Bobby Phillips woke up one day finding himself invisible, and in this book “Things Not Seen” by Andrew Clements, this teenage boy tried to find a way to return to normal. With his Dad only working on the theories, Bobby had to find answers to this by himself. He went outside, either completely covered up or completely naked and made friend with a blind girl, Alicia, which helped him to the very end. Through their journey, their friendship developed and it was Alicia’s idea that gave Bobby back his normal life.

Although the book is about a boy going invisible, I think the main theme of this story is about friendship and how it can stay strong even through difficult times. Bobby and Alicia supported each other during the whole story, even though one was invisible and the other was blind. With the conflicts in the story, I think that the idea about friendship showed up very well. The only part I don’t like about this story is the resolution, the idea of that two negatives make a positive. Bobby slept in his electric blanket again to make himself visible once more. I think it was too easy after all the effort everyone put into helping Bobby.