I went to ‘Reefs to rainforest’ trip. In this trip, I learned a lot about extinction of coral reefs. I went to snorkeling several times during the trip and I realized that most of the coral reefs that I saw during snorkeling were dead. Coral reefs are important for all marine organisms and fish. If they die, the whole ocean ecosystem can be ruined. Although I was aware of this issue previously, I did not think of it seriously. I had an opportunity to think further about this issue as we discussed about ways to prevent further destruction of coral reefs and environment pollution. Moreover, I went to several safari and kayaking to explore various species. I learned that caves, forest and ocean, which seemed plain nature were all distinct, but valuable ecosystem. In each ecosystem, diverse organisms lived and they were all connected to each other. I do not think any part of this course should be changed. During the trip I didn’t like the way we lacked convenient shower accommodation. But thinking back once more, I feel that this is the only chance to get ourselves away from our perfect environment and assimilate ourselves into the culture of rural people(including moken village). In this way, I feel that I learned a lot about how other people in different culture live. I feel that during this week, I had meaningful time because I learned to get along with people that I didn’t know well previously. In the beginning, I felt that I stepped alone into a new rural environment with people that I did not know very well. However, as I did many activities together, I started to make friends with our group and adapt into a new culture. I believe that this helped me learn to accept new and various people in the future along with the diverse environment in ISB. This trip was similar to what I had expected. I’ve gone to many trips previously, so I had a lot of experience with camping, snorkeling and rural village visiting. Although they were quite common to what I had known, I feel that I learned more about different cultures this time because it’s first time to be out in a new environment for such a long time and follow what others in other cultures do rather than just watch them. The most challenging part of this coarse was the cave walking. Although I couldn’t swim at all, we went inside a cave and walked around a cave for about one hour. There were sometimes deep water and I felt lost inside the deep water, but the guide helped me out whenever there was deep depth of water. Even worse, my shoes started falling apart. The rocks and peddles on the cave floor started to hurt my feet, as I walked, but one of the guides lent me his flip-flops. In this part, I learned a lot about collaborating and helping one another.