Persepolis Book Review

Imagine watching your country crumble under the reign of a Shah. Imagine not being able to be who you wanted because of the laws put onto the country. This is the life of young Marjane who lives in Iran. Through her young eyes she watches the events of Iran and it’s revolution.

The country of Iran where Marjane lives is under the regime of the Shah. As a growing girl, living in a country that is changing as well as she is, it is hard to remain content with the environment she lives in. When the Shah leaves his position as the leader, things take a major turn for the worse and affects Marjane and her life greatly. She is limited to new experiences and has to be apart of the ever changing Iran. She has to become an independent girl at such a young age, and learns to think for herself and know when something is wrong or right. She grows to realize she wants to demonstrate because she wants to fight back along with the rest of the country.  It is a hard country and time for a young girl to grow up in, but as she gets older all her past experiences help her build who she is today.

I thought that this graphic novel was not anything special. It did not catch my eye in a good way, and neither in a bad way. I think that this was because the graphic novel part of it was not special in any way and was not different from other graphic novel books, so there was not anything different about it from other books I have read so there was no way to capture my attention in a different way. I did think it helped the story and to explain the Iranian Revolution because it really showed some important aspects of it such as its effect on citizens. There would be images that showed the sullen faces of the people in Iran, or the prisoners being tortured, or even the people that got out of jail and how their lives were forever changed. I think it helped explain more easily about the effects of the Shah on the people because we were able to actually see their actions, and emotions instead of just making an image in our mind which clarified the element of effects. Marjane had needed to learn to grow into the world she lived in, and through out the book you can see the different person she had grown to be.

Across the Universe

‘Images of broken light which dance before me like a million eyes that call me on and on across the universe, nothings gonna change my world’ The Beatles once sang. After finishing the book Across the Universe the story really takes you beyond the world and describes what this one sentence means. Even though you can be so alone and in a foreign place, things can still be alright in your life. Amy, the main character was once a frozen girl lying in a bed on a big ship on a trip across the Universe. Upon her awakening 50 year’s too early, she meets Elder the next leader and her whole world was different than the life she used to have but there was one thing that stayed the same. The stars. She would stare at them through a small opening in the ship and it would take her back to the memories she once had on Earth. The stars were the same in space as they were when she was lying on her balcony staring up at them from the ground. These are the things were not going to change, they represent the images of broken light in the universe which is the one thing that does not change her world. Across the Universe is a story about survival in a strange new world, and learning to adapt to every situation. The book is suspenseful, heart-rending, passionate and beyond intriguing. It will teach you that even in the hardest times, you can always look for something that will stay the same.

Beth Revis is a fantastic author, and even though I have not read any of her novels before this book was truly fascinating. The book had such an impact on you that you were able to draw your own conclusions and perceive your perception on things. The book had a lot of moments where you could think of your own details and your own thoughts. The plot line was so amazing because at times where you were surprised something new would occur, or when you were heart-broken, the plot would suddenly twist and leave you astonished. The author described the characters and what they were thinking so well, that you began to feel empathy for all of them. You would constantly be sad when Amy was sad, or angry when Elder was hurt or angry. You began to know the characters better as the plot when on and you became connected to them. Her characters are so real and and believable that the whole fantasy slips away and it feels like you are reading a real romance novel between two people.

In conclusion, I thought Across the Universe was an amazing book, that can really impact a person emotionally. I would recommend this book to all different types of readers, and even though some people don’t like Fantasy, I honestly really don’t I thought this book was amazing and defiantly worth reading.

What Provokes Me in the Book Waiting For the Rain

When the twelve year old cousin off Tengo’s masters, which are Frikkie’s cousins, speaks disrespectful. As a young girl, she was raised into the world of apartheid and from her family she learns that black people are inferior to the white. She does not take time to think about how she is addressing as long as she knows the person is black, she is disrespectful. She rude says: ‘The boy can clean it up, hey, boy -Jim- whats-your-name, come over here and wipe this mess up off the floor.’. As a younger child, saying this to the oldest member of the tribe, and also an elder to her whether she likes it or not, this was extremely rude. It really makes me mad that she does not think for herself and have a different opinion on the black people, and instead uses language such as ‘boy’ to describe the old man. I don’t like the fact that she believes she can take advantage of Old Ezekiel because the color of his skin. Yes, they may  be there to work for them but she should still have some respect and be more polite. She does not need to call the old man ‘boy’ or force him to do his job but instead should be more civil and well mannered. What makes me happier though is the fact that Tengo realizes this is wrong and chooses to take a risk and stand up for what is right. He knows that she was rude and should not have addressed him like this so he takes the chance and decides to stand up for the old man. I think that that was the right choice for him.