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Learning: Something that I learned from my essay was a unpacking sentience. I think that it was very helpful and that the unpacking was good for a essay. A unpacking sentence is when in a sentence you use something like “this proves that…” or “this shows that…” and stuff like that. I think the unpacking sentences were very useful for stating something and it was interesting to learn. You should use a unpacking sentence in every sentence to elaborate the sentence and show your opinion. I recommend that you should use this in a essay because it will help.

Challenge: One thing that I thought was a challenge was the boxes and bullets. The boxes and bullets is a draft that you have to write your introduction and then you write your Main idea 1 2 and 3 and then you write 3 supporting details for each main idea. After you are done you have to write a conclusion. Also after you write your introduction you have to write a thesis and a thesis is when you are stating your opinion.

Celebration: One thing that I did well was learning all the facts of  the article that we had to study. When the class had to study for homework I would always do it and I would enjoy it. It helped me learn new things and cool things that I had no idea about chocolate milk. I was fascinated by the booklet it was very interesting for me and I liked working with my partner and helighting stuff and reading with my partner

I liked making this essay it was fun and interesting I learned a lot of things and it the things I learned were so cool. I suggest that you do an essay about chocolate milk and learn/study about chocolate milK.

Fabio by Diego

New: Something that was new for me was learning the hero’s journey. I thought the hero’s journey was very interesting and helpful for me to write a fantasy story. The hero’s journey was very interesting and I recommend this to you. The hero’s journey was a thing with 12 different sections. All 12 different sections are too help you write a very good fantasy story.

Challenge: A challenge that I thought was difficult was editing with the ARMS and CUPS. The ARMS and CUPS was a way of editing a story well. ARMS means for Add, Remove, Move, and subtract. CUPS means Capitalization, Usage, Punctuation and Spelling.

Celebration: A celebration that I thought was good for me was creativity. I think that my creativity was a good thing in my story. My story was about a Juice box that has to fight evil forces of spoiled milk




What I thought i did well was making the details very strong by using a lot of description. what I thought i had trouble with was making the paragraphs and making the details. Thank you for reading and i hope you enjoy :).


Patrica Polacco Essay

diego butterfly

I think that my biggest and strongest strategy is the traditional algorithm. It is easy and simple and does not take time and it works awesomely and is very efficient and you get the right awnser every time if you do it right. What you have to do is get all the numbers and multiply them with the numbers like you multiply the 3 from 13 and then you miltiply it with the 4 from 24. The 3 from the 13 and multiply it by the 2 from 24 and then you write all the numbers and then the line bellow you have to put a zero and then do the same thing but with the 1 and then you get the answers and add them and there you go you get the answer.

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I have a couple great book recommendations and one of them is The Outlaw Varjak Paw by SF said and illustrated by Dave MCean.  It awesome book and it is really interesting book its a kinda bloody book so if you are not inserted in that stuff then this book might not be for you for you it is about a wanted cat that people want dead or alive and it is just a great book overall it is a awesome book and i highly recommend it. The Lunch Lady Series it is a awesome series and it is funny it is about a lunch lady at a normal school and apparently she is a spy lunch lady and she serves justice and lunch it is a awesome book and it is a funny book she uses funny tools like taco night vision  goggles and hamburger had phones and she can hear everything with them and the taco night vision well you can guess what they do they let her see in the dark and they are super silly and super helpful awesome tools the lunch lady books are a series and they are one of the best graphic novels i have read and if you don’t like comics then you might not like this super funny lunch lady series. that is really all I have to say and thank you for reading

Have you ever wondered why are kids treated so unfair and being hurt and violated if you have then this will tell you what kids who are being made fun of or being slaved are the poor kids who deserve a family and a home.

We have to stop racism right now! It is effecting and offending other kids and people and it is also influencing other kids to do it

First of all it is like bullying but because they have different religions and skin colours.  “We are who we are and we have to accept that and everyone is different but we are all special in a way.

It is hurting peoples feelings and hurt them if you are being racist and they are not then it is not fair. “treat others the way you want to be treated” quote said by Miss Terry

People are different and we all have to live with that. “We are all different in skin colour in religion in where you are born and we should not be made fun of because we are all different and we have to accept that and we are who we are.”

has a different and we all have a different coulter and rillagen and we are born in different places and that gives us different skin colours. Trish a 4th grader (10) says ‘We are all the same but different in different ways.”

Kids here older kids be racist and it is influencing them We should never judge someone just because we have a different skin colour or religion and we are all different and we all have to accept that” quote by Trish age 10 in miss Terry’s class

Reason 2

my next reason is Slavery, People are being slaved and other people are not and it is not fair because people are being slaved and have to work all day long when other people get to play and be free so technically the people who are being enslaved is exactly like being in jail! “We should never be enslaved we have the right to be free and have a happy life and education.” Trish age 10 “We should never be enslaved we have the right to be free and have a happy life and education.” Trish age 10 “treat others the way you want to be treated because someday they are going to do something bad to you” quote by Angus age 10

Reason 3

Refugees we should all be treated fairly and evenly and i think that it is not fair and also another reason why people are living in refugees is because terrorists are coming and taking away their homes and they have to go to a refugee “Refugees are good and bad but we should all be treated fairly.”

Now that you know about kids being racist or being enslaved then why don’t you go out and maybe go and help people who are being made fun of and enslaved or maybe go and donate or give charity or even start a donation for refugees or start your own charity but please do whatever it takes to help kids and treat others the way you want to be treated.

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Me Caelyn, and Ezekiel did a book discussion on A Taste Of Blackberries, Rudi’s Pond And some articals about death [youtube][/youtube]

I think that we went to prasert islam school is because we had to learn about a different coulter and learn hat they do

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