Have you ever wondered why are kids treated so unfair and being hurt and violated if you have then this will tell you what kids who are being made fun of or being slaved are the poor kids who deserve a family and a home.

We have to stop racism right now! It is effecting and offending other kids and people and it is also influencing other kids to do it

First of all it is like bullying but because they have different religions and skin colours.  “We are who we are and we have to accept that and everyone is different but we are all special in a way.

It is hurting peoples feelings and hurt them if you are being racist and they are not then it is not fair. “treat others the way you want to be treated” quote said by Miss Terry

People are different and we all have to live with that. “We are all different in skin colour in religion in where you are born and we should not be made fun of because we are all different and we have to accept that and we are who we are.”

has a different and we all have a different coulter and rillagen and we are born in different places and that gives us different skin colours. Trish a 4th grader (10) says ‘We are all the same but different in different ways.”

Kids here older kids be racist and it is influencing them We should never judge someone just because we have a different skin colour or religion and we are all different and we all have to accept that” quote by Trish age 10 in miss Terry’s class

Reason 2

my next reason is Slavery, People are being slaved and other people are not and it is not fair because people are being slaved and have to work all day long when other people get to play and be free so technically the people who are being enslaved is exactly like being in jail! “We should never be enslaved we have the right to be free and have a happy life and education.” Trish age 10 “We should never be enslaved we have the right to be free and have a happy life and education.” Trish age 10 “treat others the way you want to be treated because someday they are going to do something bad to you” quote by Angus age 10

Reason 3

Refugees we should all be treated fairly and evenly and i think that it is not fair and also another reason why people are living in refugees is because terrorists are coming and taking away their homes and they have to go to a refugee “Refugees are good and bad but we should all be treated fairly.”

Now that you know about kids being racist or being enslaved then why don’t you go out and maybe go and help people who are being made fun of and enslaved or maybe go and donate or give charity or even start a donation for refugees or start your own charity but please do whatever it takes to help kids and treat others the way you want to be treated.

REVISIONS- in blue


Me Caelyn, and Ezekiel did a book discussion on A Taste Of Blackberries, Rudi’s Pond And some articals about death YouTube Preview Image

I think that we went to prasert islam school is because we had to learn about a different coulter and learn hat they do

I don’t think slavery and racism is fair because every body should be treated right and fairly and i don’t think it is fair how people have to do work for other people all day long everyone has to be able to spend time with there family but instead people are working all day for other people and its not fair people have there own rights and all of our rights should be the same we should all live with a family and have fun and none of us should be treated as a slave and everybody has there own rights so treat others the way you want to be treated.

This is a video about children’s rights by UNICEF

YouTube Preview Image

Over grade 4 i have learned a lot like in math i learned about fractions and decimals, more multiplication and division, algebra, and  addition and subtraction strategies  in science i learned how to make a circuit  and what a circuit is and i learned that electrons come from the negative side and i did not know about a parallel circuit and a series circuit. an in reading i learned how to read fluency and i have more reading stamina

Over the next 3 weeks I will work when we work independently when we have to and I will use  my privacy folder when we working on test and i think that this will help me by not to talk to people and i will do better on test

Over the next three weeks my goal is to look at the speaker with positive body language and not to talk to others while a speaker talks and I will not play with things while a speaker is talking.

In the last three weeks I have used this strategy 3-5 times

This is the evidence I have collected

I have told my table to not talk while a speaker is talking and I have told them to fist there computer when a speaker is talking.


We did a readers theater  and me Momoka Angus Pun and Gabriel all did the three little javealinas. a thought  that I was loud and clear and put my self in the characters shoes. Comment on what you think I did well

YouTube Preview Image

My goal is to pay attention.I will listen to the teacher and not talk to anyone while a speaker is talking. If other people are talking then I will ignore them and focus on the speaker.

I will start by using positive body language.



YouTube Preview Image this is my book club group with jordan gabe and grand we read fantastic mr fox

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