thought someone wrote in it.Because it’s art time. And the other class was not art time. So she  went into teaching. “DID SOMEONE WRITE IN MY NOTEBOOK?” she shouted. “What?”

“who did it?” everyone buzzed.

“Can I see that note book? asked Ms. Brown. “Oh,,, Who did it?” asked Ms. Brown. But nobody raised their hands. “Who has the orange paint?” asked Rachel.

“Orange? I don’t have it.”                                                                                                   “Yeah. me either…” Everyone said I don’t have the orange paint. So Rachel and Ms. Brown looked around the students. But nobody hasn’t the orange paint. There are four people by the Rachel’s desk.

One is Grace. She has blue and red paint in her pallet. She is behind Rachel’s desk. Other person is John. He is right next to her desk. He has red and green. The other person is Maki. She has  blue and green. She is light next to her.The last person is Tom. He has pink and yellow. He is in front of Rachel’s desk.


CLUE! The Pallet

My Learning Throughout The Year

I have learned a lot of things throughout the year. Like how people have different races, and social action to the world. (Such as the Red Shirts and the Yellow Shirts.) And in math I learned different ways to solve problems, not just one way. In writing I learned how to write poetry with feeling and writing a/a lot of persuasive letters to people we might think have the solution. This is what I have learned throughout the year!

End of 4th Grade!<3

It is the end of fourth grade. I loved fourth grade. It seemed like last week was the first day of school, and now its over! I loved everything about fourth grade it was sooooooooo fun, I had a GREAT! Teacher! I have awesome Friends, Some of my friends are leaving but we will still be best friends! I also loved writing, i think I improved as a writer in a lot of ways! I got WAY better at my worst and least favorite subject MATH now i don’t hate it so much! I think i became a better reader as well i can read alot faster now and i am at a higher level! And guess what else i got better at what i am doing right now… TYPING! I got really fast and i love to type it is very fun! And one of My favorite subjects is science! it is soooo fun we do lots of cool experaments! I want to be a scientist when i grow up so i loved the learning! Oh and who doesn’t love feild trips! We went on a Barge trip! It was very cool we learned a lot about water and how to take care of it! So it will be hard to say good bye to all this but i think there will be lots of cool new things to do and to learn about in 5th Grade!
<3 Reyna

Last Day of School

3, 2, 1!


School’s over,

No more homework

No more waking up early

But no more seeing friends,

No more recess

Last day of school

Is good, but

Also sad.

By: Jungyoon and Claire

Boar Out There (Literary Essays!)

Boar Out There

By: Liaba

When I read stories, I think about what the author is trying to tell me, I also think about what the story tells me at first and then what the author’s message is. The first time I read ‘Boar Out There’ by ‘Cynthia Rylant’, I thought it was about a girl wanting to find a boar, but now I think it is trying to tell me ‘Don’t be scared of animals, because they are scared of you.’

You shouldn’t be scared of them, for example: ‘all the people in Glen Morgan were terrified of a wild boar that lived in the woods. But, Jenny would always go there and whisper ‘boar out there.’ That made me think she really wanted to find out if the boar is really scary, and why the people were scared of it. A few times she was sure she heard the boar. The author also used catchy words, which caught my attention, for example: beyond, and splintery rail fence. The author also said some negative things like: The boar was out beyond the splintery rail fence and past the old black dodge that somehow had ended up in the woods and was missing most of its parts. This sentence made it sound scary and also caught my attention a lot. It created a negative photo in our minds.  Then, the author also said some things about the boar, which made sounded like the boar is fearless, for example: The boar had no fear of the moon, and But mostly, she is sorry that he lives in fear of blue jays and little girls, when everyone lives in fear of him. This sentence makes me think that everyone was scared of the boar, and the boar might have felt hurt. But, the boar was scared of all the people.

Jenny learns a lesson ‘not to be scared of animals’ when, ‘a blue jay yelled, and suddenly stopped.’ After this part the boar walked right past Jenny. The boar didn’t do a single thing to her, yet jenny was scared. Jenny was also silent and even started to cry. But, the boar was scared of Jenny and the blue jay. Then Jenny noticed the boar’s torn ear. The boar was hurt. I wonder what happened. I thought a hunter was out to hunt and he found the boar but missed the body and shot the ear. She felt sorry for the boar. The author repeated a lot about the torn ears of the boar. I could imagine the boar walking past Jenny and the torn ears of the boar. After I read this, I thought she changed. The way I thought she changed is, she was scared of the boar, but then she did feel sorry, and I thought learning a lesson changes their life. Because, they change and their feelings change for the thing they were scared of. If I were Jenny I would not be scared anymore, because if I noticed the torn ear and the boar and the boar passed right by me I would think the boar was also scared of the person who shot it, and me.

I think the lesson in this book is ‘not to be scared of animals, because they are scared of you.’ This is an important lesson in life because, I’m scared of animals too, but they are scared of me. Also, because if someone is scared of something, it might just be animals. But, some people are not scared of any animal, but they might be scared of something else in their life. Another small lesson in this story is ‘don’t always think what other people think, you should find out for yourself’ because, the people in Glen Morgan were scared of the boar and they probably told other people to be careful of it; but Jenny went to the woods and found out herself, which I think is very important. The people didn’t even know how the boar looked like, and why the boar was scary.  They hadn’t been to the woods. So, after that, Jenny used to go to the woods everyday and whisper ‘Boar out there.’

So, the lesson I learned from reading ‘Boar Out There’ by ‘Cynthia Rylant is animals can also be scared of you; they won’t hurt you if you don’t hurt them. I’m really scared of dogs, and when they pass by me, they don’t do a single thing, but still, I feel scared. Now, I will always remember this lesson; and not be scared of animals. This might also be a lesson for you. So, don’t be scared. You might not know if they are also scared of you.

The Marble Champ

This time we did writing work shop. So I did marble champ.This is my think.

The first time I read the marble champ. I thought it was about a yang girl who was trying to be the marble champ.  Now I think the author, Gary Soto is really writing about important of practice often when learning some thing new. And if you can’t do that, don’t stop trying, because finally you can do this.

Lupe learns about practice in this story. I think this part show Lupe practice long time. “Practice, practice, practice. Squeeze, squeeze, squeeze.” I think then she tries more than squeeze, and try again. This part is Lupe try more then good before one. So I think Lupe is better, then she can do that! (Mable champ) and I think practice is important if you do new things, I know if Lupe loses this Mable champ, but her action is so nice. Because she practices all day, and I think other kids are not practice more then Lupe. Lupe learns about helping in the story. Because her father put on light, And her brother Seaport her Alfonso too! I know that is true. Because this part says “Lupe got better and beat her brother and Alfonso a neighbor kid who was supposed to be a champ.” This part is her brother and Alfonso Seaport her, but didn’t say they seaport Lupe. If I am Lupe, and if her brother doesn’t like Lupe, I think I didn’t ask brother and I think I didn’t seaport her. And this part show I think her brother And Alonso likes Lupe. Because if I am her brother or Alfonso I think maybe I doesn’t like her, if that case I am not helping or Seaport her. So they likes her I think. And Lupe can do this Mable champ, because everyone look at and help Lupe. Her father helps Lupe too! Her father put on a spotlight. I think her father loves Lupe. Because if I am Father I think I didn’t put on spotlight. Lupe wants win this game. I think other people (father, brother, Alfonso and mother) want Lupe win this game. I think they are love Lupe. So I think they are worry about Lupe, because this time Lupe is Lupe was trying winning this champ, so everyday she practice. So I think she is tired, so her father, mother, brother and Alfonso are worry. I think they are so caring.  And her know that I think everyone worry. Now I know maybe Lupe is everything she can do it. Because her friend and family are Seaport and Lupe practice many time, so I think she can do it everything!

Now I think the author is really writing about binging is Lupe was not good sports. And this part is author is really want teach readers (” Go get her. You can do it” her father encouraged. “Just think of the marbles, not the girl, and let your thumb works.) I think this part is author really want teach readers, about all day some parson believe you, this part is I think that things ”You can do this,” I think her father really believe Lupe. So I think author really want teach about you believe some one, and some one believe you, so don’t stop trying.

Literary Essay -The Marble Champ-

The Marble Champ

By Arisa

This is the Literary Essay for “The marble Champ”

The first time I read The Marble Champ by Gary Soto. I thought it was about a girl who practices shooting marbles then she won. Now, I think the author is really writing about if you want to be good at something, you should practice.

And the other life lesson is getting help from other people.

Lupe learns about work hard in the story The Marble Champ. Lupe is good at reading, writing, and piano… She is school spelling champion. She is good at anything except for the sport. She was never good at sport. I imagine she was worried about her sport she is the last one in the sport. And I think she also she was giving up about her sport. But she realized she could play the marble. And marbles are sports. Then she practices shooting marbles every night on her bed.  After that, she realized that if she wants to do get well, she should to get better at anything. And Gary Soto uses the author’s craft. He uses “Squeeze squeeze, squeeze, practice practice, practice.” I think that author wants to tell how long Lupe practice shooting marbles. She practices so long time. And there is one more message. I think that the other author’s message is to help and getting help from others.

Lupe learns about getting help from the others. In the story The Marble Champ by Gary Soto. In middle of the story, Lupe’s dad set up the light to Lupe can practice shooting marble at night. So the important thing is to help and getting help from others. I think that Lupe didn’t think about “to help.” Because when her mom looked at her (Lupe practices marbles every night, so her thumb hurt.) mom said, “Show to dad.”  But Lupe said

“Do I?” So I thought Lupe didn’t think about to help. And Lupe’s brother helps Lupe. Lupe didn’t know anything about marbles. He taught about marbles to her. He taught “gave her tips on how to shoot: get low, aim with one eye, and place one knuckle on the ground.” So Lupe getting helps from many people. And I thought it’s interesting about the author’s message. Because some story, the author’s message is “help each other.” But in The Marble Champ, the author’s message is “getting help from the others. (And to help)” So I thought it’s interesting. Gary Soto wants to write about diffluent from the other people. The first time I read The marble Champ, I thought it’s interesting title. But there are a lot of message in this story.

I can learn a lot of things from the story The Marble Champ. I think that the message is practice and getting help from the others. Lupe practice the marble by her self. Lupe thinks that little bit wrong (she thinks that the marble is a sport.), but I thought, ”She is great.” Because she practices shooting marbles every night. I can’t practice every night and Lupe practices by her self! Maybe she simply wants to be good at the sport. (Marbles) And she got the help from her dad and her brother. As I told you about the author’s message. Her dad set up the light for Lupe so she can practice shooting the marble. Her brother also helps Lupe. He taught about the marble to Lupe.  So the conclusion is work hard and getting help from the other people.

Literacy Essay

Here is my literary essay, my last writing piece. Hope you enjoy it!

Multiple Messages in “The Rag Coat

Essay by Aidan, Ms. McAloon.

Essay Book by Lauren Mills

Lots of books have a message, but many other books have more than just one message because the author wants to tell you about more than just one life lesson. And sometimes those lessons can be sometimes hard to find. The book “The Rag Coat” by Lauren Mills is an example of one of those multi-message stories.

One of the messages in “The Rag Coat” is that poverty affects many things. For example, Minna lives with a poor family. She can’t go to school because she can’t afford a coat and she has to stay home and help her mama, so poverty affects education. The author emphasizes the fact the Minna has no coat to show that she really is poor. This leads me to think that Minna also doesn’t have friends because she can’t go to school and meet kids her age, so poverty also affects friendship and social life. Even if Minna’s family did have enough money for a coat, they would still have to pay for Minna to go to school. Poverty also stops her family from eating well, having a good house, and having fun things such as books and games. You need money for lots of things, which is why poverty affects so many things.

Another message in “The Rag Coat” is that you should never judge a book by its cover. When Minna goes to school wearing her coat, her friends laugh and dance around her, singing “Rag-coat! Rag-coat!” and Minna felt bad. But later, when Minna went back to class, she showed everyone their old rags on her coat. Everybody sees their long-lost rags, and all of Minna’s friends forgive Minna for making fun of her. The children thought Minna’s coat was just made of old rags at first, but they later learned that her coat was full of stories to tell, and everybody loved Minna’s coat at the end. You should see what something really is before you judge it, which wasn’t what the kids did; they thought Minna’s coat was old and dirty and useless because they saw that it was made of rags.

Another message in “The Rag Coat” is that people only need people. In the beginning of the story, when Minna is going to church with her family, Minna is told by her father: “People only need people, and nothing else.” When Minna asked him about wanting a coat. Later, when Minna’s friends make fun of her coat, she remembers her father’s words. After that, she gets the courage to go back to school and confront her friends. The author made Minna’s father tell her “People only need people” because Minna loves her father, and when she’s in the darkest of times, she’ll remember the one she loves the most. The author also foreshadows those words at the beginning of the story, and at the end, Minna remembers her father’s exact words. At the end she thought that even if they made fun of her, they would still be her friends and friends are the most valuable things on earth.

Having more than one message in a story shows that the author wants you to learn and know more since a message can teach you a lot of good things, like in “The Rag Coat”. Look out for messages in stories for they can teach you something and they are usually the most important things in the story. In fact, the messages in a story are usually what the story is all about. And even if you’ve found one message, find another, for messages can teach you lots of things!

My Literary Essay

Literary Essay- A Ride Home



A lot of people just make quick judgments of people just by how they look, one thing that they do, make decisions too quickly about things, or change their minds about things easily or too quickly. That’s what I noticed in the short story A Ride Home by Mel Cebulash, when the main character, Janet judged some people by one thing that they did. And those people were judging the big man by how he looks and gossiping about him. So that’s why I think that the message in A Ride Home is “ Don’t judge ‘a book’ by its cover”.

One way Janet changed her mind about things, and judged people too quickly, was that at first she liked everything in her new school, her friends, the school, everything. But after her new “friends” were making fun and had judged a fat man running Rivers’ Market, who is actually Janet’s dad (the kids making fun of him didn’t know that he was Janet’s dad, though), saying “ Oh you should see him, he must be 400 pounds, he looks like an elephant” and many more obnoxious things, Janet hated them, judging everything at her new school (when at first she LOVED it), all the people, the place, and wanted to go home. She thought that they were all mean, bad people. She judged all of them because she was so mad. I don’t blame Janet for being so mad, because I would’ve gotten just as mad if people were talking about my family that way. But still, maybe not all of them were as bad as she had thought…

Because one of those “mean” boys (with the crowd that was gossiping about/ judging her dad) turned out to be nice, and I think later, to be Janet’s friend. That actually happened to me once. There were some people that I thought were mean, exclusive, and are popular, but now they’re my friends. They turned out not to be as mean as I had thought. That’s sort of what happened to Janet, except she judged a whole group (like I had) and found just one that wasn’t as bad as she (/I) had thought and judged (where I found more than one).

Also, all those people talking about the fat man, Janet’s dad, were judging that man by how he looks. They don’t know whom he is, how he acts, or that he’s Janet’s dad (And I noticed that in the beginning, Mel Cebluash only shows parts of when the gossipy people were being mean, so that makes me think that they are the enemies/bad guys in the story). They just make fun of him because they feel like it (And also, in the story, they showed the dad (the big man) as a nice person, so that’s why I know that he didn’t do anything bad to the kids, the kids were just making fun of him by how he looks). The big man didn’t do anything to them. I know that they don’t know who he is, because if they did, they wouldn’t have made fun of him in front of Janet. Those mean, gossipy people were judging a book (the man) by its cover (his looks).

I think, “ You shouldn’t judge ‘ a book ’ by its cover is the message of A Ride Home. Because when Janet had judged that boy to be a mean person after the people that he and she were hanging out with were gossiping about how fat her father was, he actually turned out not to be very mean. And when I had judged all those people that I thought were just mean, heartless, popular people, and exclusive, they turned out not to be so bad.

End of the school year

We are doing 2 end of the school year projects. We are doing a reading and a writing project. I will tell you about it.


For reading, I am making a t-shirt with book titles on it. Then, I made a power point about those books. It was really fun. My favorite part was using a marker on a t-shirt. My LEAST favorite part was making the power point because I had to type about a lot of different books.


For writing, I am typing a story on Microsoft word. It’s about a girl who gets lost in the jungle and she finds a talking monkey. My LEAST favorite part about making this was writing it, because it was 21 hand written pages. My favorite part was illustrating it. I think I might put it on my blog sometime.

Please leave a comment!

Are indpendint writing and reading projet

In are indpendint writing and reading projet we have for are writing projet we have to write some thing we learn in writing class like,poetry,fiction,preswasive eassy and,comic. I chose fiction. For the reading projet we have to write about some thing we learned about in reading.Like ,non-fiction,and athor studes. I for got the rest. I chose non-fiction.

My Favorite Projects

In reading, science, writing and some specials, I am finishing or finished some projects.

In science, my group and I made a waterwheel using none of the materials that they use in the science investigation (besides string and a red stick). We use 2 rulers, a red stick, string, lots and lots of tape, a book-box (we got permission) and 3 clips and 4 cups. It actually picked up a 500 gram water bottle!

In reading, made a power point presentation that gives the color code for my T-Shirt. On my T-shirt, I wrote some books that I have read over the year. The different color, the different genre. It wasn’t as cluttered as I thought it would be, but it turned out alright.

