Apple has always gotten people’s attention by introducing some new technology to the world. One of the revolutionary technology they have introduced to the world that facinated many people was the ‘multi touch’ technology with there first mobile phone, iPhone. Since everything Apple introduces to the world is so fresh and new, anything they do catches my attention whether its on the internet or in any offline Apple store I come across in Bangkok. Reliable sources such as and Apple Rumors have provided me the information to write this article.

Starting from last year, Apple has integrated a front-facing camera to all of its devices which includes iPod (Touch Model), iPhone 4, and its big brother iPad 2. According to, Apple is yet to introduce a major software update, iOS 5 introducing a new technology that can zoom in and out of a browser window or any other kind of media by sticking your tongue out and curling it. If you curl in, the browser window or the picture will zoom in and if you straighten your tongue, it’ll return to its original point. This new technology is called ‘tongue zoom’ and has been patented already by Apple quite some time ago. Currently, ‘tongue zoom’ is just at its beta testing stage but turns out to be very accurate than any other body motion input before, but there are also concerns towards this new input method.

Dr.Kenny Brickerd is a professor in Thammasart University and he has some concerns with the new technology. He says, “This new input method may be easy and effortless for the user but when the tongue is exposed to the air for a long period of time, the tongue will dry out and can lead to permanent injuries to your tongue. However, Apple is arguing that a warning popup will appear on the user’s iPod, iPhone, or iPad if the user is using ‘Tongue Zoom’ for too long. These input methods using our parts of body should not be invented anymore no matter how conveinent it is for the user because nobody knows what kind of an affect it will have to the user in the long-term.

Using parts of out body as a tool may not be the best idea since our body is so fragile. People have different opinions about this new technology but is it really necessary to use your tongue as a form of tool? Can’t you just pinch & zoom like we did every other day without trouble? It will depend on you.

Can you tell whether this story is true?