At Colonel Bantry’s house, an unknown body had been found in the library. Mrs. Bantry called Ms. Marple, her friend and a detective at once. From the body, the police were able to count many people in as suspects. The police and Ms. Marple continued their investigation, however, another crime occurred. The evidences seemed not to fit together, but it was Ms. Marple who linked all the clues and solved the case.

What I like about this book is that the details are very clear and very strong. Some points are described again and again several times in the book that the details stuck in my head. For example, Agatha Christie mentioned about Conway Jefferson several times, and that really brings the character’s personalities out. “No sooner were you in the room with him than you felt the power and magnetism of the man. It was as though the injuries which had left him a cripple had resulted in concentrating the vitality of his shattered body into a narrower and more intense focus.” (Page 74), and again on page 144: “…His arms were flung out, long, powerful arms into which all the strength of his body seemed to be concentrated since his accident… …Always, after a night of rest, he woke like this, happy, refreshed, his deep vitality renewed… …Then he pressed the special bell by his hand. And suddenly a wave of remembrance swept over him.” This suggested that he was a strong yet a very complicated man. By doing this, the author was able to give life to each character and make the characters very real.