In my other post I mentioned my writing project, but here it is again. It is called Don’t Just Stand There by yours truly. It is about a girl who discovers that her cat can talk and a bunch of stuff happens at school. Then, when her mom signs her up for horse riding lessons again, the girl will have to do something she never thought she would.

In specials, P.E, we are going to have a pool party! In music, I just finished my garage band project with my friend. And finally, art. Me and my same friend I keep mentioning are making posters. Well, to be more specific, 2 posters. They will both have a snail on it. One will be saying: Goodbye to the leaving friends at ISB, and the other will say: Hello to the new students. Something like that. Last but not least, my friend and I finished our Thai project, when we have to build cardboard houses. Then we have to make a presentation about the house in Thai. It’s really fun!

Anyway, I really can wait till I move and I am really going to miss ISB!

The Giver- Essay

Do People Need Rules to Treat Others with Respect?

Humans do not need rules to treat each other with respect and dignity. Love and other human feeling will keep most people from not respecting each other.  Love influences people to treat each other well, and love also has the power to turn important decisions.
In a memory Jonas has received from the Giver, Jonas had seen love.

“…the feeling that was so strong in the room.”

“Love,” the Giver told him… (p125).

The family was not forced in any way to love and respect each other. However, they did so. Perhaps it was their hope for a fun and an entertaining occasion. Whatever feeling led them to this occasion, they had a fun time, treating each other with respect and dignity, even though there were no rules.

Love really has power to shape things. First, when Jonas enters the Annex in his first day of training, Jonas views the Giver as his trainer, then a short time later, Jonas started to love the Giver. This enabled Jonas to actually discuss his escape, which was a serious crime. From this it can be noticed that love has an enormous influence on people and their actions.

Another example of how affection and love made Jonas treat someone well is Gabriel. Nobody asked Jonas to take care of Gabriel at night. Yet, he did so because he loved Gabriel. He felt affection for him, which made him want to take care of him. Jonas also loved his parents, which made him want to take the pressure of tending to Gabriel off them. Jonas actually agreed to do more work because of his love and affection.

Love and affection can influence people to treat each other with respect and that love actually has enough power to influence important decisions. From these two ideas it can be concluded that humans do not need rules of any sort to treat others with respect and dignity. Emotions will keep people treating others with respect and dignity.

Happiness vs Personal Freedom

For a society in which everyone is happy, safe and free from suffering, it is worth it, to give up some personal freedom.  The most important thing for a society is happiness and safety.  The thing a person should look at first when creating a society is whether the people will be happy  Will the people be safe and free from suffering?  Then they should look at personal freedom because it’s not as important as happiness and safety.

A happy society is a society which accepts their rules.  They believe the rules are necessary and they don’t really complain except about little things like, “I don’t like hair ribbons. I’m glad I only have to wear them one more year,” Lily said bitterly (p. 40).  In The Giver citizens are happy and safe even though they have many rules which take out their personal freedom.  “And this year you get your assignment.” (p. 41).  In the society in The Giver the people are assigned jobs which means they don’t have personal freedom to choose by themselves.  But everyone does something to help the society and they are all happy because the feeling that they are helping makes them happy.

If people are allowed to make only small choices they don’t really have personal freedom.  So some people would say that not letting people make many choices is bad.  “I was just thinking: what if we could hold up things that were bright red, or bright yellow, and he could choose?” (p. 98).  But what if people chose wrong?  “He might make wrong choices.” (p. 98).  What if they regret their choices?  They would not be happy. “What if they were allowed to choose their own mate? And chose wrong?” (p. 98).

People that don’t make choices are safer as well.  Choosing can sometimes be dangerous. “Very frightening. I can’t even imagine it.  We really have to protect people from wrong choices.” (p. 99) It’s much safer when people don’t make choices because then they can’t choose wrong.  They could get really angry if they chose wrong and then regretted their choices.
“It’s safer.”

“Yes,” Jonas agreed. “Much safer.” (p. 99)

When people can’t choose they can’t choose to do bad things.  They also can’t  choose to do dangerous things.

Being happy and safe is more important than having a lot of personal freedom.  So giving up some personal freedom in order to make a safe and happy society is worth it.  The people don’t have the freedom to choose.  But the people then can’t make wrong choices.  The people are happy because they can’t regret the wrong choices they made.  They are also happy because they don’t have to get all stressed out about choosing.  It’s easier and safer this way.

The Giver Essay

Jonas would have been happier not knowing what The Giver shared with him.

Jonas was happier knowing what The Giver shared with him because Jonas needs to know the the memories of happiness and pain, sadness, fear, anger or love in order to be happier. That’s because everyone is the same in the community and sameness is different from happiness.  If everyone is the same and have no feelings or emotions, they can’t feel happiness or pain. Jonas has to know pain, sadness, anger, fear, love or happiness to be happier.

Why does Jonas have to know pain to be happier? Well, Jonas would learn from his mistakes (pain) and realize happiness because it could be worse. Why does Jonas have to know fear to be happier? It’s because he can learn from his fears just like pain, for example, if you’re afraid of something and you’re not afraid of it anymore, you just realized that you learned it’s not so scary. It’s because when your not scared anymore, you feel happiness in you because your not scared anymore.

Jonas has to know sadness to be happier because if he’s sad, and he recovers from being sad and being happy, again he’ll be happier because he just learned something to be happier. Jonas has to know happiness to be happier because if he doesn’t  know what happy means, he won’t know that he’s happier or sadder and everyone in the community is the same and they don’t have feelings or emotions and they don’t know if they’re happy because they don’t know what emotions mean and they’re already happy even though they don’t know if their happy.

Jonas has to know anger to be happier because if he is are really angry at someone or at something, he will soon be happy again and he learned something by being angry so he’s happier. Jonas needs love in order to be happier because if there’s no love, he will be lonely and love always make him or everyone happy because if he has someone important for example his mom, she will love him and he will have love and happiness inside him. In the book, Jonas asked his dad “Do you love me?” (pg.127) and his dad said that love is an inappropriate and obsolete word and the people in the community never felt what love was really like so if there’s no love, there’s no happiness.

Jonas can’t be happier if everyone is the same or if he doesn’t have feelings or emotions because if everyone is the same, they would do the same thing everyday and if they don’t have emotions or feelings, everyday it would be boring even though they don’t have feelings. But if there was no pain, they won’t feel anything and they won’t really realize anything.

S.O.L #14

” Oh my gosh!” I said as I looked into the mirror. I was COVERED in makeup. The makeup people in the next room over for dance really made me look intense, as in WEIRD. I mean us, ” The Rock ‘n’ Roll Rebels” (The name is a little corny.) are SUPPOSED to look intense, but, a little too much?

                We were in the  one of the high school (I think choir room) rooms, and the dance show was about to start in about 20 minutes. I had on: a bunch of base powdery stuff that made me sneeze; a buch of dark dark dark dark blue (almost black) eye shadow; glittery stuff around and under my eyes; thick black eyeliner; glittery grey eyeliner over that black eye liner; mascara; gross pink lip stick that I realized from what the Alice’s used in Alice in Wonderland; and shimmery lip gloss that was over the lipstick. Just one word for you. EW. I mean, a little makeup for a show: OK, but tons of makeup SMOTHERED all over my face that I could hardly see out of: not so much. I’m sorry, but when your face HURTS from all the makeup, you’ve been waiting in a crowded room for an hour and will be waiting in it for another hour until you go on, and you itchy costume doesn’t even go together when you’re supposed to be COOL… I’d like to see you be ok with it. And it didn’t exactly HELP that I had been out in the heat all day at a track meet that you had to wake up early for, and having to bike as fast as you can home on a flat tire, to shower, get your costume, and then forget your makeup ( that’s why the makeup ladies had to do mine).

                  ”  Oh- my god!” said a girl named Emily who is in my dance group, ” I hope I don’t mess up again like last night!” she said after an hour of waiting and one of the moms working there called “Rock ‘n’ Roll Rebels are on soon”. So we filed out of the room just as we had the day before, on Friday for the dance performance.

              As we got to the door in the back leading to the backstage, I felt confident, I knew this dance. But after about a minute of back stage, the going into one of the sides of the stage (” Pinks on left, blues on the right!”. I was a pink. Pink shorts. My dance teacher arranged us into colors of our shorts.) So as I sat down behind the tape on the left side of the stage (on the right for anyone in the audience). And as the older girls on point for ballet finished their dance, and the cute little first graders came on to do ther cute little wizard dance, I realized we were next and bagan to get a bit nervous. I had been on the stage many times before, for 3 times forAlice in Wonderland,once  for tech rehersal,  once for dress rehersal, and for the performance the night before. But for some reason I still got nervous. I knew the dance, I don’t get stage fright, and I did it well the night before. Why was I nervous? I looked at my friend, Audrey who sat next to me behind the tape (we were in a specific place so that the audience couldn’t see us, even though we wre only about a couple inches from being seen), ” I’m a little nervous,”  I whispered to her.

                      ” It’s ok, I bet you’ll do fine” she replied. As the first graders’ lights went out, and they started to go off the stage, we all got behind the certains, ready to shuffle into our spots. The tallest people were in the back row for the first part, so me, Audrey, Celine, and Ishita got in order in our line on the side of the stage. When the adult with us told us to go on, to get into our places, I started to get really nervous. But I stayed calm. I looked around to make sure the back row was in place. Celine next to me, both of us turned around to the back with out arms crossed on the left side of the stage (audience’s right), and Audrey and Ishita doing the same thing on the other. Everyone in out dance group had their back turned to the wall with their arms crossed.

               The music started to play (If I Had You by Adam Lambert) , and my foot started to tap against the floor like it was supposed to. Then before I knew it, I was sitting on the edge of the stage next to Karina and Olivia pointing to the audience at the last part of the song. *You*, I mouthed at the end of the song (the last word of the song is YOU, so I just mouthed with it. I mouthed the whole song white the music was playing. Because after listening to the song EVERY dance class (once a week) for about 4 months, you memorize the song.). Then the lights turned out as the audience went wild clapping, and I ran to the side of the stage where I had came in. My friend, Carina had her dance next. She gave me a smile and a high five.

              I made a couple mistakes, like going a bit too early at a couple of parts, and I hoped no one noticed. But I was happy and sad that we were done.

The Other Boleyn Girl- Philippa Gregory

The Other Boleyn GirlThe Other Boleyn Girl by Philippa Gregory
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

One of my favorite historical fictions of all time, this amazing work by Philippa Gregory is accurate and interesting throughout. I was never scared of thick books, and this book is just the perfect proof that I shouldn’t be.

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Wuthering Heights- Emily Bronte

Wuthering HeightsWuthering Heights by Emily Brontë
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

This, in my opinion, was rather tedious; or maybe I just had too high an expectation as it was viewed as one of the best love stories ever.

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The Princess Diaries #1- Meg Cabot

The Princess Diaries (The Princess Diaries, #1)The Princess Diaries by Meg Cabot
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

When I first read this book a few years back, I thought it was rather ridiculous. I probably didn’t fully understand Meg Cabot’s joke, because when I decided to give it another go, it was really good! I love her smooth sense of humor, and Mia is someone I could easily relate to and become friends with.

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Nineteen Minutes- Jodi Picoult

Nineteen MinutesNineteen Minutes by Jodi Picoult
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I love the questions that this book leaves hanging in the air, unanswered. It explores family issues and the extents of bullying, as well as what it means to be different in society. Fitting in is never easy, but the heights the characters go to in this emotionally charged novel is amazing, yet leaves you in tears.

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The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time – Mark Haddon

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time by Mark Haddon
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I loved this book; it shows that to write a great book, you don’t need vivid vocabulary or amazing sentence structures. This book, despite its cover, is so much more than an upside down dog, a mystery, or an autistic boy who hates the color orange and being touched, which is why I loved it so much- it surprised me.

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The Pact- Jodi Picoult

The PactThe Pact by Jodi Picoult
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I don’t think I can write enough reviews for this book; five stars just isn’t enough to explain how beautiful this book is. It’s been read so many times I think the spine might tear off soon, but I try my best to keep it in shape. If a movie ever comes out, I will promise myself not to watch it, for I may lose my feelings for this work of art.

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Lola Rose- Jacqueline Wilson

Lola RoseLola Rose by Jacqueline Wilson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

So, this is a children’s novel, but it involves such tragedy like child and spousal abuse and serious family issues. Should children really be reading this?
I enjoyed it nevertheless, as it not only made me realize how lucky I am and to appreciate what I’ve got while I have it, but also the sense of hope that shines through at the end of the novel.

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Just Listen- Sarah Dessen

Just ListenJust Listen by Sarah Dessen
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Annabel and Owen might just be my favorite novel couple ever; they are so real to me I won’t even call them fictional. They could be those ordinary couples you see in typical love stories and romances, but I liked the originality in their actions and words. I liked how I felt after I turned the last cover, and how the memories of the novel just rushed over me.

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Vicky Angel- Jacqueline Wilson

Vicky AngelVicky Angel by Jacqueline Wilson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This was one of Jacqueline’s saddest novels. Most novels cover the grief one endures when losing a parent or a loved one, but this is about a girl struggling over her best friend’s death. The strength of their love is immensely inspiring, and her voice shines so brightly through her words. I honestly loved it, and still get the same response every time I come back and read it.

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Clean Break- Jacqueline Wilson

Clean BreakClean Break by Jacqueline Wilson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Even though I read this book a long time ago, I still recall how the cover was not particularly outstanding or engaging. However, as I started reading, I felt that this book was not only interesting and original, but also had such tragedy in it. The children have to go through so much as young kids, and triggered such emotional responses from me and everyone else I had recommended this to. An amazing read.

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Bliss- Lauren Myracle

BlissBliss by Lauren Myracle
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

My friend took this out of her locker the other day, and I asked her to borrow it during the break. I liked Myracle’s other books- Eleven, Twelve, and Thirteen- when I was younger, so I wanted to try this as well.

Turns out it wasn’t as good as I expected, but it wasn’t bad. Her writing has a smooth flow to it, which makes it easy to be absorbed into the story, but I thought the ending was rather rushed and out of the blue kind of thing- all of a sudden, it’s over.

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Between Shades of Grey- Ruta Sepetys

Between Shades of GrayBetween Shades of Gray by Ruta Sepetys
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I just finished this on my way back home from school. I wouldn’t say it’s the best book I’ve ever read, or that it totally blew me away, but it was a powerful book. Not just the message that it bears, but also the strong voice of Lina Vilkas. There was something about the way Sepetys writes that makes me want to keep reading, and before long, I have finished its 338 pages.

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Dear John- Nicholas Sparks

Dear JohnDear John by Nicholas Sparks
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

All my friends told me to watch the movie, but I always thought that the books are so much better than the movies, so I decided to follow my instincts. As it turned out, I finished the book in a matter of hours. The plot flows smoothly, and at a comfortable pace, leaving me heartbroken at the sad ending. I did not particularly like the ending, but would have done the same nonetheless. Despite the love they had for each other, it just wasn’t meant to be. I never watched the movie- it might diminish the wonderful feelings I have for this book.

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For One More Day- Mitch Albom

For One More DayFor One More Day by Mitch Albom
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This, to me, was such an emotional book, yet it opened the door to many new insights and views of what it means to make the most of everything while you still can. Shifting back and forth between past and present, Mitch Albom teaches me to say all I can while those who are dear to me are still here, and to appreciate this day.

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The End Of Fourth Grade!

Since Fifth grade started, I loved it! Everything there was good. The classroom, of course the teacher, and all my friends. There is just about one more week of school and I will miss everyone. Here is a short story from last year:

We were all ready to get out of the classroom. As usuall, Ms. Terry asked,
“So, what was your favorite event that happened during the year?”
“Every single thing,” I replied “Bye, I hope to see you next year too!” I gave her a high five.
“Bye!” She said. I walked out of the classroom with my friends.
We walked over to where the buses were waiting and I said ‘Bye’ to all of my friends. I felt happy for the summer vacation, but sad, because I was leaving all my friends, and the school. Then, I walked over to my bus, and smiled. Then, in fifth grade I hoped to see them again, and I did.

Thank you for reading a short story of my life. I hope that will happen this year too! And, I really hope all my friends will be here in Middle School with me too.

 It looks like this cat is saying Bye.

The Giver; Memories Are Wisdom

In The Giver, memories are protected from the entire community; instead of everyone sharing memories, The Receiver keeps all of them and passes them on to the next receiver. What the leaders of the community do not know is how important memories of the past are. (They don’t have any memories of war or famine.)

Memories are important because they enable you to learn. For example,

A boy is waiting to cross a busy road. He doesn’t look both ways and nearly gets run over by a car. A month later, he wants to cross another busy road, but he looks both ways before crossing, because he remembered the first experience of him almost dying and doesn’t want that again.

The boy in this story learned from his memory. Maybe someday in the future that memory will save his life at another busy highway!

On the other hand, if this boy lived in a community like Jonas’s, his whole experience would be completely different:

A boy is waiting to cross the a busy road. He doesn’t look both ways and almost gets run over by car. Unfortunately for him, he forgets what happened right after it happened and never passes on the memory.

