Death Book Club

Picture Book:  Rudi’s pond

Chapter book:  A Taste of Blackberries

Nonfiction book:  I Use a Robot to Go to School & Notes left behind.
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City of Ember Science Project Plans

For my science project I am doing a waterwheel that generates light, the wheel will be made out of wood and the dynamo which is a sort of motor that can be attached to a wire and a lightbulb and the more the water wheel turns the more light it will generate. The water wheel will be set on a platform where the water will fall and the water is going to act as a bicycle wheel and generate the electricity to power the lightbulb.

Is it fair

I don’t think people have the right to not let certain people go to school or kidnapped them because children have those rights. If people don’t give them these rights then are world will not be a good place and not have a good environment. And if kids don’t have a good environment then they will never know what it’s like to have one. And all kids have a right to have a shelter, be cared for, and especially the right to have freedom.

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How I’ve Grown in 4th Grade

  • I have grown in synthesizing in reading and challenging myself in picking harder books.
  • I’ve mostly grown in learning and using more strategies, and using them in assessments.
  •  Taking my time in reading out loud. Also getting more confident in reading challenging books.
  • In science I learned that the electrons have to flow in a circuit.

Update for Goal 2

In the last three weeks I have used the strategy 3-5 times.

In my strategy notebook I have bookmarked 2 strategies, my box strategy and my partial products strategy. And in my Science notebook I have bookmarked 2 pages with important vocabulary.


“Lets go mom, lets go, lets go, I love the beach, I love the beach, I love the beach!” Sam yelled as he jetted towards the door, Sam was going to the beach with all his friends. All his friends were going to the beach, but everyone went separately. Sam was happy, energetic, patient, loving , a beach loving person. He only thinks, “Beach, sand, fun, ocean, friends.”


“ok, ok, ok” I’m coming, they got in the car and started driving towards the beach.

“Mom watch this, Sam opened the door to the car ran a long distance back, and ran as hard as he could. His mom could see almost a red blur where his chest is, a black blur where his pants are, and a purple blur where his shoes were. He got to the car jumped in the air and landed safely in his seat. Thats when Sam knew it was going to be the best time and day of his life.


“Were here, were here, were finally here!” Sam yelled as he darted towards the beach,He ran feeling the soft sand running through his toes. He could hear the waves crashing, people having so much fun, seagulls chirping, he could hear a loud buzz around the beach. He could see none of his friends, they were meeting at table number six. That was exactly under two big oak trees, that sheltered more birds than bugs. So Sam waited, and waited, and waited, until it was past three o’clock in the afternoon. Sam wondered, “When are they going to get here, so we can a lot of fun?”


“Sam lets go now” His mom called. They had waited almost one hour past the time they were supposed to meet,

“Noooo!” Sam said dramatically,

“Wait wait, I’m here,” yelled a voice from afar, it was . . . Elliot!

“Elliot!” Screamed Sam, at that moment Sam’s scarf blew of and towards the ocean, “My scarf is flying away!” Sam yelled with sadness that was his favorite scarf. He quickly grabbed a paddle board and a paddle, and hopped into the water. He started to paddle, bringing the paddle up, then down, up then down, up then down, until he finally reached the scarf he reached for it …


“Kabloop,” Sam fell into the water above the seagrass, and

“OUCH,” Sam fell above a group of upside down jellyfish, each and every one of them stung him all over his body, “Help me, help! Sam screamed,

“I’m coming Sam!” Elliot yelled. Elliot picked up a paddle board and paddled to Sam, When Elliot got there, Sam used all his strength to hoist himself up onto Elliot’s paddleboard while Elliot paddled away.


At the beach,

“We finally made it Sam,” Elliot told Sam, Elliot dagged the paddle board over to where the parents were.

“Mom, Sam got stung by jellyfish in the seagrass!” Elliot yelled so she could hear him, His mom rushed over.

“What happened Elliot?” His mom asked,

“He fell in the water and got stung by jellyfish,” Elliot replied.


Soon Sam’s skin got red dots all over, Sam was squealing and moaning, and screaming. Then Elliot had an idea “Vinegar!” Elliot yelled everybody was staring, not at Elliot but Sam. Elliot rushed over with a cup of vinegar, here Elliot said as he drenched vinegar over Sam’s whole arm, “AAH, Ouch,” Sam screamed and broke down into tears and pain

“Sorry!” Eliot yelled but Sam felt better now and knew it was the worst day and time of his whole entire… Life

My Next Goal

I recently finished my past goal, My new goal is to get always at least 1 exceeds standards every post test (end of unit test). Also to never get a working towards standards, does not meets standards, or in between the two. I will do this by, using math strategies, from my strategy notebook. I will start by looking through my strategy notebook when I need it. And Have it out at math.


Over the next three weeks I will,

Look through my stratigey notebook and bookmark my most advanced stratigies to use them.

Snowy Owl

Snowy Owl


Sharp Intimidating

Feathers of white

Snowy Colors

Beady black eyes

That watch your every move

Your every Step

Your every breath

A brown Beak

Just like a Razor

Snapping at fish

Small Mice

And Worms

Its rotating head

To watch and view you

It spreads its wings

And flys away

Snowy owl

With icy Breath

Hidden in the snow