Op-ED 2


I believe we should stop bullying people just for their color,race or even gender! Sometimes they even bully people because they think their better than them!

I believe that we should stop discriminating people!



People can sometimes get offended by someone joking and insulting about their culture,Color or race.It may hurt their fellings,Its a big problem all around the world ad it can affect everyone.I fsomeone thinks their race is better or your skin color is ugly,That would be violating  one of the rights of the child.



Genocide is what happens when one group of people attack or kill another group of people because of their race or color!And that tribe tries to wipe out that tribe and will not stop until the entire tribe dies!Why  people kill off other tribes is because the people think they  are better than that tribe and they want to destroy the non superior tribe.


Some people think that boy rule and girls drool(or the other way around.),Guess what?That’s sexist!Sexism is when someone insults or harms someone for their gender!

When someone offends you for your gender,You can’t just offend them back because then you would be being sexist too and that is against the rights of the childs.So if someone is insulting you for your gender tell an adult or just say stop!Even walking away will do.


So now you know some of the rights of the childs that are being violated all around the world and now you know how urgent it is to protect us from these people who are violating the rights of the child.

And we can stop them!!


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Is It Fair?

In social studies we are learning about what is and isn’t fair.(these are not everything I think is fair because it would be to long.

1.I think poverty is bad because it shows that wall we live luxuriously some people don’t even have enough money for their basic needs such as food and shelter and clean water.

2.I also think inequality is bad because we should all be treated as equals and nobody should think they are better then anybody.Plus people even put them into slavery because they think they are better than them,When their not!

3.And last but definitely not least I think abandonment and slavery are bad.When your parents abandon you just because they do not like you is beyond cruelty,Sometimes they even sell them for lots of money so they can get rich and leave the poor child out in the dark streets,Begging for food!Slavery puts little kids into grueling work known as slavery.The people sometimes die because they do not give them food or water.Ithink it is extremely grueling and pain staking labor

These are all the things that I think are  not fair.

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Malala’s speech

The speech Malala gave was very strong and showed that people rarely show acts of equality and discriminate people because of what we can or can’t do.It also shows how cruel people can be.It really made me think about those unlucky people in the world that don’t have the necessary needs for living and are very poor.

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How I Have Grown As a Learner In 4th Grade

1.Math-I have learned a ton about division and decimals and fractions as well as algebra. And  now I know  How to  make algebraic equations and to use variables. and now I know how to find equivalent fractions for decimals.And I really like playing math games on the Ipads and computers.

2.Writing-In writing I have learned a lot about poetry and types of poetry poetry and slang.Plus I’ve learned all about list articles and I am learning about opinion editorials and modals right now.

3.Science-In electricity I learned about telegraphs and about the flow of electricity. Also about the positive and negative sides of a D-cell and about the  north and south  side of a magnet and the repulsion of the magnets.Plus I have learned about how to make parallel circuits and series circuits.


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Aidan Goal Setting

My goal is to be neater so people can understand my thinking better and the strategy is working and now I am working on divivding my page in  math

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Ed The Prankster

Hi, my name is Edward,Ed for short. But kids call me “Sir Pranksalot” which gets extremely annoying. So I prank them.here are some pranks that I just love.

1.The good ‘ol bucket on the porch roof.Then there’s the greasy stair prank.

And finally the magnetic xbox controller ploy.

But as you can imagine I don’t get off easy.

I get grounded every week!

But one prank crossed the line between funny and horribly disastrous!

Heres how it happened.

Theres this one kid called Axel Von Smitherburg, A transfer student from Luxembourg,

Who is so annoying because he’s the one who started the whole “sir Pranksalot” thing.

So…I decided to do an epic prank on him.

I would put a bucket of goo on the top of the classes open door before school.

So as axel walked in I pulled the trigger but then I noticed who was behind him…



“EEEEDD!”Mrs.Clarisse boomed”You Are SUSPENDED!!!”.

“Ooooooh Suspended”mocked my classmates.

Then I rushed out the room but as I grabbed my backpack I deployed my globe paintball shooter,


It comes in handy in geography.