Memories are mistakes and things that aren’t mistakes that will help you choose a certain path in life. They help you choose the right path.

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Food Crisis

While the citizen of one country have more than enough to eat, those of another country nearly doesn’t have anything to survive. Some grow plant not for sale as food; instead they use them for other purposes such as bio-fuel because they can fetch more money. Presently food is at a surplus, however, there are many reasons this surplus food is not getting to the people who need it such as; war, poverty, drought, climate change, lack of education, poor land management, government policy and corruption. These surplus foods are made into bio fuels instead. They used corn, which is one of the ten major crops of the world on bio fuel, and this causes people to be hungrier because the food surplus isn’t fed on them.

The food crisis would affect a country’s economy.  Since there is more demand for food and the domestic supply is not enough to feed the population, and that makes the food prices to soar. For instance, once there was a shortage of eggs in Thailand, so its prices soared from 36 baht a dozen to 60 baht a dozen. As a result, in some cases, the government has to import more food. In addition, it would cause health problems. For example, more people are faced with starvation resulting in sickness because they are malnourish.

The places that are facing starvation most are Africa, and Asia. According to UN’s World Food Programme or WPF, they stated that Africa and the rest of Asia together have approximately 40% of people who are facing starvation. That is 2/5 of us. If you look at the big picture then there would be approximately 850 million people who go to bed hungry. Most likely people who are affected are children, the old, the sick, and the poor.

The future consequences are that poor people would be hungrier because they can’t afford to buy food. There would also be war over food because of the climate. Unpredictable weather like a drought or a flood, could result famine. When there is less of something like water or food, people would go against each other for the recourses, and that creates war over food.

My  trustworthy experts that I believe in that can make a change are the FAO, which is also known as food and agricultural organization of the United Nations, and the World Bank. I chose these two organizations because they have put a lot of effort into resolving the problem of food crisis. The World Bank has offered 1.2 billion dollars in Food Aid, and the FAO had gave food to the hungry, and have developed expertise in a range of areas including Food Security Analysis, Nutrition, Food Procurement and Logistics.

My solution is to eat the miracle berry or the miracle fruit. Miracle fruit when eaten, cause sour foods or bitter food (such as lemons, limes, bitter gourd, and cranberry) subsequently consumed to taste sweet. If you have the ability to alternate your taste, you can eat anything as long as it is not poisonous. So as you can see, by collecting food from roads you don’t need to buy and more food, which uses less money, and also less land. My advice is to collect bitter gourd if you are living in Thailand because it is common to find this vegetable on roads. Also bitter gourd has high nutritious value, but it’s bitter. But when eaten with miracle fruit it turns sweet.

FINAL SLICE OF LIFE (AKA Slice of Life 14)

Slice of Life 14, the final episode, the grand finale. OK, maybe I was wrong about how many Slice of Lifes I’d have befroe summer…

It was my friend Gerardo’s birthday party. We (Gerardo, his other friends and me) were walking to Gerardo’s house. On the way there, we saw a dog, a Jack Russel terrier, to be exact. It was sticking underneath the house’s gate, so it could JUST squeeze it’s head out, but not it’s full body. “Awww, what a cute dog.” Gerardo’s friend Jonathan said. “I’m going to pet him.” Little did Jonathan know that that dog was actually very vicious. He always tried to bite everybody, dogs AND people. So when Jonathan leaned down to pet the terrier, it went “BARK BARK BARK BARK BARK!!!!” and almost bit off his hand. “OH MY GOSH!!!” Jonathan screamed. And we all laughed.

English Creative Project (Romeo and Juliet Set Design)

😀 YESSSSSSS, I am so very very proud of my self for completing this time consuming project. And the follow up reflection to this assignment is also like time consuming. After all it is the last English Creative project of the year so I tried my best. The English creative project is an opportunity for students to show and share their talents and self interest. We are at first given a vague topic on what we want to do after reading the Romeo and Juliet play. For me I choose to make a set design out of a new program that I’ve never used before, Google SketchUp, but later I got the hang of it and it became so easy. The two themes that I choose for this project is the balcony scene to represent the theme of love, the Capulet’s tomb to represent the theme of death. Well I have some symbolic images and features in each set design that I created, but you couldn’t really see it since the picture below are only the pictures. One example of a symbol is that, the reason for R and J are dark in color represents their secret love to society and the reason they are put in a morning setting shows how the society don’t acknowledge their love and everything is occurring right under their noses. Today, in english class, we were given an opportunity to see other people project. They were all so cool, the one project I particular like is Sara’s  because she made a short clip on how the mood of the play progresses. 😀 I also learn a lot from this project, well I learned to use a complicated program, Google SketchUp, and ever other people is like, “Omg it’s such a hard program” Well I love to make and create architecture design so I it was fun 😀

Balcony Scene :D

Balcony Scene Zoomed out

Capulet's Tomb

Juliet's Casket

Hello World #2

Way way way way way way way way way way back in October 2010. I made my first blog post.

The day I learned how to make screen shot. Screen shots are very helpful.

My very 2nd comment. 1st the worst. 2nd the best.

That comment is by my sister.

Back then I didn’t know to make a link,or add a widget.

Or even a good comment! But other people did and they helped me get lots more comments!

Now I have 33 comments.

All thanks to you guys.

I have 7 widgets! And 3 other widgets that are widgets you NEED!

what I did for this post:

I screen shotted that by Word.


Add colors.

Add sizes

know how to get a picture from flickr.

Picture from Flickr. Picture by Ms. Chesebro.

Picture on flickr and made by Chesebro

The Giver- What Is happiness?

I believe happiness is a result of satisfaction. Even if people, like the ones in The Giver, live without stimulation or (as far as we know) entertainment, they are satisfied with their life and are very happy.

The reason that most people from or class said that they will not be happy in that community can be explained by this theory. The residents of the community are satisfied, and therefore they are happy. The students from our class will not be satisfied, and will be unhappy.

But this can lead to another question: what is satisfaction?

Romeo and Juliet Creative Project


Romeo and Juliet Creative Project Reflection

“By that sin fell the angels. – William Shakespeare

The central theme for our project revolved around the idea of tragedy and star-crossed lovers, or more the absence of it. Romeo and Juliet may be interpreted as a timely love story to many, but from our perspective, it is a story about forbidding and forgiving, and a love that was single-sided and never meant to be. Having watched and read the play over several times, we have developed a new and better understanding of Shakespeare’s tragedy. Romeo and Juliet, both young and beautiful, met by fate and fell in love at first sight. However, as the story proceeds, it is prevalent that Juliet is the more mature and a faithful lover than Romeo. Romeo did love her, yet he was more in love with the idea of loving her. Whilst Juliet’s blinding love for Romeo led her to make impetuous decisions that would flip her world upside down, Romeo’s vulnerability to his emotions was the cause of the growth of his love for Juliet, and eventually the root of his spontaneity. Hence, this new realization was the main inspiration for the production of our video.

Juliet is the symbol of true love. Love evolves, and so does Juliet. Juliet begins off as a naïve and innocent character that depends on Romeo for support and comfort. However, she matures and faces a turning point as she experiences loneliness, betrayal, and heartbreak. By the loss of innocence, she realizes that love must not control her, but she must learn to control love on her own. Therefore, we focused on this mental growth of Juliet and illustrated it in the movie quite literally. In the video, Juliet enters a new dimension of pure beauty and peace, or more simply: heaven, after death. She begins her journey by meeting the superior guidance of an angel, who would eventually lead her to Romeo. In this first scene, it introduces curiosity and reliance. These are both premature depictions of Juliet when she first fell in love with Romeo. From then on, the story progresses, and Juliet can be seen passionately and also independently seeking for Romeo. Finally, she ends her quest when she climbs up a series of stairs leading her to heavens peak, to find her lover looking down upon her at the top of a majestic building. By this time the angel has disappeared and Juliet is completely alone. She is independent. Climbing to the top of the stairs symbolically portrays the attainment of nirvana and of love; love which was so difficult and love which was a sin during their lifetime. Therefore, this leads us to our interpretation of Shakespeare’s quote: “By that sin fell the angels.” The sin was their attachment to a possessive love, the human love, as we know it.  The angels are the unconditional lovers. This means, the divine love inside of them, fell into the attachment of a possessive love and the only way Romeo and Juliet could free themselves was through death.

We encountered many problems during the making of this video. Our burst of ideas led us to come up with a very long list of things to record and produce. We downloaded three different compositions of the love theme from Romeo and Juliet, called ‘A Time for Us’, and transposed the keys so that the separate versions could be played as one duet. We had to write the violin part separately, because only piano scores were available online. Then came the problem with filming. We did not know how to portray heaven in an accurate way, so we decided to go to Pattaya over the three day weekend to film it along the beach. We needed to film at dawn when no one was around; however, it rained in the morning and our trip to Pattaya only became another event which consumed our time to complete the project. Our introduction seemed too short and vague, but we didn’t want to necessarily explain completely what we were about to show, because it was up to the audience to interpret the story. In the end, we researched landmarks around Bangkok and Nonthaburi where we could find our requirements such as staircases, bridges and lots of greenery. We found two different locations and took the whole day filming different scenes and putting them together with the music; making sure that the video synchronized with the music in a way that the emotion could be portrayed to the audience without putting in words. For example, when the intensity of the song increased, and neared the climax, Juliet spots Romeo and runs up the stairs towards him. The music builds on, and so does Juliet, climbing higher up the stairs to reach her lover. We ended the video with the holy palmer’s touch, showing that at the end of the long and difficult journey, Juliet and Romeo finally come together, both spiritually and physically. They reunite in the same way as when they first met at the Capulet’s ball, feeling that same rush of overwhelming yet foreign excitement and joy.

Overall, we are extremely happy with our finished production and have learned numerous things. These include learning to improve on managing time and developing a well thought-out plan. Also, we learned that even the most classical and emblematic stories such as Romeo and Juliet can have many different interpretations, and they can be represented in many different ways, such as music, film, dance, drawing, etc. We learned that words are not the only form of communication, but that imagery and sound can evoke emotions within, thus making it a profound connection to oneself. Perhaps that connection is love.

Written and created by Jin Ahn and Sarah Poff

Jin’s Blog:

Short Story Writing Reflection

  • What did you learn about narrative writing that was different from expository writing?

The grammar was different. The narrator should be past form but the speaking should be present form.

  • What part of the content was easiest for you to develop in your story and why?

CHARACTER development was the easiest one. I’ve already had an idea for it so it was easy to start story.

  • What part of the content was hardest for you to develop in your story and why?

Vocabulary for the image was the hardest one. I could say in Japanese but I didn’t know which word was exactly fitting to it.

  • What did you do to improve your vocabulary?  Be specific.

I used Wiki and got help from my mom. It was hard to find which word fid to my story.

  • What did you do well writing your short story?  How?

I did well in CLIMAX. I’ve already had an idea for it and the teacher said I did very well about it. I was setting the climax near to the beginning so maybe the reader won’t be boring.

  • What would like to improve if you could revise your short story?  How?

I would like to improve the grammar and vocab. I believe I can use better words if I improve and I can use higher level grammar.

Reading and Writing Projects

In reading I am working on my T-shirt with the titles of some books I have read over the year. I am doing a genre study by writing the names of the books in different colors. For instance, the red titles would be realistic fiction, the blue would be fantasy and the black would be non-fiction.

In writing I am writing a story about a girl who discovers that her pet cat can talk. She goes to school with her cat, but her classmate makes fun of her for loosing the soccer game the day before. Then, everything changes. The girl’s parents sign her up for horse riding lessons, like the ones she used to take in their old farm. But, when the state championships come, the girl does something she would never imagine doing.

Are Memories Important; Why or Why Not?

Are memories important? On my opinion, they are. Why? Because, if it wasn’t for memories, you and your friends wouldn’t have anything to laugh or talk about. You wouldn’t have anything to talk about with your family. You wouldn’t haven any embarrassments or proof for anything. Memories are what make life interesting. Without them, life would be BORING! And everyone knows, that if have a boring life, you don’t have a life. Memories are what make life, living.

Blogging Reflection

A few things I have learned through blogging is: NEVER use your real/full name, or post clear photos of yourself on your blog, because this blog is open to the world, and some stalker could just go to a random website, which COULD be yours, and they could track you down, and it’d be really creepy. Another thing I’ve learned through blogging is that when you put links and photos ( not of yourself) on your post or blog, it makes the post more interesting.

My growth as a blogger is better, because when I was looking back on the posts that I did from earlier in the year, I noticed that some of them weren’t very interesting, others were kind of short and careless, but when I tried to make some of them better, I just put a useless link, like to buy the thing that I was talking about.

Some things I like about blogging: You can make fun posts on your blog (but it’s a school blog so not TOO off task and silly), and you can make serious school posts. Another thing: you can put anything on your blog that you want. Last thing that I like about blogging: blogs are normally pretty easy to use and are pretty easy to figure out (normally).

Some things I don’t like about blogging: You can’t change font or tab/indent things (for indenting, you can just do spaces which takes a long time, but I still do it). Another thing: when you change your theme, some widgets or things that you put on disappear, and I don’t know how to get them back.

I think that what my blog say about me is maybe that if I HAVE to, I write a blog post. NORMALLY I only write posts when I have to.


In class we are having  our last writing unit. In this unit we can write any thing we want that people can read. I am doing a magezene article. it is about cafeteria lunch food. I will talk about good food, bad food, and fruit, plus populer tables. I am working with a group and putting all of our articles in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Class VOICE Second Semester Recital

Well today, I sang “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing” by Diane Warren, performed by the famous band, Aerosmith, and sung by Steven Tyler. As you may know, Steven Tyler is one of the judges in American Idol 2011. This song is the top 50 love songs on Earth and it was once number 1 for several weeks in BillBoard Hot 100 picks. These are the reason why I choose to sing this song. And also I have herd of it but I have never got a chance to sing it so 😀

Preparing, and practicing since like March, in Class Voice gaves me an opportunity to be the best at singing at this song. Every time I have Class Voice, was a paradise. Because I have to express the voice I have. :D. And singing is also one of my top hobbies :D, Well today at the Performance or Recital, I was a bit nervous since parents are invited to watch our Class perform. I was the last to perform so my nervous factor was not as high. To be honest I cracked my voice 2 times, and I want to hit my self in the head but then I smiled and pretended that nothing was wrong. In the end my friends were really supported and they told me that I did really great 😀  :)

OH AND BTW 😀 I got an 95/100 😀 on this Recital. Which is an A 😀 So proud of my self 😀 hehehe

Letters From Burma (by Aung San Su Kyi)

As the 1991 Nobel Prize winner  and Sakharov Prize for Freedom of Thought, Aung San Su Kyi was released in November, 13, 2010 after being in house arrest since 1989, made me want to know who she really is. Of course from where I came from other people are talking about her and how great she is in Burma. Well being a new generation makes history far away from me so, I wanted to know how Burma is really like in the time she wrote this book ” Letter From Burma”. She wrote this book before she was released from house arrest. This book talk about human rights and how Burma should receive a democracy. After reading this book I discover the geography and the historical sites of Burma from the past. For the governing system, I don’t quite understand since politics is not an interesting topic for me. Comparing Burma political system form the past and today, based from my opinion I think it’s become much better than what was mention in the book. Overall I recommend this book to Burmese people who live overseas since this book is not in sale in Burma, and are like me, interesting to find out what Burma is like in the past. 😀

My First Realistic Fiction

This is how it happened… One day I was a train going to New York. I was in D.C. When we got on the bus people got out. We were in the bus alone. I felt a little bit scared. My dad said we will be okay. But for sure there was the driver. Then two big men came in. I asked my dad who are they? My dad said they are just mens see there not monsters.  The other people who was going to get in didn’t come in. The two big men had big biceps I was getting scared now. The mens went to the front then the driver stop the train and screamed for help. Then I heard the window crashed. Me and my dad went to the driver. The driver was dad but I saw him. I said I was going to have night mares for years. Then we looked up at the window. The window was broken in pieces. My dad and I looked at each other and we know what we were thinking. We ran like the wind. When we got to the police station we told them what happened. Then they did the sign wanted reward 1000$. My dad and I searched for him for days. But we didn’t find a single clue. We were so tired we nearly gave up but then we just saw a CLUE!!! It was trails of blood. We followed the trail of the blood. I asked my dad when are we going to get there. My dad said not too far away now because we searched for one week. We were going to sleep but we saw a figure moving very fast. I was very scared. Before I knew it I was a sleep. When I woke up  in the morning My dad was gone. I was so worried.I searched my dad but I had no luck. I was so lonely. Then I found my dad’s body covered under the blanket. I was so happy that I found my dad. Then I looked under the blanket. I was sad now. Under there is not my dad it is pillows shape of my dad.  I went walking down the street of 7th street. There was a boy named Jason his family is very rich. Then he saw me. He asked  where are you going. I explain all the things about me and my dad. Then Jason said you could live here and we could be friends. Then I went in suddenly I found my dad and we thanked every body and went home.

This is my Chinese one.


