Daniel Bordenca
The three religions
Islam, Judaism, Christianity, all three have a big history and have been around for a while. All three believe in a similar god with similar beliefs. What surprised me is that how similar these religions are, and I wonder why they are even separate some times. All Three have a celebration or a process in which a boy or girl becomes a true part of the religion, for Judaism it’s a bar mitzvah, for Islam it’s the Hajj journey to mecca, and for Christianity you need to be baptized. However all of them pray differently at different times and in different ways.
Their holy books have the same stories with the same god and the same characters a lot of the time except that Christianity mentions a demon that causes problems in everyday life, but Judaism and Islam do not. The laws for the religions is also different, each has its own set of commandments such as no pork, which for Islam and Judaism, but not for Christianity as well as others. All of them have been mocked and treated poorly in the past and were given un equal rights, such as when the romans occupied Israel they treated Jews badly, and during the holocaust millions of Jews were killed in all sorts of ways. However the thing they all have in common completely is that there is one god who created the universe.