I rushed out of the school and dashed down Aubery lane  and then stopped abruptly at my front door and crept inside.

“Welcome home Mr. suspended”mocked my sister,Rosalina.

“So you’ve received the news,Icicle tooth!”I snapped back.

“Oooohhh snappy comeback”replied my sister sarcastically.

“Ed you go straight to your room”ordered my dad.

“O.K.” replied A robot decoy of me.

Meanwhile the real me was setting up an array of pranks on a piece of paper:

#1 Greasy stair operation

#2 Quick sand floor

#3 Camouflaged sauce sprayer

#4 sand paper wall

#5 rotten milk bucket

#6 rubber snake ploy

#7 plastic spider

“BWAHAHAHA!” I bellowed loud enough so that my dad and sister would hear.

“should we go see if Ed is all right?” Asked rosalina.

“Yeah”replied dad”we should”.

So they did.

“Woooah!” Yelled Rosalina and dad as they slipped and slided on the greasy stairs. When they got off the stairs…

“Were sinking!” yelped my dad and Rosalina as they relentlessly tried to escape the Quicksand floor.

Then,still trapped in the quicksand floor,Rosalina and dad got sprayed continuously with:mayonnaise,Ketchup,Mustard,BBQ sauce,relish and olive oil.

“Yes we got to the wall,Hey wait a minute I’m stuck,It’s sandpaper!”groaned dad and Rosalina.

As they were relentlessly trying to scale over to the bedroom door a bucket of rotten milk fell onto them.

“EEEEWWWWW!!!”screamed my sister.

Then, When they finally got into the bedroom they checked under the bed a crab pinched dad on his nose,and Rosalina on her toe.

“YEEEEEEEOOOOUUCHHHHHH!!!!!!”screamed dad and Rosalina as they tried to get the clinging crabs off them.Then as they eventually got  the crabs off they went into the closet. But then a rubber snake popped out of the closet”EEEEEEEEE!”screeched Rosalina,

Then a fake spider climbed on to dad’s ear,

“AAAAAAGGGGHH!!” yelled dad.

“So dad,Rosa, enjoying the fun” I said appearing out of nowhere.

“Zoinks,Ed you scared me!

You’re grounded for 10 weeks”

“sorry” mumbled Ed”I will never do a prank prank


“Are you sure?”asked Rosalina

“Yes”I reply


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Goal Setting

This is  about a goal I planned for myself to improve my learning.

My goal is to be neater so people can understand  my learning better.

I will do this by Doing handwriting for 10 minutes per day.

I will start by doing handwriting 5 minutes per day.

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Poppy book club

This is a book club which contains:me,Ezekiel,Caelyn and Trisha.

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My Published Poem No.2

This is one of my top notch poems,


Hawaii by Aidan

As hula dancers circle me,

Volcanoes belch lava out their mouths.

As there tears of fire trickle down their bodies.

Their rock skin is hardened by obsidian.

The lush green surrounds me,

Animals and huts everywhere you look.

The beach is a perfect surfin’ spot.

Take the waves like a shark!

The tides crashing voice fills the heart of Hawaii.

The fire jugglers dancing and juggling through the night.

“Man the loau is tricky”!

The flower lae hung around my neck


Time to sleep in the hut’s.

Village square is packed with people!



Waves crash against the beach.




Snorkeling in the deep oceans.


splashing and playing in the water,

Tides brawling the beach like wrestlers,

This tropical paradise,

                                        So fun!



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A Preview Of My Published Poems





Streaks of color on their light and beautiful feathers,

Perching atop trees,

Fluttering tall beauties,

Communicating with  one another,

Soaring atop trees,

Nesting atop tree branches,

Cooing to one another,

Joining together to mate,

Flying atop skyscrapers




Scraping tree edges.

fish catcher master.

Talking to one another in bird language,





Munching on tiny prey,

Crunching on tiny prey.

Feed the young worms,


The nest in the moonlit sky,

The sun is rising like a gold bouncy ball,

Furry fluttering feathered friends flying on tree airports,

Parrots get passports,

condors cooking colorful curry.

Birds are magnificent creatures.


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