Vampire Diaries-The Awakening( by L. J. Smith)

Well getting attached to the whole vampire romance, my friends recommend me to explore this theme by telling me to read the vampire diaries sereis. The first book “The Awakening” is the introduction of the the first series in the novel. Overall the story is about an high school girl, Elena Gilbert, who is torn in between two vampire brothers. Then having a strong connection with the new dude at school, Stefan Salvatore, they fell in love. Unfortunatly Elena have to find out that Stefan is a vampire and she have to live with a big burden in her life. Then Damon Salvatore, who is Stefan older brother came into their lives. The two brother are like water and fire. Always getting in to fight and then later they fought to death then other new characters like Katharine appears to stirred up the love between Elena and Stefan. The book ended with the Elena believing that Stefan disappearance is all because of Damon’s fault. I recommend this book very much because it makes you want to find out what’s going to happen. And i will soon read the other sequal of the book and also i can’t wait to see this book in motion on T.V. 😀

Artemis Fowl-Book 1 (by Eoin Colfer)

Well this book came into my life because a friend recommended me when I was in 7th grade. It was a really popular book at my old school. It’s defiantly a fantasy book with fairies, trolls, and mythical creatures. There is a young rich lad, named Artemis Fowl, is a boy who is searching for his long lost dad. He have to go through all kind of obstacles, and all kind of trouble with the society because the crimes he did are very severe and must be a secret to our human world because we don’t believe in fairies and troll because they are invisible to us. You many never know who they really are because they are all in disguise. This is just the first book so it’s like an introduction to the settings and the motives of young Artemis. It is a mind grabbing book that made you stay up late at night. I really recommend this book to all people who are looking for a fantasy adventure book.

The Series of Unfortunate Events 6- (by Lemony Snicket)


As the time goes on, since 3rd grade, I’ve been introduced to the Series of Unfortunate events. Remembering how I was so excited to be read at the first time in a English book. My teacher read the first book of the Series Of Unfortunate to our 3rd grade room and continues them through out 4th grade. We even get the time to watch the movies. Sadly that teacher left and it’s up to our class to read for ourselves. This sequel of books form Lemony Snicket is in my all time favorite series books. There are a total of 12 books but now I would like to do a review and a recommendation on the 6th book that I’ve just read. I know, i know, you might me thinking why would a 9th grader read such simple and short books like it. The reason is there for you arleady and these adventure books are the the right book for me to read. “It’s not that you don’t like reading, you haven’t just find the right book for you to read” Mr. Krocker quote. I also thought that it might be fun to finish the whole series cause I work in the natural order. I need to finish something that I started or I feel this great guilt inside me.

Overall the book is very easy and understanding to read, with easy vocabularies. I only would recommend this book to a younger aged group because Lemony Snicket knows how to twist the plots like how he did in this book.

My MAP test results.

Overall, I am happy with my scores for the Spring MAP (measures of academic progress) scores although it did not grow. The reason that I find no growth acceptable is that my expected growth was very low- close enough to my actual growth. However, I would have been even happier if my scores showed some growth.

I do not believe that this is an unreasonable result because, as I said before, my scores was the same as it was is September.

Slice of Life #13

              ” I liked that movie!” I said.

          It was my tenth birthday, and I was in Jack London Square, coming out of the Jack London Movie theatre, from watching the movie The Karate Kid. I was in California, home, celebrating my tenth birthday with my best friends: Hayden, Isa, Katie, and Alexandra (Alex). Hayden is a medium heighted, medium light brown hair, freckled, and blued eyed girl, and she’s good friends with me, but BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFS with Daphne. Isa is a short, red haired girl, with brown eyes, and is a tomboy. Katie is a VERY tall girl, with brown eyes, medium dark brown hair, and she smiles a lot. Alexandra is my friend that I have known all my life, went to preschool with, met when I was born (mostly because her older sister and my older sister were best friends then), she’s  medium heighted, medium dirty blonde hair (sort of mostly brown), and she was the only one at he party who didn’t go to our school, Havens, she went to WildWood.

            We all had a blast. First we went to a movie. Then we drove to Cactus, our favorite resturant (Mexican food). Before going into cactus, we opened presents in our rental car.

       ” Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!” I said to everyone after I opened all of my presents. I remember my presents, but not who gave what present to us.  This was such a great birthday! My mom had given us a special birthday choice, a phone, or an itouch. Me and Daphne both chose an itouch. The rest of the day is on the post ” Sleepover on a School Night” by my sister, Daphne on Daphne’s blog.

S.O.L #12 1/2

Anybody reading my blog that lives in Nichada knows what I’m talking about- BIG TIME- in this Slice of Life. And I don’t think any of you liked it, either. Anyone reading this S.O.L that lives in Nichada knows about that big storm Friday night ( May 13th) where the ALL the electricity was out, and it was REALLY hot, so this is my experience on that crummy night:

        ” It’s pouring outside, Mom! – Did you SEE that huge clap of lightning?!” I looked out the window in my mom and dad’s bedroom at around 9:30 at night.

        ” The storm’ll calm down, honey.” she answered me.  But she was SSSSSSSSOOOOOOOO wrong. Actually, it didn’t calm down for another 2-3 hours.

                              Then all the electricity went out. All the Air Conditioning that made the VERY warm night cooler, all the lights- everything. After about two minutes of laying in bed, I started getting really hot and sweaty. I took off my main covers leaving just my sheets (I’m the kind of person who need something on them when they sleep-no matter HOW hot it gets), which still left me sweaty. After about fourty-five minnutes of sweating, laying straight on my back staring at the ceiling, hearing loud claps of thunder and lightning and the rain, and more sweating, I finally got to bed. But a HUGE, LOUD clap of thunder woke me an hour later. I groaned. I started sweating hard, and it didn’t help that my big fluffy cat was right next to me. I got even hotter, so I picked up my cat and put her at the end of my bed. I sighed. Then I groaned again, getting even warmer. Then I finally couldn’t stand the heat, so I got out of bed and went to my mom.

                  ” It’ll come back on in a little, don’t worry. Yeah, I’m hot too” she told me. And literally the next minute later the light in her closet went on (I guess she didn’t know that the switch was turned on, and couldn’t see the light becuase there was no electricity) and I looked over to the air-conditioner controller box thingy, and saw a red light that signaled that it was on.

                    ” FINALLY!!!!!!” I groaned/screamed.

The Giver: Speaking of Dreams

In The Giver, by Lois Lowry, each morning every person has to share their dreams the night before with their family unit.

Last night, I had a bizzare dream that I was walking around Samakee Gardens (the place that I used to live) with my friend, Briana. There was a helicopter circling above the apartment buildings, and Briana wanted to go see it. We got into the elevator. The elevators at Samakee Gardens only go up to level 5, but the helicopter was landing at level 10 (which happened to be on the roof.) Only special workers were allowed on the roof; no kids allowed. However, magically, a number 10 button appeared in the elevator, and Briana pressed it. At once, the elevator accelerated upwards extremely fast. Briana and I were slammed against the floor. We got out (dizzily) at the 10th floor, but the helicopter had already gone. Now we had to get down. Briana pressed the “down” button, and we were slammed onto the ceiling; the elevator was speeding down so fast that gravity didn’t work for several seconds. After we had (thankfully) recovered, Briana exclaimed,

“Let’s do that again!”

And so, (naturally) half of my dream was the elevator bouncing back and forth at the speed of light between the 10th floor and the 1st floor. Finally, she got dizzy. I recall her telling me that I had broken my neck (which was no big surprise.) My neck suddenly healed and we got out of the elevator. Outside, at the bike park, there were a bunch of my past bullies hanging around on their Harley Davidson motorcycles. (They were in teenage form. What they will look like 6 years from now.)  I don’t know what in the world I was thinking, but Briana and I decided to pick a fight with them, and so a lot of the dream was full of punches and flying motorcycles. The great part is that Briana and I won the fight. All the while the fight was going on, there was a Lady Gaga fashion show going on. The sidewalk right next to the bike park was their catwalk! They were wearing the weirdest fashions.

Dreams have a reason; the qualities expressed in your dream relate to your life and feelings/thoughts about it. I think that my dream means several things.

1) The elevator mentioned in my dream. I consider myself pretty claustrophobic, and so I’m scared to death of being in any elevator at all. I hate the feeling of being locked in a small space. I was worrying about elevators last night before I went to sleep. Another thing that I’m freaked out about are the airplanes on bathrooms (hello, you can hardly turn around without sticking your hand in the toilet), so it’s no big surprise elevators were in my dreams last night.

2) Briana. She behaved exactly like she would have in real life. I have absolutely no idea why she was in my dream. Maybe because I was thinking about French Horns? I doubt it. Maybe it’s just one of those misunderstood things.

3) The presence of bullies in teenager form. I have been worrying about bullying for the past few nights a lot. I have also been studying ways to avoid them or stop them from bullying me. Perhaps that’s why I considered a fight would do good? I have no idea. I think that maybe I thought that in my dream I had a greater chance of “defeating” them then in real life.

4) The strange Lady Gaga fashion show. No, I haven’t been overdosing on my vitamins; but where did Lady Gaga come up? Probably because in art we’re doing a diorama of Charlie Le Mindu. Ever wonder where Gaga gets her ridiculous clothes? Charlie Le Mindu designs them all for her! I was working on the fake clothing we were going to put in the diorama. I’ve been researching him and thinking about Lady Gaga clothing possibilities; maybe I was thinking about him too much?

Dreams are important for several different reasons, in my opinion. They enable us to experience impossible things, such as being a bird and flying through the skies, or getting chased by monsters. They allow us to imagine different realities; and in the end; it’s really our brain generating the dreams. Imagine-all of those things come from your head!

In The Giver, I think that people share their dreams with their family unit because if they have confusing or worrying dreams, their family can help them. Also, Jonas’s “stirrings” started occurring via his dream. Therefore, telling each other dreams allows his parents to know whenever he has to take pills for his stirrings.

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A Perfect Society?

In the book “The Giver”, there is a community where there is very few choices. You have your job, dwelling, and spouse chosen for you. There is a few reason why anyone would want to make such a society.

A dictator may want such a society because such a society will get more work done than the type of societies we live in. After all, for a dictator, more work done means more wealth for him/herself.

A group of people may decide to build such a community to let their children escape the sorrows of life, such as anger, sadness, jealousy, or fear. It will very efficiently make negative emotions disappear.


Click here to see Me and Stella’s Slide show, of our MP4U project.

10th Birthday!

All the people arrived. I was very exited. We all sat in the car, and my Dad drove us to Esplanade where we did Ice-Skating. It was very fun. I couldn’t wait fr the rest! All of us couldn’t go at the same time, so we took turns.
After a while we got tired. We sat on the chairs and I told my Dad to bring some Coke and Chips. We finished about four packs! We were so full.
Later on, one hour had passed and we had to go watch the movie. My Dad drove us to Central, and took our tickets and we went in the room and sat down. We watched a comedy movie. It was very funny. We chose to watch it in 3-D. It was a great movie.
After that we went back to my house, and  we ate the cold and beautiful chocolate cake and sang Happy Birthday. It was time for some people to go so they went, but the others stayed or the sleep-over. We had Mama Noodles for dinner. It was yummy.
The next day they all went home, and I gave them their return gifts. It was a fun day for Me!

Now I will be celebrating my 11th Birthday, with my new friends.

Slice of Life 13

Slice of Life 13!!!!! (Dun dun dun DUN!) I’m not sure how this slice of life will be unlucky, but keep on the look out, you never know…

I was at Jonah’s birthday party. Everybody was at Nichada pool. We were waiting to go on this big slide on the edge of the pool. After awhile, some guy slipped off the ladder leading to the slide and fell on another guy. After that, it was total chaos. Everybody was shoving each other and everybody were doing pins and jumping off the ladder and charging straight at each other. Someone even started pulling someone’s arms while sitting on them! Soon, the adults noticed what we were doing, so we had to stop.


As I licked the remaining bits of cereal off my cereal bowl, our neighbor started screaming.


I dashed to the back window to see what the commotion was. The neighbor’s lawn was empty and motionless, except for two people. A red faced teenaged girl and a boy, about my age, on the grass and laughing like crazy. The girl was soaking wet with Coke. A moment later their mom rushed to the scene.

“ZAC!”  My mom’s voice pulled me back to reality. “CLEAN UP YOUR PLATE!”

After a moment of silence, she added, “It’s rude to stare at people!”

When I entered the kitchen, a Nerf bullet landed on the bruise on my head.


As I turned around, there stood Martha, my devil sister, aiming a water balloon at my head. Then, she threw it. You see, I’m fast, but not a great dodger. I closed my eyes and waited for the pain and the cold water to come oozing down my face. I waited. And waited. And waited. But the water never came. The water balloon rebounded off my face, knocked me over, and landed at Martha’s feet.


The balloon blew up with a loud splash. Martha dashed up the stairs. Puzzled, I peeked up the stairs. The next moment, she was back holding a bag full of water balloons. Did I mention that I was fast? I zoomed out of the house. As I left the driveway, I “bumped” or should I say CRASHED into my neighbors.


“It’s ok.” They replied. “Oh, by the way, is your mother home?”

“Yes.” I answered rapidly. I had a feeling that Martha was advancing towards me, ears full of steam. “Please ring the doorbell.” As I whizzed past them, I noticed the girl that was soaked with coke. She was still soaked.

“But where is the boy?” I wondered.

But before I had time to think, someone called my name.



As I dashed to the corner bend, a boy came running beside me. It was the boy who did the Coke trick.

“Why are you running?” he asked. “You look scared.”

“I’m running from my sister. She’s mad.” I replied in a hurried voice. “By the way, I’m Zac.”

“I’m Ethan.”

It’s been a month after school started. Straight after Homeroom, Ethan called, “Wait up!”


“I’m doomed because of my sister (Lizzy). She wants revenge. She will do that by pranking us all!”

For a moment, I thought of the situation. One solution came into my mind. It sounded dangerous, in a way.

“Then we need to prank back.” I whispered in a worried voice.

“I already thought of that.” He replied rapidly in a show-off voice.

As if.  As we were taking, the girls attacked.

“MY CALCULATOR’S GONE!” Wailed Henry, the geeky nerd.

Sorry. System Failure Because Of The Loud Volume. Please Wait For A Moment.

Man. I wish I’d brought ear plugs. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a girl in my class, running away from the scene. And she seemed to be holding a calculator.

Right before math started, Henry found his calculator, but it was not in one piece. It had a Barbie wig glued on to the top and other horrible things on it.

NOOO! MY CALCULATOR!!” Henry wailed. Yes. He really needs his calculator.

Slop! The lunch lady plopped some gooey piece of meat on my lunch tray. Eww.

I scanned the room to find Ethan and Robin, one of Ethan’s friends, but they seemed to already found me. He was waving his hands like a mad-man. He mouthed “Over Here!”

“So.” Ethan interrupted suddenly. “I got an idea to get revenge. They pranked Henry. We will pay back. We shall win!”

“But…” I protested.

“We shall WIN!” He boomed back.

“Is there a problem?” Asked a near by teacher. I felt thousands of eyes on us.

“Nothing.” He answered shyly.

The idea sounded brilliant. 90% brilliant. Where’s the remaining 10%? Well, it’s trouble. If a teacher catches Gordon, a fifth grader, we will get into trouble. Trouble. I hate trouble.

Any way, the plan is to simply glue Rebbeca’s, a fifth grader, bag to her hook, as they call it.

Gordon, who is in her class, will do it right after school. What all the rest of us have to do is to wait for the outcome.66

The very next day at track and field, I caught a glimpse of Rebbeca, holding a plastic bag. She looked like a hobo, and it sure looked funny, but deep inside, I had a sense of guilt.

April had whizzed by and May came charging over. And its partner was revenge.

That day, at school, Ethan was absent. And the next. And the next. Finally, he was at school.

Every time I asked him, “Where were you?”

He’d reply, “My books.” Something was wrong with him. Over the next few weeks he started to recover. But he still didn’t explain what went wrong. Now he did.

“My books are somehow glued together and my diary is missing! No! No! No! And there was a note. A note that said that Lizzy read the whole thing! It even has my password for Facebook! Nooo!”

“2 things.” I proclaimed. “One; You NEED to remember ALL passwords. Two; you are not allowed to have Facebook at your age.”

“Number one, FINE. Number two, WHO CARES.” At least he’s back to normal.

For some reason, girls are very fast thinkers. While we were thinking about our next move, they, for some reason, did their move.

Who I think they targeted was Robin. Robin did not come to school the whole week. On the phone, I asked him where he was. He said he would NOT come to school until he got all of his clothes have been washed.

“Why?” I asked.

“Awww! It’s Abby!” He exclaimed. Abby is his little 6 year old sister with an anger management problem. “She wet my pants with chocolate!! ON PURPOUSE!” Nasty. “This is how she did it. She got a chocolate bar, left it to melt over night in a cup, and then she poured it onto my pants! I saw her do it! She then ran away to the park to meet her friend. She left the cup on my hands! Now both of my parents think I did it! Now I’m grounded!”

These girls are surely thinking like Einstein! Well, that’s the bad part.

Ever since the first prank made by Ethan, both girls and boys have pranked each other with numerous pranks, including the classic “Bucket-Of-Water-On-Top-Of-A-Door” prank. Someone even launched an egg from a sling-shot! Now, it was summer. When you think of how many pranks were done in the past month, it’s a lot for a month. Somehow, the top priority for both boys and the girls was to stay out of trouble, and to make the others get into trouble. Especially the girls. They got Robin into trouble, Ethan into trouble, and even myself into trouble. They told me to hold a half empty ice cream cone and to wait in the kitchen. I didn’t realize that they messed up the room with the ice cream. Then my mom thought I messed up the room. I was grounded, banned from drinking Coke; she thought that was the cause. No time for revenge. The girls just keep on coming. Then they stopped. Not pranking, but they, at that time, had no ideas. Then we started plotting our revenge. I plotted the revenge.

“DAD!” Martha yelled. “Could Jessica, Rebbeca, Maddy, and Addy sleep over on Wednesday?”

“Sure.” He answered, watching T.V. in the living room.

“Yessssss!” She exclaimed.

“Shoot.”I thought glumly. “At least it isn’t today. Today’s Sunday.”

After a moment’s time of thinking, a concern barged into my mind.

“The perfect time to get Martha into trouble is when she is having her sleep-over.” Now to the drawing board.

Then Dad added, “You have to do your chores with your friends, though.”

“FINE.” She snapped.

Now to think about what the chore might be that will get her and her friends into trouble.

“Do NOT dust my Lego Grand Emporium. It’s off limits!” He boomed.

“Sure.” She answered.

A light bulb went “Ding Ding!” in my mind. Sweet! Now I need some equipment. That evening, I made a list of what I need;

Clear string.

Transparent tape.

Robin. (The kid NAMED Robin. I’m really bad at taping stuff. He’s really good at that.)

Perfect. I grabbed my cell phone and dialed 134-635-8363, Robin’s number.


“It’s me, Zac. I need your help.”


Then I told him the plan. Then added,

“Pass the word.”

Robin, Check. Now for the clear stuff.

It was show time. Robin was there, the string was taped on the Grand Emporium, all we had to do was to wait and then pull the string. The Lego structure will come tumbling down off the old table like a boulder falling down a cliff. When the girls come close. Then run off to Ethan’s house to witness the commotion from his pitch-black painted room. The first time I saw the room from the out side, I thought there was a hole in his house.

And then it happened. The girls came to wipe the table, where the Grand Emporium stood. I jerked the string. The world seemed to move in slow-motion. The girls just stood there staring at the falling Lego structure. Then the whole structure exploded like fire-works on the Fourth of July. The sandy bricks went flying in all directions. I tugged at the string and winded up the string, which was attached to a couple of Lego pieces. Robin ripped the string off the bricks, and then tossed the bricks back into the remaining bits of the structure carefully, to not be noticed.

As we dashed out of the scene, Dad came marching over like the soldiers that discovered Singapore. As much as I wanted to see the commotion up close, I didn’t want to get caught.


After the big scene, the neighborhood seemed to be a glummer place than before. The war ended. The pranks ended. Nothing seemed to be colorful. Then someone moved in the Havens Lane Town Houses. A kid named Geoff Heflet.

He came from Hawai’i and is a good surfer. How do I know that? Two months after the big prank, I saw the movie Spider-man 3. Peter (A.K.A. Spider-man) said a quote that changed pretty much everything about my thoughts. “Everyone has a choice. A choice to do the right thing.” That might not be the exact quote, but it’s close. I thought of that.

Then I realized that at the beginning, I didn’t think that if I didn’t hang around with Ethan that much, then I might have not been banned from Coke and the computer, but then, I was just thinking of the glad feeling that I had a friend.

Then I wouldn’t have to have only one group of friends.

Suddenly it hit me; I need a new friend. The new kid might be good.

And I did make friends with him. When I went for a swim at the pool, he was also there.



“My name is Zac.”

“Geoff. Nice to meet you.”

“Wana race?” I asked.

“Sure.” After a few moments of silence, “GO!”

He took off to the other side of the pool. I followed him. We raced and raced. My mind was cleared of all the guilt I felt when I was with Ethan.

“This is the right choice.” I thought.

Agricultural Land Use

Siana’s Agricultural Land Use Presentation

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Agricultural land use is land used for agriculture. Agriculture is farming. We might not be farming as sustainably as we can, though, and all over the world rainforest is getting chopped down and being replaced by food. Maybe this is good for the starving people all over the world, but its terrible for the environment. We release even more Co2 emissions while shipping veggies all over the world. We’re running out of land for farming, and the environment is getting worse because of our farming. How can we farm sustainably?
Some ways of sustainable farming are vertical farming, rooftop farming, and hydroponics systems. These methods are farming are good for the environment because they supply healthy, organic food right next to your home. Vertical farming is farming UP instead of ACROSS the ground. One vertical farming building taking up 1 block in an urban area saves acres of land! So the acres of land are stored up instead of across.
Rooftop farming/personal gardening is a great method because it hardly costs anything. You grow plants right next to your house! The great thing about rooftop farming is that it’s cheap.
A hydroponics system is a system of circulating water running again and again through PVC pipes. You put plants in cups with holes in them and let them grow.
Vertical farming buildings, hydroponics systems and rooftop gardens are all wonderful ways to save the earth.

End of year writing reflection.

Market Research Day

Hello people all around the world.

Today we had market research day at ISB. We are selling products and this is the most funnest activity in ECONOMICS!

So on this post I am answering some questions from my teacher’s blog.

Here are the questions:

  1. What went well for you this morning?
  2. What didn’t go well for you this morning?
  3. What surprised you about the first marketplace?
  4. What did you see when you visited other classrooms?
  5. What kind of feedback did you get from other students about your store?
  6. What changes do you plan to make for next week’s marketplace?
  7. Did you make a profit today?

So I will answer questions 1, 2, 3, and 6.

Here are my answers.

Question 1

  • I sold each type of product for a good price.

Question 2

  • Well, first of all only 2 people bought from my store.

Question 3

  • Actually, something surprised me very much! If you have something available for girls and boys they will buy it!
  • If you have some good that is food, then people will buy it.

Question 6

  • I will be making fairy bread AND tabs.

Now I will answer the rest of the questions.

Question 4

  • I saw people sold out because they made baked goods.

Question 5

  • I got feedback saying the price is well, they would buy this product.

Question 7

  • Yes, I did.

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My Documentary on Individualism VS. Collectivism


The purpose of this assignment was to pick a theme/motif seen in To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee and explore it in a creative short movie/documentary in 10 minutes.


By investing my time in this creative documentary assignment, not only did I enhance my knowledge of the subject, but also started to ask further questions about the individuals role in society, where the idea of ‘separation’ began and superiority vs. inferiority. If I were to make adjustments to my final project, I might have tried to use a more creative passage that may appeal to a broader audience, even though I feel I already did this quite well. In one sense I am disappointed in my self as I spent a great deal of my free time filming around the Chao Prayer River, Silom Road, and numerous temples and monasteries in and around Bangkok. My reason for not using these videos in my final completed documentary was that, as I got further into my theme, I began to question if what I wanted to show could possibly be represented with deeper understandings. Many related themes came to mind as I progressed with my video, so I decided to go change from my initial topic. My significant accomplishments were the deep realizations I came to and communicated through my documentary. Considering how much time I spent on this assignment, the majority of my working time would have been spent trying to understand the true question of my question.

Slice of Life 12

The 12 of Slice Life. If my calculations are correct, then I’ll have 16 Slice of Lifes by the time it’s summer!

I was at my church. It was Sunday (The original Mother’s Day) and we just finshed our CCD (Child Church Something, wich teaches us about Christanity and the church) class, which we had a big party in because it was the last day of CCD. There was a party at the church as well, and there was food and cake and everything. We got to play a game after we ate all our food. What we had to do was tie a balloon to our left ankle. The priest said that we had to go insdie a circle in the middle of the church and try and stomp other people’s balloons while protecting our own. It sounded like fun. “REady…” The priest said. “Set… GO!!!!!” It was loud. The room was filled with the sounds of balloons popping, people yelping from being stepped on the foot and cries of rage and fear. Soon, Only 3 people were left standing: My friend Josh, a girl, and me. We were each given a special prize.

Literary Essays

In writing, we have started to write literary essays. One of the strategies we have to push our thinking is to have a question in mind, and then think about how to think of that idea in a different way. We have 5 different questions we can ask ourselves while reading our mentor texts. One of my favorite questions is to ask myself what is the authors message, and what did the character learn from this experience. For example,

The Lemonade Club By Patricia Pollaco

I think the characters – Miss. Wichelman and Marilyn- learned that they should never give up hope. I think this because Miss. Wichelman and Marilyn overcame cancer. I think part of the reason they overcame cancer is because they never gave up hope. This is giving me the idea that they always thought positive, never thought “I might die tomorrow”. On the other hand, when Marilyn was in the beginning of her cancer, she was always mad. For example, “it was one of Marilyn’s not so good days”. But, Miss. Wichelman always helped Marilyn through the times when she was mad and upset.

My Story

       The King’s Wish

                                                  By: Sloane

            Once upon a time there was a king named Michael. He thought that he had everything he needed, he loved his life. He had a beautiful wife, a grand castle, and lots and lots of money. But he realized that he was actually not satisfied. He wanted a child. A son; to raise, and who will someday rule the land. He told his wife.


          A year later, they had a baby girl. Although King Michael had wanted a son, this daughter of his he loved so much. Everyone  complimented her everyday:

          “ Oh, look at that beautiful pale skin, look at those pretty blue eyes!”

The King loved her more than anything in the world. But he did not want to her to grow up. She may change, she may not love him anymore if she grew older, and, when the time came, she would move away. But King Michael loved her too much, and wouldn’t want her to go away. But years later, he had an idea.


          “ Darling, I am going to see the wizard today,” he said to his wife the next day.

          “ Why, dear?” She asked him. People went to the Wizard for reasons of being unhappy, or because they were not satisfied with what is in their life.

          “ Because I want Cornelius to put a spell on Rosalina,” the King said. Cornelius was the name of the Great Wizard. Cornelius was the only wizard in the area, and the best wizard in the land.

          “ What sort of spell? What will it do to our precious daughter?” Queen Victoria said.

          “Nothing such to harm her, but to make her young for the rest of her life, from six years old, so she will stay a six years of age forever, because I never want to see her go. So on her sixth birthday, the spell will trigger. I will go to Cornelius, and he will give me a potion type of thing. Well just regular gozzaberry juice, but there will be a spell on it, and I will save the special vial of gozzaberry juice for her sixth birthday. And everyone knows that gozzaberries will stay fresh exactly 5 years, so the juice will still be fresh for her sixth birthday in two years. I will put the gozzaberry juice in her goblet and she will drink it, making her young forever. Simple!” Michael said.

          “ But to see the wizard costs us 50 groklanes, and that’s a lot of money!” Victoria said.

          “ Oh, big deal! We’re royal, we can afford that. But you are right that is a lot of money. But it’s for my precious Rosalina! I will go tomorrow!” The King replied.


          The next day, King Michael collected 75 groklanes, the extra 15, just in case. As he rang a bell to order a servant to saddle up a carriage, he noticed his beautiful daughter napping on the couch. And he thought, is this what Rosalina would want? He stopped to think for a minute. But he got interrupted.

          “ Sir, your carriage is here!” the butler said. As the King hopped into the carriage, he completely forgot to consider how his daughter would feel.


          “ Good day, Cornelius!” Michael said as he arrived at the first step going up to the tall, thin, crooked house. Michael had always wondered how it was standing. He tried to be sure that he was keeping his eye out, because it looked like it could collapse any minute.

          “ How do you do, Your Highness?” Cornelius bowed to the King.

          “ Oh, you cut the royal stuff here, just get to work!” the king said to the Wizard. He didn’t care if Cornelius treated him like royalty, because all he cared about at the moment was to get Cornelius to give him the potion.

          “ Why are you here, what do you need?” the wizard asked Michael. 

          “ I would like you to make a potion for my daughter, Rosalina” King Michael said.

          “What kind?” the wizard asked the king.

          “ To make her young forever from the day of her sixth birthday”

          “ Young forever? That’s a very serious wish, your highness! Are you su-”

          “ I told you not to call me highness- anyway, yes, I am sure” The wizard did not know what to do. He thought that it would be unfair to innocent Rosalina if he cast that spell- curse on her.

          “ Oh, but think of poor Rosalina! You’ll never see her grow up; never see her become a beautiful young lady; never see her ride away on her wedding day in a beautiful carriage- this is no potion or spell, this wish of yours is a curse!” the wizard looked terrified. He was not going to put such a curse on the young princess, but did not want to disobey the King’s orders. He was very confused. As he was pacing back and forth, he got an idea. It may be very bad for himself anybody found out, but it would be ok to Rosalina. He would make a potion for the king instead. He would put a spell that would make the king see his daughter as a six year old from Rosalina’s sixth birthday, not make her six years old from the day of her sixth birthday. It was perfect!  He would switch goblets at the royal celebration. Even though if the king found out he could be in huge trouble.

          “Ok, but this is a bad idea” he lied. The bad idea part was true, and even though he was lying, he felt that this was the right thing to do, because it was for Rosalina.

          “The potion will be ready in two days! I need to gather everything, and then tomorrow you come back here to give me the drink that I will put the curse  in the goblet!” Cornelius said.

          “ Thank you!” the king handed him 50 groklanes.


          The next day, Michael returned to the wizard and gave him the cup of gozzaberry juice.

          “ May I go to Rosalina’s sixth birthday celebration?” the wizard asked, so that he could switch the goblets.

          “Well of course! And it’s two years away, anyway!” the king replied.

The next morning, a package arrived in a fancy box.

          “ Package for ruler of the kingdom, King Michael! ”, the guard said. He bowed to the King as he came down the grand palace steps. He held up the dainty box. The king took the box. He opened it. Inside it was a small vial of a purple liquid. You couldn’t tell that there was a spell on it. He was very pleased.

          “ Dear, why are you smiling so much, it’s kind of scaring me!” Victoria asked.

          “ The potion came today, the one from Cornelius!” the king said, admiring the tube of  “ juice”. Queen Victoria frowned. The queen felt the same way that the wizard felt. She did not want to put such a curse on Rosalina. So the next day she went to consult with the wizard.


Why did you make the spell for Rosalina! It’s mad, it’s crazy, despicable! How? Why?  I would not obey that, even if it meant being thrown in the dungeon! Please, is there any wa-

“ Please calm down, your highness, I didn’t do it!” the Wizard screeched.

          “ Pardon? What do you mean you didn’t do it? You disobeyed my husband’s orders. Oh, thank you,  Cornelius! So what did you end up giving him?” the Queen asked. The wizard explained everything about how the potion was for the king, not Rosalina. And the idea of switching the goblets.

          “ You really are the wisest in the land! That is a brilliant idea!”

          “ Why thank you! I know that it’s a brilliant idea!” Cornelius replied. He was very glad. The queen sighed, she really didn’t like lying to her husband, but that was the only way to help her daughter.

          “ Happy  Sixth Birthday, my love!” Michael said to Princess Rosalina.


          “ Thank you Daddy! I can’t believe all these people are coming to my celebration. I don’t know any of them except for my friends. Is Margaret coming, Daddy? Daddy, why are you acting so weird?” Rosalina said. The reason King Michael was acting so weird was because he was nervous about the potion “ for Rosalina”. It was two years later, the day of Rosalina’s sixth birthday.

          “ Are you sure you switched the goblets? Rosalina’s and Michael’s? Because if Rosalina drinks it, nothing will happen. And I worked very hard on that potion, so it would just be a huge waste. So are you sure you switched it?” the wizard asked Victoria.

          “ Positive. And I’ll make sure Michael drinks it. I died the drink so it looks like the beverage that he was going to drink.” The Queen said.

They went through gold doors into a loud room of people from the Kingdom. As they came in, everyone got quiet and sat down. As they sat down, everyone bowed to them.

“ Good day your highness!”

“ Your Rosalina sure is growing into a fine young lady”

“ I love your dress, Queen Victoria!”, was some of the comments they got before the doors at the top of a curving staircase opened. Princess Rosalina looked uncomfortable walking down the staircase. She pressed down a wrinkle in her dress.

“ Remember what Lady Penelope taught me” the Princess reminded herself as she walked down the steps. She smoothed sown a wrinkle in her gown, straightened her back, and stood tall as she walked sown the steps. Princess Rosalina doesn’t like to be royal. People bowing for her every time she walked outside, and saying “ How do you do, Your Highness?” she wished she didn’t have to worry about presenting the family as royal, sophisticated, and graceful. She wished that she could be like her friend, Margaret. Margaret was Rosalina’s best friend. Her dad wasn’t the King of the land. He was just a blacksmith. And every time Rosalina went to visit Margaret, she couldn’t walk through the front door without everyone in the house stopping what they were doing and bowing or curtsying. She had told them all that it was okay, and that they didn’t have to do that, but they still did it. Her parents really had no problem with being royal, they liked it, but Rosalina didn’t very much. As she came to the second to last step, everyone stood up and bowed or curtseyed. She rolled her eyes. Everyone sat down.

“How do you do, Your Highness?”

“ Happy sixth birthday, Princess Rosalina”

“ Be respectful, call her your highness” were some of the things she heard as she went to take her spot at her own table where her parents were.

“ Why are there so many people, I didn’t know everyone would be here” Rosalina whispered to parents. Her parents ignored what she said, and smiled at her,

“ Happy Birthday, darling Rosalina!” they said in unison. The wizard was invited by the king to sit at the royal table because as the king thought, which wasn’t the truth, that the wizard gave them the potion to make Rosalina young forever. The king picked up his goblet, Cornelius winced, hoping he wouldn’t notice the difference in his drink. The king looked at the beverage suspiciously, then he gulped it down. The wizard and queen let out a sigh of relief.


“ Father, why do you treat me like I’m a baby?” 14 year old Rosalina asked her dad.

“ Because you are a baby, darling!” Michael said. The  queen’s eyes widened.

“ Because he loves you very much!” the queen said.

“ Nice save.” The wizard whispered to Victoria. The queen nodded her head.

No, I mean you treat me like a six year old. Margaret’s parent love her, but they treat her like a normal fourteen year old.”

“ You’re not fourteen years old!” the King smiled at the princess. The queen and the wizard started to tip-toe away so they could have a discussion.

“ What should we do? I think that Rosa’s onto us! We should just tell them!”

“ We? I have to go! Sorry. Let’s discuss this tomorrow.” The wizard said.

“ Fine, but I’m going to tell them! I can’t keep this up any longer! I don’t want to lie to my family any longer!” Queen Victoria said. The wizard rolled his eyes, stopped for a second to think, then left.

“ I have something to tell you both! Something important.” The queen said. She explained everything about the switching of the goblets, and how the potion wasn’t for Rosa (Rosalina’s nickname). The King looked hurt.

“ Why did you lie to us?” the king asked.

“ I don’t mean to offend you. But I know that you always stick to your plan no matter what, that’s a good thing. But I thought that you wouldn’t listen to me if I told you that it wouldn’t be fair to Rosalina” the Queen explained.

“ So you made me look like a fool, me thinking she was a six year old when she’s really a fourteen year old. Thanks much, Victoria!” the King yelled.

“ I didn’t think of that, I’m sorry! But please stop yelling, you’re giving me a headache. And Rosalina, I’m also very sorry.”

“ Well you are right, father might not have been much understanding. But I still think you should’ve told us; me at least!” Rosa said.

“ I’m very sorry. We’ll all go to Cornelius tomorrow to discuss.” Victoria said.


“ So you did end up telling them. I’m sure it was the right thing to do.” Cornelius said.

“ But  I don’t know what to do. Even though I know that Rosa is a fourteen year old, she looks like a six year old to my eyes. And I don’t know if I can handle that.” Michael sighed. “ I have decided to get the spell off of me and to watch her grow up. I am finished living in this lie to Rosalina. I am sorry, Rosa, I just wasn’t thinking about how it would effect other people”

“ It’s okay” Rosa said.

“ I will have a potion to remove the spell by the end of the day, I’ll package it, and send it to you.”

“ Do I owe you any money? How many groklanes?” the King asked.

“ Oh you shouldn’t owe me anything. Because I’m the reason that this all happened” the Wizard smiled.


The king gulped down the potion. A bright blue steam formed around his eyes, then disappeared. He blinked twice. He widened his eyes.

“ You are fourteen years old, Rosalina. This will take a while to get used to, after seeing you as a six years old for eight and a half years!” the king grinned.


We started our new unit poetry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you think poetry is boring to write I would have agreed with u last year but this year we learned how to make fun poetry. I will share you 1 of my poems and you can try to do the same thing (this poem is about earth week)


By Lulu

If I were teal I would be a beautiful crystal waiting for someone to find me

If I were purple I would be grapes on a plate waiting to be eaten

If I were gray I would be bricks being stepped on and I could also be a whale swimming back and forth in the ocean

If I were blue I would be the sky reflecting on the bright blue ocean

If I were pink I would be a monkeys but attached to the monkeys body

If I were green I would be a grasshopper camouflaging in the grass I could also be a forest giving home to animals

If I were brown I would be mud with pigs playing in me

If I were all the colors I would be a rainbow being admired

If I were blue and green I would be the world but I do not want to be the earth because if I were I would lose bits of my body every second

Our Parents Anniversary!

Me and my sister flipped through the calender. We found the day it was today! “It’s Mom and Dad’s anniversary!” I screamed. My Dad was in the office working, and my Mom was in the kitchen, making food.
We both ran to our room and started making cards for our parents. As soon as we finished, we made sure no one was in our Mom’s room.
We carefully walked into the room with those cards, some string, and tape. We hung the cards on the wall with tape and put the string through them. It looked beautiful! I was wondering how they would feel.
Later on in the day. we told our parents to come in their room at exactly 6 o’clock. I couldn’t wait!
It was 6 o’clock and they loved the decoration! We also said ‘Happy Anniversary!’ It felt a bit weird at first, but then it was okay! That was a nice day, and we went on a dinner! We loved it! I hoped they loved it too!


In writing, we have been doing poetry. We have learned many different types of poetry like couplets, haikus, and free verse. Here are some poems that I typed.

Alliteration poems


  • Puppies are prancing proudly past the plant they pulled out of the ground.

They dashed down the dirty hill,

barking because of brown worms by the plant.

they race rapidly into the rainbow house to there mother.

Ice skating

  • Ice skating in an indoor ice skating rink is Incredible.

Skating smoothly across slippery ice is super fun.

Even if the ice is cold, you can still cascade around.

Falling down is NOT fun.

You’ll start sweating if you skate alot.

Skating with friends is super sensational!

I love ice skating.

Acrostic poems


Gleaming in the sunlight

Little tiny pieces

It’s incredibly sparkly

Temptingly shiny

Touches up special things

Everyone likes glitter

Rainbow in the sunlight


Fascinating and fun

Low on the ground

Outrageously gorgeous with outstanding colors

Water them every day!

Everyone enjoys to watch them grow

Radical colors

Super plants.


Eggs can be scrambled,

Good in the morning.

Great on toast,

Still, I think that’s kind of boring.

Pom Pom

Puffy and plushy,

Oval and circle,

Mushy and soft,

Perfect and colorful,

Outstandingly smushy,

My puffy, plushy, round shaped, mushy, soft, perfect, colorful, smushy pompom.


Creamy and smooth

Huge ans small packs

Outstanding snacks

Can have crazy fillings

Outrageously yummy

Lots of different brands

At all candy stores

Temptingly tempting

Excellent and delicious.


Blocks have many colors

Little and big, fat and skinny

Ovals, cubes and prisms

Carefully cut

Kids like to play with them

Stand up strait and lie down flat


Pollution passes through the lands,

Out breaking from our gripping hands.

Licking at the ruined shores,

Leaving from wooden boat floors.

Underground and in the air,

The pollution isn’t fair!

In our hearts,  we all know,

Our cars, boats, heads and toes,

No pollution is the way to go!


Recycle to save the earth

Earth wants to live!

Cool people recycle,

You’ll see!

Creativity counts!

Love the earth!

Everyone recycle!

Free Verse Poems

The Pond

round and clear,

A diamond in the moonlight,

Long cattail weeds,

ripples from water bugs,

And yet just a plain old pond.


Rainbows are red, orange, yellow, and green,

Blue, purple, and aquamarien!

they come after rain,

in the sunshine,

come and see!

they don’t stay for a long time!

The Pool

Splish splash at the pool,

where everyone is nice and cool.

on a hot summer day,

we could use a spray,

from a hole full of water.

Paper Ball

Once I made a paper ball,

While walking down the kitchen hall,

Once it turned green,

I couldn’t believe what I had seen!

I never made another.

A Paperball

Once there was a paper ball,

When he was on the ground,

Everything was very tall.

He tried to get back on the table,

So he asked his best friend Mable.

Mable said “do not worry,

I’ll get you back up in a hurry!”

But the 2 paper balls,

Just got kicked across the halls.


The earth is our home,

A great planet to live on,

Earth has everything

The Earth

Trees are growing tall,

We hear lots of birds call,

I see animals of all shapes and sizes,

All day,

All night,

And when the sun rises

While everything grows,

We all know the earth is our home.

People try to save it,

Its getting better,

Bit by bit

Please try to help us save it,

We want it how we know it

From all nations and lands,

We want recycling fans,

From forests to cities,

From cows to little kitties,

We will work together,

To keep our home forever.


Animals are all over the world.

Some with flat fur,

And some fur curled.

Some with scales,

Some with skin

A few can live in a bin!

They can be short,

They can be tall,

Some can be Invisible in all!

All over the world,

Animals thrive,

Be thankful for animals,

They can save our lives!

Cats and dogs


the cat meowed,

Not to quite,

Not to loud.

” Ruuuffff! Ruuuffff!”

The dog barked loudly,

As the cat,

with a fish,

Pranced by proudly.


” BOOM!”

Thunder crashes


Lightning dashes


rain pours

And here comes some more!


lightning strikes

on a big oak tree.

I sit at home,

and watch the storm,


here comes some more!


All Of The Countries in the world

All of the countries,

Different color people,

And many cultures.



One day a water bottle met a pom pom,

Walking with his water bottle mom.

They were recycling trash,

making sure there was no mash,

Those recycling water bottles and pom poms!



Everyday we wake up to bright sun shine,

Why, mornings on earth are very fine!

Every afternoon we breath fresh air,

Air pollution just isn’t fair!

Every evening we see stars in the sky,

They are everywhere up high!

If we take care of our home and don’t be mean,

Earth will stay just as it seems!


Soft, pink and mushy,

So erasers can be smushy!


Cheetahs are one of the fastest mammals on land. They can run up to 70 miles per hour.

Cheetahs use they’re speed to catch prey.

Even if a Cheetah catch’s it own prey it still could be taken away from it.

Its food could be taken away from by:

lions, leopards, wild dogs and hyenas.

This is the real animal flashcard!

image taken from google


Skunks eat plant and animals. It is called Omnivores. Skunks can eat poisonous snake like rattlesnake. Skunks can live for 1-3 years. It is a slow life for them. Skunks are new world. It means that it live in North America,South America and Central America. Skunks also live in Asia. Some skunk are white and have pink eyes. They are know as albinos.

Literary Essay for ‘ A Ride Home ‘

Janet’s feelings changed throughout the short story. At first she liked the new school, had friends that she liked, and liked this new school a lot. But hten after her ‘friends’ were making fun of the man who happened to be her father, she realized that they were just jerks.  But they may have just felt bad about themselves or their family, because one of the boys who was calling the man (Janet’s dad) fat, ugly, gross, big eared, big nosed, and an elephant, turned out at the end to also have a mother that was like Janet’s dad (the one that everone was making fun of). So the boy felt bad, and apologized to her. And they were friends. Another way she changed was because in the beginning, she was shy, and didn’t speak up about her feelings, but at the end,  she told the boy that it was her dad, and stood up. I’m not really sure about a life lesson or author’s message, but mayber that you should stand up to waht’s right, and not to hold back your feelings in a situation like that.

Writing #3

HI everyone! This week we lerun about writing.

first we read a story

Then we write sentens.

So today I writed “Spagtti”.

This story about Gabliel don’t have friend, and he found a kitty. So he chouse kitty’s name, that is “Spagtti”.

Finaly Gabliel have friend.

I writed…. 

“What does the character lerun in this story?”

I think Gabliel lerun AMking friend is not hald.

Because first page said.”It was evening and people sitting out side.

And Gabliel see that parte.”

Lastpag said. “Gabliel and spagtti returned…

HIs kitten where they wauld live together.”

So I think now he know making friend is so easy things.

Like this! This week’s writing leurnning.

Thank you! Bye!!

Reading While Writing!

In ‘ Spaghetti ‘, I thought a lot. One of the question I wanted to answer was ‘How does the character change?’ So here is my answer! 

The character changes because, at first he has no friends and company, so he is always outside on the streets, but then he finds a kitten, and names him Spaghetti, and he keeps the kitten, so he has a best friend.
Also because, before he got Spaghetti, he decided to live outside on the streets, but when he finds Spaghetti, he changes and decides to live with him in his very own room. When he found Spaghetti, he changes a lot!

Have you read Spaghetti? You should! It is very sweet!

Writing: Reading Reflection

Don’t let the title confuse you: This post is reflecting on reading, but it’s so I can write a literary essay, which is an essay that gets it’s evidence from books. I making this so I can think of some evidence to put in my essay.

Reflecting on Spaghetti: I think that Gabriel (The main character) learned in the story that he should be thankful for what he has because when he saw the kitten, he imagned that HE would be as thin and frail as the kitten if he lived outside, since he originally wanted to live outside. I think this is a life lesson because many people don’t get what me or my classmates have; some people are very poor or affected by natural disasters, others are orphans with no loving family, and others are sick or hurt or depressed. We should be thankful for what we get. I also think that Gabriel thinks that since he has so much, he decided to give the kitten some of the things he has since the kitten doesn’t have a loving family, or a home. I think that’s also a life lesson because we should give some of what we have to those who need it because it’s kind. Like Japan, which was affected by the earthquake; we should all donate money to Japan.


Duchess is a adorable Shih Tzu!! Duchess is my dog. She always sticks her tongue out and you can put your finger on her tongue and she won’t bite! She sleeps in our rooms and she gets tied up and we take her bed upstairs. She would love to lick you face and she will love to be scratched on the belly and the back. The way she greets people is by biting their feet. It sounds hurtful, but you can live with it if I can.

This is what she looks like:

Photo by merripat

This is not my dog but my dog looks exactly the same!!

Duchess loves to take sticks and leaves inside our house!! Hehehe

I hope you have a picture about what my dog is like. Please comment.

Do you have a shih tzu? Please tell me in the comments!

My Favorite Animal is Puppy!

I will write about puppy. Puppies are so~ cute. May be I could get one puppy, but my mom don’t like dogs or puppy. Do you know some of puppies name? I like Puddle and Chihuahua. May be I could get Chihuahua and mixed with Puddle, because their mommy is Chihuahua and their daddy is Puddle is their fur will be fluffy.

Earth Week

In earth week we have been talking about saving the earth. We had a 4th grade Esembaly discussing what you should do to save the earth like with water take three minute showers, shut the water when your soap up or when your brushing your teeth. Also turn of the light or air conditioning when you are not in that room.These are some ways to remember to always reduce recycle and reuse. During earth week we did all these stuff to save the earth and we also used human energy to get to school if we lived near by. I think earth week is a reminder to always help save the earth. We also wrote earth poems.

These are some of my poems

plants, water, creatures
warm hearted mother nature
sweet caring loving

Free verse
flowers blooming
glowing and rolling
bright as light all around us
drifting and lifting
shimmers and shines
flowers of all kinds!


At first in poetry we talked about alliteration it means that with two or more words begin with the same letter or sound. We also talked about similes and metaphors.A simile is a comparison like “she ran as fast as a cheeta.”                                                                             Also a  simile uses words such as “like “or “as” to compare the two things. A metaphor is exactly the same thing exept you don’t use words that are “like”or”as.”  We also learned structures like a limerick. In a  limerick the last word always rhymes with the last word of the first line,it also has to make sense. Another one of our structures was a Hi-ku that is normaly about nature. It also has 5 sylyables on the first line and the 3rd line. Also it has 7 sylyabale

These are some of my poems.

A Simile
The man’s stomach growled as loud as thunder

A Limerick called the Indian Tent

There once was a tent from planet Saturn
Everyday he wanted to make a pattern
Whenever he tried
he always died
that strange little tent from Saturn

Alliteration the poem is called Snakes

Snakes slithering slowly
Swishing and twisting like a twister
in twilight

2 Alliteration Poems

Here’s my first alliteration poem.

1. Freddy fiercly  flings fried food from his fork.

Here’s my second alliteration poem.

2. Crazy crabs crush the candy coated coconuts.

My Poem for Earth Week

A fantastic tree

Growing tall out of a seed

In the big forest

Best friends

Best friends

By Arisa.M

“Mom, I don’t want to move to new place!” I shouted in the car. ”But I can’t change the plan. Because it’s dad’s job.” said mom preparing our bags. ”We’ll depart at ten o’clock. You can go and say goodbye to your friends.”

“Ok…” I said in a tiny voice. So I walked to my best friend’s house. Her name is Rino. I always played with Rino. It was fun. But we can’t play anymore. Until we celebrate our 15th birthday. I will stay 4years in the Malaysia. Then I’ll go back to the Japan. I can’t speak English. But I’ll go to the international school. I don’t want go to the Malaysia. But my dad is already in the Malaysia.

I notice that I arrived in Rino’s house. But I don’t want to say goodbye to Rino. I stayed in front of Rino’s house about 10 minutes. I can hear someone running to me. “Maki!!! What are you doing in here???” Said Rino. I surprised. So I couldn’t say anything to Rino. ”Maki!!” Rino shouted. “Rino… I’ll go to the Malaysia. We can’t meet until we’ll be 15 years old.” I said a tiny voice. “I’m very worry about that. I can’t speak English. But I’ll go to the International school.” I said with tearful face. Rino was tearful face too. “Goodbye. Rino.” I said to tearful face’s Rino. I went back to my house. Suddenly I looked at watch. It was 10 o’clock.

“Maki, are you ready?” asked mom. “Yes!” I said with a smile.

We arrive to Malaysia. “We’ll go to the our new house.” Said mom. After 30minutes, we arrive to new house. It was very big. I thought I’m in the Malaysia. “Today, we can relax in our new house!” said mom. So I relaxed in my room. Tomorrow I’ll go to my new school. I’m so scary.

Actually I wished I had a fiver. Because I don’t want to go to the school. But I don’t have a fiver. I was fine. School bus came. “Oh! There’s a bus!” said mom. I ride on the bus. Every one didn’t talk to me. I thought, “I knew it.” Because I am a new student. Suddenly I looked at out side. I could see the new school.

“Everyone! We have new classmate in this class!” said Ms.Terry. My sit was next to a girl. Her name is Maya. I thought I could be friend with her. But on my first day of school, I didn’t talk anyone.

Next day, a school bus came. “Maki, school bus came!” said mom. “Maki? Are you listing me?” “Maki… Maki? Maki!?” Mom knocked the door. “I don’t want to go to the school anymore!” I shouted. On my second day of school, I didn’t go to the school. I cried a lot.

Next day, “Maki, you should be go to the school.” Said mom. I opened the door. That day, I want to the school. In the morning, a boy said. ”You know? New student come to our class! New student’s name is Grace! She came from Korea!” “When I hear that, I thought I could be friends with her. “Ms.Terry is coming!” said a boy.

“We have a new student again!” said Ms. Terry. Grace has black hair and black eyes. She is shorter than me. I think she was warring about her English. I thought same as me. On my first day of school, I was warred about my English. I thought I could be friend with her.

That night I talked to my mom about Grace. “That’s good thing. Let’s talk with Grace tomorrow.” Said mom. “I’ll try.” I said eating the dinner. It was yummy.

Next day, I talked with Grace. She was so kind. We talked funny English. But it was fun to talk. But we can’t promise we’re friends. Because we had no idea how to say it.

After one month,at lunch time Grace came to my sit. “Can I sit here?” Grace asked.”Sure!” I answerd. We plactice an English each other. So we talks much. “Maki, We’re friends. Right?” Grace asked. “Yeah! Of cause we’re friends!” I answerd. We promised we’re friends.

The end


The biggest problem Emma had starts with the M – and that’s Max. Max always ruins Emma’s things, he likes to bother Emma, and worst of all Max gets all the attention.

One day, when Emma came back from school, she went straight to her bedroom.

“I’m back,” she shouted so her mom in the study could hear her. Emma heard her little brother, Max playing with his toys down the hall. She took out her homework and walked down the hall and to the kitchen to get some snacks. The hall was filled with Max’s toys; Emma can barely walk to the kitchen without stepping on them.

“Hi Emma,” little max said as Emma was walking to the kitchen.

“Hi,” Emma said.

Emma walked to the kitchen. She grabbed some pretzels, goldfishes and pour lemonade into a cup. Then, she walked back down the hall to her bedroom. Max was still playing with his toys as usual. But now, he was humming like he was happy about something.

Emma turned the doorknob and opened the door. The homework was still lying on the floor. But wait a second, now there was scribbling on it and her lucky pen was near the homework.

That little Max, Emma thought. How dare him scribble on her homework and using her lucky pen.

“MAX!!!” Emma shouted while she walked out of her room. “Did you use my lucky pen to scribble on my homework?” Emma was standing in front of Max now.

“I was trying to do the homework for you,” Max said in a cute voice, probably trying to make Emma forgive him. “And I didn’t see any pencil so I used your lucky pen in the drawer.”

“Max you’re stupid. First of all, you can’t even write. How can you do the homework for me? Second of all, I could do the homework by myself. I don’t need any help. Do you understand? And don’t do this again. If you do, I’m going to kill you.”

Max was crying now. Emma heard her mom running out of the study to the hall. “Oh my little angel,” she said when she saw Max crying on the floor. “Are you okay?” Emma’s mother was hugging Max now. “What happened?”

“Mommy, Emma said I am stupid. She said I used her lucky pen to scribble on her homework,” Max said. “I was just trying to do the homework for Emma.”

“How sweet of you,” Emma’s mom said to Max. Then, she turned to face Emma. “Emma, your brother is just five years old. And look how cute he is. He wants to help you with your homework.”

“But mom, Max is not helping at all. He ruins my homework. And

Mrs. Rose is going to think that I’m not responsible.”

“I understand that this is not your fault, but Max is just a little boy. You should’ve put your homework in a drawer.”

“Mom, I closed the door to my room and Max still went in,” Emma said. But Emma’s mom already had the “end of discussion” face, so Emma just walked in her room.

Emma tried to find her white out, but she couldn’t find it. She looked everywhere – in the drawer, on the desk, under the bed, on the floor. But she just couldn’t find it.

The next day Emma went to school with her homework that was scribbled all over. She had written over the scribbling since she couldn’t find the whiteout.

Emma walked in her classroom and handed in her homework on Mrs. Rose’s desk.

The morning went well, until it was time for recess. “Okay class, you are dismissed to recess,” Mrs. Rose said.

Emma’s stomach starts to hurt. Mrs. Rose always checks the students’s homework at recess time. She’s going to find out about the scribble on Emma’s homework.

Emma didn’t want to go back to class. What if Mrs. Rose announces to the class that she wasn’t responsible of her own work? What if Mrs. Rose made her stay after school? The thought had scared Emma.

“Rrriiinnngg,” the bell rang. Recess is over. Emma walked slowly to her classroom.

Mrs. Rose was sitting at her desk, as usual, waiting for everyone to come back from recess.

Class started and the rest of the day went normal. When it was time to go home, Mrs. Rose said, “It’s time to go home, and don’t forget to work on your poster.”

Emma was about to walk out of the class when Mrs. Rose said, “Emma, I wanted to talk to you about the homework yesterday.”

Oh no, Emma thought, I thought she forgot about that.

“Emma, can you explain why there are scribble all over your homework?” Mrs. Rose said in a firm voice.

“Um, my brother –”

“It’s your homework. You’re the one who is responsible.”

“But I didn’t…. my brother –”

“No excuses. I know you have a little brother. But if you are responsible enough, this wouldn’t happened. And today, you have a big project to work on. I hope this won’t happen again. You may go.”

Emma walked out of her classroom miserably. It’s all Max’s fault. If he didn’t scribble on her homework, Mrs. Rose wouldn’t think that she’s not responsible, Emma thought.

Emma walked to her house grumpily. She opened the door and put her bag in her room. She took out her poster and put it in the drawer so her brother won’t find it. She had to walk back to her school to ballet class.

“I’m going to ballet class,” Emma shouted so her mom could hear her.

When Emma was back from ballet class, she walked to her room quickly so she could work on her poster.

Max was sitting in the hall, as usual. But he was ripping a paper into pieces. It’s just a scrap of paper, thought Emma, mom probably gave that paper to him so he could have something to do.

Emma opened the door and walked to her drawer. She opened it and – nothing. The drawer was empty. Oh my god, Emma thought, what happened to the poster? Was the paper that Max ripping— oh no! That couldn’t be. How could Max know where she had put her poster?

“MAX!!!” Emma shouted. She swung the door open. “What did you do to my poster? How dare you! Do you know I’ve been working on that poster for days? Where is it?”

“It’s here,” Max said holding ¼ of the poster that was left. Emma could see the ‘by Emma’ at the corner of the paper.

“Max, you ripped it?” Emma said in a quiet voice. All the work that she had done. All the wonderful drawings. The thoughtful ideas she had written – vanished.

“MOM!!!” Emma shouted. “Come see what Max did to my poster.”

Emma’s mom was coming out of the study. “What happened?”

“Mom, Max ripped my project into pieces. What are you going to do about this? The project needs to be hand in tomorrow and there’s no way that I’m going to be done if I have to start all over again,” Emma said.

“What’s wrong with both of you? Why do you always make your mommy get headaches all the time?” Emma’s mother said.

“But mom, I’m not the one who causes the trouble. Max is the one. You can’t blame me.”

“Emma, you’re a big sister. Max’s only a little kid. He doesn’t know much.”

“Yeah, you’re on Max’s side and you loved Max more anyways. Max is your little baby and he’s never wrong. All the things Max did is right and cute. But I’m not cute and young like Max.”

“That’s not true Emma. I loved you both the same and Max is going away to camp next week.”

Good, Emma thought.

“I’ll drive to the store and buy you a new poster. You wait here at home.”

The week past by and it was time for Max to go to camp.

“BYE!!!” Emma shouted. Max was in the car with Emma’s mother. “I’ll miss you.” But in her head she was thinking, Go, shoo, what are you waiting for?

Only two days had passed, but Emma felt like the house is very quiet without Max. She doesn’t want to admit it, but she kind of missed Max a little. Even though Max always causes trouble, but maybe having a little brother is not that bad after all.


‘’Hi! You know? My dog is 3 year old. But today is his

Birthday so my dog is 4 year old.” My best friend Mary says.

 “You so lucky! Wait! What your dog name?’’ I ask.

 “Oh. You don’t remember? It “Max’’ “ Mary answered.

 “Oh Yeah. Max” I said.” Bye Sophia! My mother is come.” Mary yelled, and she pulled my hand.

 Than I rode her mother’s car!

“Sophia! Where you going? “Her mother asks.

“Oh. I want to my grandma’s house,” I answer.

So she goes to grandma’s house.

Next I go to grandma’s house.

“Hi! Grandma! Where you?’’ I ask. But no one answer. So I sit a sofa.

“Hi! ‘Son’ why are you so cute?” I ask. Son is grandma’s cat.

“Sophia! I am waiting for you!” grandma say.

‘’ Hi grandma why are you didn’t answered?” I ask. But she doesn’t answer.


Grandma goes to her room. And she takes a kitty!

“Are you likes kitty?” Grandma asks.

“Yes! I like cat!” I scream.

“If you want hove this kitty, you ask your mother,” She says.

 So my feeling is change. Because mother don’t likes all animals.

“ Oh. It tome. You go back your house. Bye!” grandma say.

So I go back home.

But my mum is not come. So I wait.

Then mum is come home. And she sit sofa.

“Mum. I want hove cat!” I yell.

“What! What are you talking about? You know? I don’t like all animals.” She yells.

“But…” I said. “Mum But I don’t hove brothers!” I yell.

Suddenly Mum says, ”Ok, But Sophia. But if you can next Friday’s test is nice scour you can hove Cat.”

“Thank you! Mum Thank you. But test is 12345…6 only six day!

So only six day I can study.” I say.

But mum doesn’t answer.

The Next day, I go to school. Now it lunch time.

“Hi! Mary! It big news!’’ I say.

“About what!” Mary says. And she smiles.

“ I can have a cat!” I yell.

“You have what?”

“I hove a kitty”

“ But your mother doesn’t like animals. But you can have cat?”

“But mum said. Friday’s test is nice scour you can hove Cat.”

“12345…6 six day, only six day. You can do it?” Mary asks.

“Yes! I can do it!” I scream.

“So I want see that kitty. So after school, we go to your grandma’s house” Mary scream.

“ Quietly “ a kid said.

And we are smiling.

But home, I study math. And all day I study math.

           5 day go….

“ Every one today is math test day, start!” Teacher said.

Everyone start test.

Test is finish.  But I can answer only one question.

“No!” I say. At lunch, I sit a chair. “Hi! Sophia! You look like so sad. What happened?” Mary asks. “Mary please helps me. My kitty is….”      I scream.

 “Oh you can have cat! You are so lucky!”

“No! I can’t have cat, no sisters.”

“Oh! Sophia! Don’t crying. It ok” Mary says.

But I can’t look at her.

“You came to my house.”Mary says.

So after school I go to Mary’s house.

“Woof woof” Max brake. He looks like so happy!

“Hi Max why are you so cute?” I ask. Of cause Max don’t say anything.

“Hi! Mary do you want go to my grandma’s house?” I ask.

“Yes! I want!” Mary says.

Then we go to grandma’s house.

 “Oh! It cute! This color is white, and very soft!” Mary says.

“Thank you! But Sophia that is bad news.” Grandma says.

“Yes, I know. Sorry gays I am tired. I go back home. Bye grandma. See you tomorrow Mary.” I say. And I open the door. Then I go back home.

“Mum, I am home. Sorry mum. I can’t have cat.”

“Why? This scour is so good!”

“But mum said. Friday’s test is nice scour you can hove Cat.”

“No Sophia. I don’t say all nice scour. So you can have cat!” Mum scream.

So I hugging mum. And I go to grandma’s house.

           “Wait! Mary waits!” I yell.

“What happen?”

“I can have cat!”

“What! You can have cat!!”

“Wait! No! Come!” I yell.

“Grandma I can have this kitty!” I yell.

“Ok! Hear you are!”

“Thank you! She’s name is Milk.” I say.

“Milk! It is cute!” Mary says.

“Hi! Gays I want take photo! Yes mum you too” I scream.


“I think this is nice photo!” Mary says.

“Yes! This is my first sister!” I say.

Suddenly Milk is smiling!

Writing: The 10 10 10 10!

My 2nd personal narrative.

The 10 10 10 10!

By Aidan, Ms. McAloon

I woke up. It was my birthday, Oct. 10th. I knew right away that today would be special. Not just because it was my birthday, but also because it was my 10 10 10 10! (The 10th day of the 10th month of the 10th year of the 21st century, and I was also turning 10) My mom said that she would make Abby and me’s party the best she could make it, so I had high hopes for the party. The party started when the first 2 people arrived: Gerardo and Alyssa. They came first because they both lived in Baan Sansiri. Then, Josh and one of Abby’s school friends arrived. Then, after awhile, 15 others came, so we decided to get everybody to change into our swimsuits. Once everybody had done that, we went to the pool.

When we got to the pool, we realized that Coach Jason (our swimming teacher) had arrived. Mom said that she brought the Bangkok Dolphins to do some of the party games. The Bangkok Dolphins had brought 3 things: a long column, a shorter but wider column, and a bit slide with a ladder. After we all got in the pool, Coach Jason said we were going to play with the long column. The Bangkok Dolphins people got the column and put it in the pool. Then they asked me to sit on the column. I walked over to the column and sat on it with a leg on each side.

“OK, now what do I do?” I asked.

“Get to the other side.” Coach Jason said.

“What do you mean?”

“I mean, scoot over to the end of the column.”

“Get to the end?!” I was worried. The column was very long and slippery, so I wasn’t sure if was going to make it. Sure enough, when I got on, I slipped off the column once I had gotten halfway. Lots of other people fell, too, but after a while, we got the hang of it. After a while, Coach Jason told everybody that they had to WALK to the end! When I went, somehow, I managed to walk across the pole without falling! Lots of other people did too. Soon, Coach Jason THEN told us to RUN across! I fell on my first try, along with other people. But, I did make it every other try, along with a bunch of other people. Finally, we had to BOUNCE across. But most people found it easy, like me. After that, they put the column away, and started a new game.

After the column, Coach Jason sent the girls to the end of the pool, while the boys stayed at the front. He got out the big, fat column. We realized that it wasn’t a column, but a big hamster wheel-thingy. Since it was my birthday, I got to go first in the wheel and pick 3 friends to go with me. I chose Josh, Gerarado and Adam. When we got in, Coach Jason told us to run, and it turned into total chaos. We were all slipping and tripping and screaming and shouting and pushing and bouncing and rolling and crashing and smashing and screaming and as we were doing all that, people were falling out and trying to get back up, but the wheel was spinning so they were just flung away, and other people who didn’t get a turn yet tried to get on too, but were also flung away.

“ARGH!” Adam shouted.

“Whee!” I shouted.

“AHHH!” Josh shouted.

“Ouch!” “AHHH!’ “YEEEE…” WOAH!” “OOF!” “ULP…” “AIEEE!”

It was so loud I thought my ears would pop.

Soon, Coach Jason told us to stop and pushed the hamster wheel back to the end of the pool.

After that, all the other people got on the wheel. It was fun watching the others scream and get hurt. I even got on the wheel while in the pool. After all the boys had gone on the hamster wheel, it was the girls turn to go on, and the boys went to a slide at the end of the pool. It was boring. Finally, we go out of the pool, and dried up.

But the party wasn’t over yet. Because just then, when we got out of the pool, my dad came over and said, “Settle down. It’s time for a treasure hunt!”

We all stopped talking as my dad told us the instructions.

“Each of you will be assigned to a group. There will be 4 groups, and they will each get an envelope with a clue in it.” My dad said. “It will you where to look for the next clue. The first group to get all the clues wins!”

Dad told who was who’s group. Then he gave each group a clue. We quickly opened ours. We read it carefully. “I think it means we have to go to the front of the club house!” I said. We ran to the clubhouse, where we saw a witch with our next clue in it. Then we found the next clue, and the next, and the next. The hunt was really tiring because we had to run all over Sansiri. Our last clue said we had to go to the back of my house. When we got there, my mom was waiting for us. She gave us candy and legos because we were first. Everyone else just got candy. After that, we got the cake out, and sang “Happy birthday.” There was even a big buffet.

“Wow, thanks mom!” I said to her. “This is the best birthday ever!” And I meant it. After that, our friends went in the house and played before they had to go home. One by one, my friends all left, until it was time to open presents. I didn’t get much I liked. All I got that I liked were NERF guns and a bioncle. Everything else were paper models or decorations. But beside from the presents, it was the best birthday party I ever had.

Earth week at ISB

In ISB I ride my bike to school. People at the bike racks ask you what grade your in becuse  of earth week they give your grade a mark my sister said the grade with the most marks gets to have no unifrom for 1 week. We don’t know who won yet.

Earth week

In earth week we try to help earth in many different ways like limiting our water supply and a lot of other things.

we also wrote poetry about earth-like things and how to save earth from dying

Structures for Poetry

In writing we are learning about different structures of poetry. Some of those are the:

  • Haiku
  • Acrostic
  • Limerick
  • Diamonte
  • Couplet

A haiku is usually about nature. It has 3 lines and 17 syllables. On line one there are 5 syllables. Line 2 has 7 syllables, and line 3 has 5 syllables.

A couplet is a poem with 2 rhyming lines.

A limerick is a poem when lines 1, 2 and 5 rhyme, and 3 and 4 rhyme.

A Diamonte is a poem where there are 7 lines. Line 1 is a noun, the subject of the poem. Line 2 has 2 words that describe the subject. Line 3 has 3 “-ing” words that describe the subject. Line 4 has 2 short phrases. One about the original subject, and the other one about the new subject (that will be the end topic). Line 5 uses 3 “-ing” words about the new topic. Line 6 contains 2 words that describe the new subject, and line 7 is the ending topic.

An acrostic poem is when you write the topic





That. On the l line, you write something or a word about the subject that begins with an l. You do this for the rest of the poem, starting with a different letter every line. Here is an example fo one to clear some things up.




Never ever


Out of anything in the sky

Watching a rainbow is the best



This week, we had EARRTH WEEK…..

It was a time where we had to care about the EARRTH…

  1. We read and written Earth poems to share to the 4th grade
  2. We watched music videos about saving earth
  3. We watched a charity video about Ryan’s well
  1. We  watched two public service announcements about how we can save things in the Earth and how to make one small difference to the world

It was a wonderful EARRTH WEEK…….



As clear as a bell,

flowing along,

carrying life,

depending on each other.

There’s no looking back,

flowing ahead,

keeping everything alive.

A gift from mother earth.

Earth Week!

Happy earth week!

If you haven’t heard its earth week :p so take care of the earth! we want it to stay like this clean and green! but its are ready starting

to get worse even you can help! So you do your part in saving the world!

Suzie’s Valentine Dance!

Suzie’s Valentine Dance!

By: Liaba Q.

“Good Morning!” Mr. Ed said as we sat on the chairs of the theatre. “As you all know, today is the 14th of February 2011. Do you know what that means?  For Valentines Day we will be having a-“

“Middle School Dance!!!!!” The whole Middle School interrupted. (Including me)

“Yes, you are correct! It starts at 4:30, and ends straight at 6 o’clock; you can go early if you want. And don’t forget… the color code is Red, Pink and White!” Mr. Ed reminded us.

I talked to my friend Emily as we walked out of the theatre. “I’m really scared… well, not scared, but nervous! Are you?” I asked Emily. 

“Well…” She started, “Not really. I have had lots of other school dances, so No!”

“Have you gotten any mail in your Valentine box yet? I haven’t.”

“No, I didn’t either, well I hope I do, don’t you?”

I nodded.

We both walked over to our lockers. They were right next to each other.  I really hoped that there was a Valentine card in my locker or box! I carefully entered my locker code and opened it. There in front of me, sat a card, a heart shaped card. It was surely to be a Valentine. I opened it with excitement, and this is what it said:

Go to the Dance with me? Be my Valentine. From: your secret Admirer.

It was printed. I had hoped and hoped that someone would be my Valentine, and it came true! YES! I thought. I didn’t know who it was. I worried, but…I was exited. I stared at it.

There passed Nico, in front of me. I blinked tightly and tucked my hair behind my ear. Suddenly, he stopped…by ME! I smiled.

“Oh, Hi Suzie! Do you want to go to the Dance with me?” He asked.

“Oh, hi!” I said, my throat felt dry. “Sure…” I blushed. I couldn’t believe it.

“So… I’ll see in the evening! Bye.”

I felt like saying Yea, Bye! But…I couldn’t.  He walked away to his locker.  “Ummm, Emily!” I started “Come here! I want to tell and ask you something.” I said as she walked slowly to me. “If Nico asked me to the Dance, who gave me the card?” I was confused.

“Well, the part about the card…YOU have to figure out, I’ll help you.” She replied.

“Yea, thanks!”

Right after my last School period at 2 o’clock, I didn’t go home. I went to the mall-to shop for Valentine clothes-with Emily. We went up the escalators, to the 5th floor. (The girl’s floor!) Me and Emily looked around for some clothes. We were very confused.

Finally, Emily found the perfect dress. “Suzie! Come Here!” She called. “Okay, okay!” I said as I ran to the other side. “WOW! That’s beautiful!”

“Isn’t it?” She asked. The dress was Pink, Red, and White! The Pink bow was perfect. The red sparkles shined in my eyes. The white stood out! I LOVED it! She found it! “Should I buy it? It’s very pretty. And… and there’s only one left! I HAVE TO BUY IT!” I said.

“Well, I think you should, you do too. So, yes!” She said as we walked over to the cashier. “Could we please buy this dress?”

“Sure, that will be $20.00.” the cashier said. I handed over the money. I hope mom likes it and would be happy! I thought. I took the bag from her, happily. “Thank you very much!” I said loudly.

Right after the shopping for clothes, we went to the part of the floor, which had shoes and accessories. I was so very happy that I couldn’t express myself.  Now…I was even happier, because they had Valentine special shoes and accessories! I hurried to buy them with Emily. She had also bought her dress. (One week ago) She must be happy to help me. It was 3 o’clock; it took me one hour to shop for all that!

After the shopping part was done, we had to figure out who had given me the Valentine card, so I we went over to Emily’s house. We ran upstairs to her bedroom.

“Ok, so…maybe Nico had asked me AND given me the card. It’s possible. Right?” I asked sitting down on her bed.

“It could be. Do you think? I do.” She replied

“Yea, then it must be him, because the person who gave me the card also would have asked me, just in case I said ‘yes.’ So I also do think it was him.”

“So, problem solved.” We said at the same time. I was very happy. But I also didn’t want to leave Emily alone at the Dance. “Do you have anything to do at the dance?” I questioned.

“Yes, don’t worry. Someone also gave me a Valentine. It’s from Tony.” She replied. I was also happy for her. We both had Valentines. We both colored a little and chatted for a while. It was 3:30. “I better go home now; my Mom must be waiting for me.” I said.

We walked out of the brown shiny door while I grabbed my bag, and down the stairs. She left me outside the door. “Bye!” I said from a long distance. “Bye!” She said back. What will Mom say? I asked myself as I walked to my house. She’d probably ask where I was, and if I something.

In about 20 minutes I reached home. “Hi, Mom!” I said “I’m back. I went shopping with Emily to buy clothes for the School Dance. Then I went to her house, and now I’m back!” I explained. I didn’t even notice my Mom wasn’t there. I was very hungry. I walked into the kitchen and grabbed a snack. Then I saw it was 3:53! I hurried and ate. I ate until it was 4 o’clock. Then I rested for about five minutes and after that I ran upstairs with my new clothes, shoes, and accessories.

I went in my cold room and locked the door. I carefully and quickly put on my dress and shoes. I then put on some accessories and then I put on some makeup of my style. It was 4:15. I had to hurry up. I made my hair, in a different style that I had never tried. I ran into the bathroom and checked if I was looking ok.

Then I went to my Mom’s room to wake her up to drop me to school. “Mom! Wake up! Can you drop me to school, for the school dance? Please hurry up!” I shouted, while I switched on the lights and turned off the A.C. Mom quickly woke up and got ready in five minutes. I was shaking. Hurry up! I repeated in my mind. It was 4:20.

We both hurried downstairs, out the door, and sat into the car. I put the A.C. to high. I was just about to sweat but I didn’t want to. She drove me all the way to school. I came out of the car tucking my hair behind my ear.

Then, I walked to the place where the Dance was set and I to the really big room. So many people were standing there. It was exactly 4:30. I was soo embarrassed. I looked for my friends then I spotted Emily. I walked slowly to her. Tying not to spoil my makeup by sweating. I smiled. There stood Nico. Would he be waiting for me? I wondered. My throat felt really dry. I was confused. Emily was with Tony, chatting. So, I carefully walked to Nico. I took a deep breath.

“Hi!” I said, blushing.

“Hi!” He replied back.

“Isn’t this place pretty? I like it.”

“Yeah, it is.” We chatted a lot and then we went to get some snacks. I took some French fries and Coke. He took the same. “Just a minute, I’ll be back.” I jumped down from the silver high chair, and walked to Emily.

“Having a good time?” I asked whispering to Emily.

“I’m having a lot of fun, what about you?” She whispered back.

“Yep, I am to.” They were still chatting. I said bye, and walked to my table, where we were sitting. We chatted for a long time.

 Soon, it was 6 o’clock, and we all had to go home. We all said bye to each other. In about 2 minutes after we said bye to Nico and Tony, they left. Me and Emily were like the only ones there.

 “Can you please drop me home?” Emily asked.

“Sure!” I started. “I’ll call my Mom and she will be here soon.”

“Thank you so much!”She thanked.

We had a good time all together. Finally, I called my Mom to pick us up. My black beady eyes were starting to close. We waited and waited until we heard a person calling.

“Suzie, where are you?” We took all our things and ran outside. “Hi!” Both me and Emily said. We both sat in the silver, shiny, and bright car, while Emily explained her address to my Mom.

When we reached her address, we were almost asleep. Then I said, “Bye, I had a lot of fun with you. I hope we can hang out again next week! I will talk to you later!” I sighed. That was one of the great days out of my Life!

This is a story I wrote when we had to publish a story of our choice. Right in front of you is my story! I hope you like it!

A Trip To Japan!

1st day

We went back to Japan by an airplane.At the airplort,we rest little bit and then get ready to go an airplane.At the airplane I watched the DVD and study Japanese things.I ate many dilicious snack that we bought at airport and at shopping mall.It took 5~6 hour to go Thailand to Japan.

Airplanephoto © 2008 Marina Avila | more info (via: Wylio)

2nd Day

My mom and I went to shopping.My mom bought a warm coat and also shoes for me!
Robinsons-May shopping bagphoto © 2020 Aaron | more info (via: Wylio)

3rd Day

At morning We ate bread and also Yogurt that we bought in yesterday.And we study ALOT! STUDYING,STUDYING,STUDYING!

4th Day

Me and my mom visit to my Great-Aunt and Great-Uncle’s house buy the train.

5th Day

I played with my second cousin.He is 2 and 1/2 years old. He likes Train staff and Beetles or insect staff.
Dock Leaf Beetlephoto © 2009 Mark Robinson | more info (via: Wylio)

My One Poem

This is my best poem that I wrote. I also choose it because I like it. I like it because I wrote it.

My Awesome Poems

We have been reading poems lately and have started writing them. Here are two poems that I have already written. Poems are harder than you would think to write. Have you ever written a poem before? You should try it one time. It is not just hard to write a poem, but also to read it. You have to make sure you understand what the poet is trying to get you to understand and use the punctuation and line breaks in your voice. Make sure you stop and think about why the author put a line break there too. So you see there is a lot you have to remember to read a poem perfectly, which for me is impossible. Did you know poems can be stories? I use to not know that until my school teacher taught us that because we were working on writing poems after we had finished reading poems. There are different poem tools to put into your poem to make it sound better when you read it. Poem tools: alliteration, repetition, rhyming, metaphors, similes, and also line breaks. Do you like poems? I do. I hope you enjoy my poems.


A big ball of fire

Resting, in the night sky.

The sky full of colors

Swarming, all together.

Like a candle going out,

It rests at the bottom

Of the sky.





Beautifully, beautiful.


Orange leaves


Football games.

Orange is a burning flame.

Orange is a



On a


Orange, is the color of a


No matter whether it is young or old.

Orange is the color of hair.

Orange is a

Flaming flare!


Fiction stories

WE are currently writing fiction stories in class. Mine is about a girl who adopts a talking fox that is her sister. She writes in this journal/ notebook about what happens to her. I got this idea from Diary of a wimpy kid, Amelia’s notebook and Emily the strange. I am looking forward to finishing my story. Please comment! :p 😉 😉

Thinking of a Character

In writing we are developing fiction characters. Here are some ways to come up with a character to write about:

Think of yourself

Think of a friend

Think of your role model

Think about your personality

Think of strong words

I can’t wait to start writing about my character. Her name will be Amy. I really like reading about fiction characters like Leo in The Lost Hero by Rick R. You should read it. From reading books you can get new ideas about your characters. Well, anyway, I love fiction.

Essay Reflection

The process was a little slow because I got kind of stuck on some parts, but I managed to pull through and print it out just in time.

I feel great about it because when I read over it I was thinking, Wow, I sure wrote a lot. I’m proud of myself for writing all of that, and going through all of that planning and drafting.

I learned that writing takes time, that nobody can finish it right away. Essays take a lot of planning to finally make the published thing. It’s hard, but it’s worth it!

My Essay

A Dog is a Very Good Pet

By Abigail Nguyen

Many people think they can live life easily without a pet. But I’ve heard that people with pets (especially dogs) are happier than people without pets. A dog is a great companion. They’re fun to play with, and are hard-working animals. But there’s more to why a dog is a very good pet. A dog is a very good pet because they help you get exercise. For example, when you take them on walks, you get exercise from walking. And since you probably go on walks daily or weekly, you should get regular exercise. Also, when you play together, throwing balls, tossing Frisbees, playing tug-of-war, or just chasing each other, you work out your legs and arms. Some people also like to go jogging or biking with their dogs.

A dog is a very good pet because they make loyal companions. For example, they would follow you, which is a like a good thing, because you can keep an eye on them in case they are the mischievous kind! But dogs are also known for saving people, because they’re fiercely loyal to their owners. Some dogs have even given their life to save others! When a dog has stayed with you for some time, it may know some of your rules, for example, “Off the sofa” or “Don’t go in here”. They may know where to not go, and what to not do, if they know that you mean it and that you will be upset if they disobey. If a dog is loyal, it may probably be easier to teach them lots of helpful tricks. Take ‘stay’ for an example. You can tell them to be patient for a minute while you do something you have to do. Dogs can also be trained to do special things, like a therapy dog.

A dog is a very good pet because dogs are different. For example, there are different kinds of dogs who can live in the far, open countryside, and other dogs who can adjust to a small city apartment. So if you think your teeny apartment isn’t good enough, there is always a dog that is used to small places. Just be sure to exercise them regularly. Also, plenty of dogs can live in a cold, snowy place, while some other dogs are used to warmer weather. Dogs, like humans, also have different types of personalities. From rambunctious to shy, dogs can match your style in any way. Different kinds of dogs can also match kids. Some dogs like older people, some like younger people, and some can fit in easily with small babies. So if you live in a tiny apartment with small kids, some dog out there could match you even if hundreds of others couldn’t.

Dogs are good pets. Other people should care about this because there are thousands of dogs out there that don’t have homes, yet each one could change someone’s life. They help give you exercise, are loyal, and all of them are different.

Idea Writing

In class we are doing Idea Writing. That is when you write about your opinion. My opinion is piano is a good instrument to play. Here are my ideas about why piano is a good  instrument to play!

Why Piano is a Good Instrument to Play

Pianos have many, many, different notes you can play.

Pianos can stay in tune for a very long time, and you don’t need to have any other tools to play it, just your fingers!

Playing piano always makes me feel very happy.

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Idea writing!

This is a story I typed. The kind of writing it is is idea writing. Please leave a comment!

Why I like to play violin.

I really love playing violin. A violin is easy to take care of. You can play lots of songs. You can buy one easily. I enjoy playing violin.

A violin is easy to care for. When you take it out of the case, make sure to always put it back in. Tune your violin before using it. Put resin on the bow before using it,to. The violin is one of the easiest instruments to care for.

A violin has many notes to play songs on. The strings are g,d,a, and e. By putting your fingers down on the strings, you can make lots more notes. There are lots of notes on a violin. You can play hundreds of songs with these notes.

You can buy a long lasting violin for a small amount of money. Go to a string instrument shop to get one. Don’t buy one from a store inside another. Make sure you buy the right size violin. Remember, a violin doesn’t have to be expensive to be good.

As you can see, a violin is a great instrument to buy. There easy to take care of. They have lots of notes. You can buy a good one for a small amount of money. I say, if your getting a instrument, get a violin!

Writing time!

In writing we are learning how to do essay writing. We got books to study on and I got… AFRICA!

I rely rely wanted to get Africa because I just think it is a good place to write about.

Pleas leave a coment.

Me writing.

Yesterday I was writing about a time when I was going to the zoo.I was read it again and I saw I had 1 or 2 words not rite.

Pleas leave a comment:)

Hello world!

Today I learned how to change a new blog with Ms H. I am very excited.

My First Poem

This is the first poem I worked hard on in grade 5.    I really like it.



Is like a fire

Burning deep inside your heart


Is like a tornado

Ripping houses away


Is like the red

Of bloodshot eyes



Is like happiness

Locked away deep inside,



Withered away


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